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Why did you made this? The first chapter was too painful to read because of how funny it was.

I am saddened that one of the chapters isn't named "Do the monkey with me."

*<>* if anybody asks I was the one who dropped Johnny of in equestria

This is the best.

Dammit, I bet Carl's responsible.

reuploading /mlp/ greentexts i fucking hope you are the real author

I've never seen any description on this entire site that matches the level of detail and poetic language that the mares describe Johnny Bravo with.

This seems like it should be a crackfic, but it's just so genuine.

Good god, I've only reached the club bit and already my face is in my palms...

Finished, and good god that was great. It's been a long while since I've seen or heard of johnny B, but his endless confidance was always the best part.

Johnny Bravo confirmed for true Nemesis of Lex Luthor.

This story just went from hilarious to heartwarming and insightful. It deserves my Black Bolt.

Well, that was quite something.

i repeatedly died and was resurrected in turn

"That's okay, I know what it's like to have an annoying little girl running around, always getting into your stuff, crampin your style, drivin away the babes, always lookin happy to see you...." He stares far away into the distance for a moment.

Oh god, what was her name... the little girl-scout.

Little Suzy (or simply known as just "Suzy")

I remember this green. Pretty funny, shame Nonny Bravo, er, Johnny Bravo, breaks their little pony hearts.

This was somehow hilarious, random, crackficcy, and very sweet at the same time.

Ahh... nostalgia.

"Okay Anon, first of all, and this only extends to when you're being taught so I'm able to concentrate, for the love of all that is holy please do not restrain yourself outside of class time... But, no posing or taking off articles of clothing okay?"
I saw nothing. Nothing!

I don't care for the particular style here. It's like a slightly off variant of first person that I feel detracts from the story.

That being said, this is a really great story. Johnny is a little too perfect in a lot of scenes, but then, he's Johnny Bravo. So I guess it's to be expected?

And that last line.... Did you write that entire story just to justify the last line?

If so, Bravo.

After reading this comment I do have to express skepticism as well, especially considering I tripped on the word Anon in an earlier chapter. OP better account for this because while the story was funny that doesn't allow him to steal. Even if nobody's claimed it.

I didn't know how much I needed this.

Thanks for the laughs. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

It's why I used the same name as before.

Planning on continuing my other story, and just stories in general, once I re-edit them and post on here.

I can't ... Jesus this is gold.:rainbowlaugh:

Here have a like

Every few minutes or so I had to stop reading because I couldn't breathe from laughing so hard. This... THIS is gold, GOLD I tell ya. Thank you for making my day... no, Thanks for making my week, you damn genius!

I gotta ask though, why did you join now? I mean most people on this site are old, I joined back in the beginning of 2013, when MLP was all the rage. Now though, MLP looks like it's dying down a bit, well I don't hear people talking about it that much anymore...

I kinda want to see a sequel on how his life goes on from here. Still, have a thumbs up and fav from me.

And this is why fanfic is doomed....

Awesome story that's great fun to read. Favorited and waiting for more.

Glorious! Funny and romantic.

I watched Johnny Bravo as a kid and I am ashamed to say, I was too young to get the joke of why it was funny. I saw him make a move on women and get slapped and I found him annoying and obnoxious. This was not because i got the joke, but because I didn't understand the joke. To that end, I found the show annoying.

This story was funny and sweet. Johnny finally got his golden ticket and his golden date, eh dates. I know enough about it but I don't remember any episodes. I don't know if you count that I like this story or that I am saying this, but I didn't get the joke when I was a kid. The show was too adult for me.

Hoo ha—lariously stupid.

Fuck. Upvoted, favorited, all that.

8388101It's fine, I just don't read the greentexts and pastebins so when I see someone implying they've read something similar and I see a mistake like Twilight calling JB Anon I look back and worry. It was still hilarious, I just worry sometimes.
8388359 I don't know, While I can see the fad-bit of it passing, I think MLP has earned its place in my list of fandoms I've been a part of and will always watch. That being said...

Nothing lasts forever, but I'mma ride this fandom until it bites the dust or I find a new train to ride.

While this is hilarious and all, I need to point something out:

When characters address one another in dialogue, writing conventions almost always put a comma before the name to avoid confusion. For example, there's a difference between

"I want to come inside Rainbow Dash!"


"I want to come inside, Rainbow Dash!"

I recommend Eats, Shoots & Leaves for more info on proper comma use, while we're at it.

Words can't explain the smile this gave me when I woke and saw this on the front page. All I have to say is this.


Rest of the fic was incredible, but this:

"You ate forty pancakes. And that's wonderful."

That absolutely slayed me :rainbowlaugh:

This is such a hoot! My grin couldn't be any wider!

It is... beautiful.

That picture just made my day, thank you Sir (or Madam)!

You don't quite catch that last part, as Pinkie cuddles up to your other thigh. "You ate forty pancakes. And that's wonderful."

All heads slowly swivel to look at her in confusion, as she just looks back smugly.

"Yeah, I know right?"

Pinkie is adorable.

>Forty cakes

I understood that reference

I really enjoyed this, and while I would love some kind of sequel or continuation of this, I understand that comedy stories should stay to their set length, less things get too serious. that said I wouldn't exactly be taking up a torch and pitch fork if you did make one

I loved this story, and I look forward to more from you.

>Forty cakes

You cheeky fuck.

I've seen some hilarious stuff, I've seen some stuff written in such awesomeness it blows me away.
This is somehow a combination of both, and it astounds me with how epic it is... and just fucking hilarious :rainbowlaugh: Hahahaha
Good show! Hooo momma!

God I miss Johnny Bravo. Cartoon network just has not been the same.

that was very good, well done sir

I loved it. The only bad thing about it is a lack of a sequel.

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