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Good story mate, I personally really liked it. Dunno what it is about RGRE that makes me smile/laugh, and enjoy it so much, especially when it's done well. I'll be watching for more.

Keep up the good work, I know you've got a lotta good ideas that can come here.:moustache:

“Well…” you said, looking down at your hooves. “I lost. A-And the outfit… it’s k-kinda… you know.”


Freaking adorable :rainbowkiss:

So can someone tell me what RGRE stands for? I’m not entirely sure and googleing it has yet to bring anything answers up for me

Reverse gender roles Equestria

Cute story about a cute pony, even if she'll never admit it.


Reversed Gender Roles Equestria, but it's misleading. Equines are matriarchal by nature mostly, stallions are there to protect the herd and provide breeding. For equines, mares are already the dominant gender, so it's rather silly to call it RGRE when it's only reversed from an Earth perspective, not an Equestrian perspective. Especially considering most of these don't include humans to even provide an Earth perspective.

This what Dash gets when she underestimates a human..man. Nice job with this chapter

Nice to see more greens on fimfic, especially /mlp/ RGRE Thread.
Love to see where this goes next.:yay:

The tags are just for the reader really. RGRE is there to provide a short hand to establish some baseline for the reader.
Just like anthro (short for anthropomorphic- in the shape of man) gives a baseline understanding of the general shape of the ponies, but wouldn't make any sense in-universe without a human in it. To them it would be some other word used to describe things shaped like them.


Hippomorphic, likely. Granted, anthropomorphic doesn't just or even always include the physical shape of a creature, but rather refer to applying traits normally considered to be only attributed to humans being applied to something that isn't human. Such as films like Cars, or Brave Little Toaster. In many cases it's things like tool-use, community, society, speech, higher sapience. Frankly, the canon ponies themselves are anthropomorphic in that sense. Interesting thought.

I see what you're saying, just RGRE tends to take it further. In a direction that I'm not sure if it's meant to be funny by how silly they are with it (the other gender could never lift a hand to save themselves, it's never happened before, unthinkable) or if some poor attempt at social commentary. Depends on the author! But the "genre" itself is kind of up in the air for me with these considerations.

There will be more. Probably going to do a chapter or two. More stories will go up in the meantime.

A few more are coming over, particularly RGRE since that's established here now. I'm sorta just seeing if people enjoy this sort of content on FIM. If they do, I'll possibly do some FIMfic exclusives.

This story is both super cool and super cute. Can't wait for more 🙂

Likely won't read it due to the Sex tag, but I imagine the title of this story would be her first response to anypony calling her cute.

There isn't any sex and won't be for this one. There's just one scene where Dash gets aroused and I didn't really censor the description, but if you aren't interested in sex itself, you probably won't like it anyhow, as it's pretty... "ecchi"

So has Anon even realized he's in a RGRE type world yet cause if he hasn't that's going to be a hilarious realization when he does. :pinkiehappy:

LBP told his readers to like, favourite and subscribe read this, give a thumbs-up and comment. So have those and a story follow, I'm curious where you're taking this.

Most don't provide humans? Wut? 90% of them have Anon™ as a character, or some Anon expy at the very least.

I like how Dash is barely tsun and almost all dere, truly.

Nigga what planet are we on?

"I also know it’s because they’re underdogs, and something about that makes you love rooting for them. They’ve also been having issues with their name because some ponies think it’s insensitive towards Minotaurs, and that gets you fired up from time to time.”

Sounds like a 'certain' football team I like.


Great to see you here Ephemeral. I have already read all your rgre greens, but it won't stop me to read them again as prose.


So happy that you are still active Ephemeral. Will you update your stories on your pastebin like PPP or it will be only FIMfiction? Or both?
Will you convert all your greens to prose?

No fucking RGREts here.


I like the idea of a RGRE to an extent, but whenever the sexism of this "Reversed Gender roles" world is presented it's always layered way too thickly. Like seriously? I know it is still somewhat prevalent in the real world but never to this degree, at least I like to think so.

Although perhaps that is the intention, to exaggerate the differences as much as possible, to make the setting that much more visible. Either way, it is a bit too ridiculous and exaggerated for my tastes.

Strangely glad someone finally asked this. I'll be moving over most of RGRE, as well as doing some exclusives for Fimfic. I'm on the fence about the Gamer Mare one since it's just a shitpost. Slave content unfortunately won't make enough sense here, even though I feel Trainer is pretty good despite its age. I've thought about throwing up the /nmp/ story too but that one was a mess so probably not. I'd have to rework it. PPP is actually getting an update today or tomorrow. That story will also be here, but it'll be the last to get added and ideally it'll be finished by then.


I like the idea of a RGRE to an extent, but whenever the sexism of this "Reversed Gender roles" world is presented it's always layered way too thickly.

Finally some criticism...

