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Celestia has problems with her mane. Big, sticky problems.

This was written because (a) I was bored, and (b) someone requested a follow-up fic to my last story. I'm still new to this whole fanfic writing thingy, so please point out where I need to improve.

This was supposed to be a second chapter of this story, except it ended up being twice the size of the original. All you need to know for this story is that Spike sent a pair of marshmallows to Celestia by accident. The first is a plain marshmallow. The second had been microwaved for three minutes, resulting in flaming marshmallow gunk.

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Should be... interesting. *reads*

Ugh. Not another 'x does y' fic.
I think I'll go barf now.

...And then Celestia sends the marshmallow'd mane back to Spike.

"Let's see you cough this up you little hellion..."

OK - apparently Celestia's hairdresser is dumb as a box of rocks...

Marshmallow is water soluble. That's why you can melt them into hot chocolate.
Even toasted marshmallow is caramelized - which is ALSO hot water soluble.

So warm soapy water would've solved the problem entirely...

Funny idea, but it loses points because of that.
(now if Luna ORDERED the hairdresser to cut it off, knowing that- it would've been hilarious.)

I like the way you think. I'll think I'll try that.

It's a world of magical talking ponies with dragons that can teleport items using fire. I think you can cut me a lil' slack. Assume it's an oil based marshmallow or something.
But you've still a good point. I hadn't really thought of how easy it would be to clean.


I *did* cut you slack - I didn't downvote it, and merely commented.

(Like I said - it would've been hilarious if Luna KNEW it could have been washed out, but instead led Celestia and the hairdresser to believe it couldn't be... but that wasn't what you were going for.)



FREEZE, TROLL! The Dovahkin commands it!


And by commands, he means he's going to beat you 'til you bleed to death with his spiked clubs!

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