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I come from the land of the green and unknown, from tenth page drop, where the horse words flow.

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This already is and will become even more hilarious. Please, do continue! :rainbowlaugh:

You are Anon, and magic horses are shit at learning English. Still, the big white one has a nice ass, so there's that.

Truer words have never been spoken

This is hilarious, I hope we see more tia and anon in the future. I hope tia gets surprise anal next time lol.

Bitches love triangles.

Bitches love cannons

Hmm Mighty suspicious that she appears right after her sister was done hmm:moustache:

Well this is an insta fav, do please continue.

Now i feel bad for Twilight

Hell yeah, I was right about to go read this and now I get comfy format.

When in doubt, always praise the alabaster butt. Always.

Correction: "Alabaster Ass"

Of course, yes. I always seem to get those two confused. Thank you for correcting me, good sir.

Arse not ass since donkeys are a thing and Celestia is not in fact a donkey.

Oh Lulu, how many animals do you know of that can do math and geometry? Im sure there will be egg all over her face when she figures it out.

Also, poor Twilight. Being cock blocked sucks.

you are Celestia ...For all her words of warning, you find the fire of your...


stoked to an uncomfortable degree
*<>* yea thats the word for it ....

Wow, Luna's a bitch! You don't cockblock Twilight like that, bruh. Clearly she wants in on this herself.

*<>* the scary part is ... Twilight Will get hers .. And make sure to record EVERY single detail down to the second ...FOR SCIENCE

What about molestai ?

Especially if they are anti-tank cannons.

What about anti air cannons?

MOAR! IT's funny And there an Anon

Comment posted by karnazom deleted Feb 3rd, 2019

I wonder what Luna will do to Anon or rather what would he do to her😋

This is such shameless and debased smut as has never before haunted my feature box.
I like it!

Triangles, the best wingman.

You are going to have to be Daniel Jackson.

Dr Jackson was a linguistics expert who spoke over 23 languages. Anon will have to be more like Dian Fossey or Jane Goodall.
Also, Jackson died, like, three times. Hopefully Anon won't be SnuSnu'ed.

Ohhhh yeeeaaaaaahhhhh....
Liked and faved. Keep it cumming

I.....really really want more of this. Please.

Celestia! Sex! Killd Me Bwahahaha!

Dude, this is both absurdly hilarious and cute. And it's about a human and ponies having only the slightest shreds of communication and therefore banging each other's brains out. I dunno how you did it, but bravo!!! :rainbowlaugh:

Don't worry Twilight, those blue balls teats go nicely with your coat.

Mr. Shine agrees. Him diamond.

I’m sorry, is that a bloody Pratchett reference?! In the middle of my PORN?! You, sir, have won yourself a cookie. :pinkiehappy:

Amazing so far! I’ve had to stop reading several times because I was laughing so hard. He’s wooed two princesses so far, only Sparklebutt to go.

Oh dear. Will Wuna share after that?

This is both hilarious and beautiful.

and of course he going to bring out the shipper in Candace

"Not hunting, but murder."

Kinda wonder what that is, I mean, I dream that I'm a fighter pilot blowing all sort of shit up (I'm a bit of an Ace Combat fan). That probably counts. Wonder if it actually is properly violent.

Okay! Downloaded chapters prologue and 1 and I'm into this!

Is he (are we?) naked this whole time? I may have skipped over it or forgotten it.

"Looks like someone wants kisses", hah! :rainbowlaugh:

The only problem i see with this fic is that there are only 3 chapters so far(i want more!).
I hope it will be longer than just 5 chapters.

He was naked until he wrapped himself in bedsheets.

hottest fic i've read in a while

The gaps in translation are hilarious, this genuinely had me laughing out loud!

this is the most beautiful thing ive ever goddamn seen! thanks for the music porn.

and this fic is just perfect. and hilarious


What about Twilight and I?

Twilight and me?
("What about us" not "What about we")

Headed to the comments to check if anyone else pointed out that reference. Thanks for not disappointing! :)

Actually, "And I" would be the grammatically correct way, but very few people actually use it, anymore.

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