I agree. In this story in particular there's definitely moments where it's a bit heavy handed in retrospect, but most RGRE isn't supposed to be a mirror of our world's gender roles. RGRE is typically based around a 50s esque, old fashioned version of gender roles culture, but with added in the low male population, which exacerbates some aspects of an already very sexist culture.

Although perhaps that is the intention, to exaggerate the differences as much as possible

In this one, yes, it was designed to be slightly excessive for comedic effect and visibility. As a consequence, this of course means it's less grounded. If that's not your thing, that's fine and I understand. Thanks a ton for leaving feedback and giving it a chance.

It's the ideal balance in my opinion.


Yeah, the sexism in RGRE is so extreme that I can't help but think it reflects rather poorly on all the authors of it. Like, have you read most of those stories?


I suppose the problem I've always had with that sort of version of Equestria (as well as things like herding and other such things) is that it contradicts canon in every meaningful way. Even the gender balance is an over exaggerated argument. I'll just never understand tossing in those massive AU elements into a story where literally every other aspect of Equestria seems exactly the same as in the show. It's like, why bother having an accurate depiction of Equestria only to then make everyone super sexist and involve herds? It just seems so pointless to me.

Hm, well first off, thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. RGRE definitely doesn't sound like it's your thing, or maybe you just need the more subtle version. I wouldn't know. I don't have much to say in response to your comment but I can at least say one thing about this quote:

It's like, why bother having an accurate depiction of Equestria only to then make everyone super sexist and involve herds? It just seems so pointless to me.

The point to me is honestly that it's fun. RGRE opens an avenue for a lot of interesting character interactions you wouldn't get in a typical HiE, and that's just something I enjoy writing. If that's not your thing, that's cool, but that's all it's about. It's not about social commentary or telling a really "deep" narrative. It's just light fun. To me, that's more than enough.


Ah I certainly don't mind sharing my thoughts. Besides, it might not be my thing, but I still gave it an up-vote since it's very clearly well written. Just because I don't personally like the theme doesn't mean it's bad or anything like that.

Hmm, yeah, from an interactions perspective I can see what you mean by it opening up more avenues.

I am amused by how much Dash processes like a female and then has a parody of masculinity stitched on like a bad coat. It really shows just how absurd the RGRE trope is on a conceptual level. Well done.

Hmmm... :trixieshiftright:

I'm curious.


I personally don't like stories which are canon. At least most of them. Just like cartoon, they are kinda boring to me.
When I am reading a FIM story I am asking myself: "Is this story will make sense, when I change ponies to humans, to sonic universe, to any other universe?". If the answer is yes, then I drop the story. They are many professional writers, that are better that 90% of content here. I will not waste my time for generic romance story or adventure story.

But if ponies are crucial to the story, then I am very interested in reading. Stories like RGRE, or with herds, or when tomatoes and chocolate are consider poisonous, those stories now are interesting to me. Now there are unique interaction between human and ponies. New social structures to explore, general misscomunications and others.

And that is why i like RGRE, Casualxxx and I am on a fence with /nmp. These universes, even if mostly comedic and exaggerated, are unique for ponies. I can't just change them to humans, to other characters and make it work in my mind. And that is why I am still lurking in your pastebin Ephemeral, you provide what I desire.

To tell the truth, I am the one who update WIP Green online excel dokument on /rgre thread on /mlp. Last time I finished magical boy anon 2 (shame part 1 was deleted), and now I am reading last not updated story in this sheet called Butt Off.

You from 4chan?

Ya, dude, we all got it, it wasn't very subtle, (although to be fair for our football team, it is a racial slur, which, and this might just be me (seriously, not trying to be sarcastic there), I'd imagine that could be taken as a little more than just insensitive. That being said, even though I kind of totally started it, I don't want to start a flame war, so please, let's all not. Yes, I poured gas all over the place, but I don't have any matches)

Nvm now, I feel real stupid

Interesting reversal of gender roles.

I had no idea what RGRE was before reading, but by the comments I can deduce the acronym.

It wasn't layered on too thick - I mean, until I realised what you were doing I was confused.
I see what you are trying to do and why some say that the sexism seems extreme, but that's a thing you are trying to do with this story so fair enough.

Yes. Yes, i’ve Read quite a few and most of the time it’s played for laughs. It makes the inserted characters uncomfortable. It often confuses them if it’s a human character because it’s not only reverse to earth but kicked up to eleven; a satire of sorts. But the best reason to read it is because it’s a hot-take. It’s different. I’ve already seen a hundred tomboy Dash pursues X stories, but one with her waffling so badly between horn-dog and adorable pony is new and hilarious to me.

First story, Good story

Yah rgre stories usually lay it on thick. Most of the rgre stories mainly tackle the trope of the implied gender disparity in the show and how that would look. But that’s half the fun. I don’t take it to seriously and the authors don’t seem to ether.

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