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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.

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Best line

"do you want breakfast, a shower, or-"

He nibbles on your ear.



"It's such short notice, it's fine if you don't wrap your package."


okay stupid question time: the hell is rgre?

Reverse Gender roles Equestria

Wow. I admire this guy.

He's professional without being cold.
He knows how to say all the right things.
Yeah, you wrote it that way, but I think it's well-written.

Welp, wasn't expecting this as an opener, but still pretty damn good.

Thanks. Given the story cover art, I think I understand it correctly.

"It's just morning dew, it happens to all mares in the morning."

my sides, they be hurting.

"You give me coal, I'll give you diamonds."


"Morning dew". That's a new one. :rainbowlaugh:
I must find a way to use that phrase in a conversation sometime.

These are are a roller coaster ride, let me tell you. From heartwarming to lewd to pure comady, and the RGRE actually works with them all very well.

Also I have to ask: Who was the OC in the first chapter? She was absolutely adorable.

A real working boy you could say. A member of the cutest profession, a fille de joie(or would that be colt de joie? ;) a snuggle escort; basically a cuddle whore. Who would have expected that? :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad you enjoyed them! As for the OC, I didn't think a name for her, I hadn't intended to use her beyond the one-shot.

sees cover I would love to be smothered in Spitfire's chest fluff.

I mean what?

Well, I highly encourage you to name the little daring, she's too cute to not have a name. :rainbowlaugh:

Keep up the good work, as I and many more by the looks of it are awaiting the next installments.

Just out of curiosity, as a fellow writefag that sold out - what made you start posting your greens here now? One heck of a new year's resolution if you ask me.


To be honest, I heard about a post villifying RGRE. In response, I decided to publish my stories, partly out of spite, partly out of the desire for more (you)s.

I do love rgre story too bad most are short Stories being only a few thousand wordsI don’t think I’ve ever actually seen one that’s lasted maybe 100,000 words or even close to it

Oh gods, the corniness!!! :rainbowlaugh:

really liking the increase in RGRE stories 😂👌

Comment posted by Holy deleted Mar 7th, 2019

Nice to see you posting your shit here now. Now it can be archived for the ages.

Please keep posting more. :rainbowlaugh: These stories are actually pissing off Feminists on this site.

"But don't worry."

She nuzzles your neck.

"We'll be naughty together."


:derpyderp1:Umm... In risk of sounding stupid, there are some parts that seem RGRE to me but other parts that don't seem to have any at all. Anyone cares enough to explain to me why that is?

These are all worth their weight in gold!!

I found some of the stories cute some hilarious and some were just daaaaaaaw feel the feels... rgre stories are pretty popular lately.... can't see why anyone dislikes them.

I swore I read the Celestia memory loss one as a greentext.

Considering every single one of my stories here are from my pastebin of greentexts, yeah you did.

It's OK. You need a lot of coal to stoke that kind of steam engine.

You have to mare up. No more gagging on lollies.

Pardon? :rainbowlaugh:

Oh I remember what it is, you've just worded it in such a beautiful way. Gotta love gagging on those loli's.

These are all really good btw! I'm gonna keep a track on this, incase you continue.

Damn, I haven't read these ones. That was a cute start.

Have another (you), my man, (you)'ve earned it! I remember reading some of these in the treads at some point and I'm glad to see them here.

And that's how you became Father Christmas in Equestria.


She.... She has sunspots. I can't even.

I'm always saddened when the thread with these stories get raided, atleast here they will be archived and enjoyed for many.

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