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Read the title. Done that yet? Good. Now you know what the story is about. That's pretty much it. Enjoy.

Wait. You want more stuff here? Okay then. Umm... I had a day off work, got bored and decided to write something. This badly written thingy is the result. I haven't written fiction in 3+ years, so don't expect too much. I marked it as comedy because I didn't know what else to give it.

Inspired by my monumental cock-up involving a microwave oven and a marshmallow.

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Comments ( 16 )

I knew it! Gak jokes! Gak jokes everywhere!

I must say, this was something. You got me laughing in some parts. Although it was easily predictable, I still chuckled a bit at the "Celestia had to shave her mane" -part.

So, I'm not going to rip on you, I'm not that big boy. This was good!

And oh, suggestion. Try the [Random] tag. It would suit this prettyyyy well.


*slow clap*

I have done this before.....

Seriously, after 2 minutes I started fearing for my life!
After 5 minutes I started fearing for God and all the Universe!
It was truly terrifying!

1596873 Oh Hey Riften Guard! Anyway i thought the story was pretty funny, like a small moment straight out of the cartoon. :pinkiecrazy:

Sorry 'bout the Gak jokes. I wrote this the night before S3 was released and knew nothing about Gak at the time. Call it a happy coincidence? I'll admit that I added Gak to one line because I wasn't happy with the way it was before.
I'll be adding the Random tag as soon as I can find out how. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'm glad you enjoyed the story. It's good to know that someone was happy about it.

I enjoyed this. :moustache:

Personally, I would love to see a bonus chapter or something showing Celestia trying to deal with the marshmallow in her mane. :rainbowlaugh:


Well, no need to be sorry about that. If you ask my honest opinion, as a non-American, I'd say that the Gak-commercial was even somewhat good. And the jokes are fine, as long as they are good.

Go to your story page and click the edit button. You can change everything if you just want.

And I see you managed to gather a nice amount of likes! Congratulations!

And here I was half-expecting a grimdark fic where Spike microwaves Rarity.

...good refreshing fic though.

I might add a second chapter. I'm not really that great with Celestia's character though... Then again, I botched Spike and Twilight, so it might be worth trying.

I just knew that someone would say that.

LOL :rainbowlaugh: that was soooooooooooooooooo funny. I really thought it was just dazzling :raritystarry:

That rustled my jimmies. However, it was interesting. Thumbs up, my friend.

I live to serve. Glad you enjoyed it.

You're welcome, that's what I was going for, and thanks.

I read this after the Celestia-Marshmallow one of yours, and I laughed so much, knowing the innocent intentions behind it. :rainbowlaugh:
EDIT: don't even know why i did that in pink :raritydespair: help meeee

Pink is okay. It's just a little... pink? Okay, I see the problem. I can fix the pink, but I need you to get a small goat, a flashlight and a magnet for it to work.

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