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Celestia sends Twilight a very special book that contains some of the oldest and most powerful magics known to ponykind. Included in the book is the way by which alicorns are created. Twilight visits her teacher in Canterlot to learn more, but gets much, much more than she bargained for.

I wasn't really sure what to tag this story. I chose the adventure tag because I see this story as an intellectual adventure for Twilight. Let me know if you think it should be something else and I'll change it.

Big thank you to GorisTheDeathclaw (my editor) for putting up with my typos and grammar fails, and for helping me in writing this. Also edited by my brother, but he's not worth mentioning.

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Celestia has problems with her mane. Big, sticky problems.

This was written because (a) I was bored, and (b) someone requested a follow-up fic to my last story. I'm still new to this whole fanfic writing thingy, so please point out where I need to improve.

This was supposed to be a second chapter of this story, except it ended up being twice the size of the original. All you need to know for this story is that Spike sent a pair of marshmallows to Celestia by accident. The first is a plain marshmallow. The second had been microwaved for three minutes, resulting in flaming marshmallow gunk.

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Read the title. Done that yet? Good. Now you know what the story is about. That's pretty much it. Enjoy.

Wait. You want more stuff here? Okay then. Umm... I had a day off work, got bored and decided to write something. This badly written thingy is the result. I haven't written fiction in 3+ years, so don't expect too much. I marked it as comedy because I didn't know what else to give it.

Inspired by my monumental cock-up involving a microwave oven and a marshmallow.

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