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Caramel decides to promote stallionism at a Wonderbolt performance. In retrospect, bringing Anon along for support may not have been the best idea.
{This story has two versions, the last chapter is the first person version.}

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That's right Anon, get right up in that tuft. :duck:

Once again, he resisted your pitch about buying miniatures and painting them.


You scrunch. Anon boops her to assert dominance.

The best way of doing it :rainbowlaugh:

You thought you might have had a chance since the Dao got an update that made them halfway viable

EWWWW A DAO PLAYER, no wonder he can't get him to play. He should be playing Unlife Guardians!

There's actually something surprisingly clever about this, if deliberate. You see, Arabic mythology doesn't actually have a proper "earth genie" because humans are the ones filling that elemental niche. I usually go on to suggest the Dao's lore with that in mind, but it's not necessary here.

Excellent, I live the RGRE climate :pinkiehappy:

Good stuff as always.

I thought it was a reference to the Tau, and Warhammer 40k

Since he is also friends with Caramel, I'd like to imagine this is a sequel for Cupcake Half Full. A happy ending for Anon.

Pigs aren't sapient in Equestria -- see Applejack's Day Off. In general, the only real-world animals that are intelligent in MLP are hooved mammals.
Edit: oops, my mistake, pigs do have hooves. But they're still not sentient in Equestria.

The show is pretty weird about animal sapience. Wild animals understand speech and are capable of non-verbal communication. Angel bunny seems to be a fully intelligent being, while Winona is still dog-level smart. Tank understands the concept of "cool" and puts on sunglasses to better fit that sort of appeal. Just about the only animal to be definitively okay to eat is fishes, given that Fluttershy gave dead fish for animals to eat.

"Oh, it is! My back is feeling much better, now that I'm not rearing up and stretching candy for hours."

Jesus. Taffy pulling is a human arm killer without a machine. Imagine having to rear to do it(streching your full back, arms, and legs).

They might be built for it but ouuchh


I am unironically still mad that hasbro though fluttershy feeding a snake cookies as a replacement meal was fine.

"All they really want is a nice, strong mare to rein them in. What do you think?"

What the Fuck Spitfire

Reversed Gender Roles Equestria; society is matriarchal, and uses a comically over the top portrayal of 1950s-and-earlier notions of sexism as part of its shtick.



Right, because the belief that women should have a greater degree of independence and power is called womanism. What a clever parody.

I'm being dramatic. I like rgre and know what it is, jackass :rainbowwild:

I’ll admit, I was confused for half the story because I kept reading stallionist as Stalinist.

It seems to me that it must be okay to eat pigs, or why else would Applejack have them? What else can you do with a pig? Of course RGRE is an AU anyway, so maybe this is just another difference from the show's universe.

God this fanfic is scrumptiously good! Beginning to end felt so immersive and is just exceptionally enjoyable to read through! Dialogue and everything, just MMM! Amazing stuff all around! I hope ya didn't mind, but I simply just HAD to make a reading of this awesome fic of yours!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/idBlwfQevYM

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

I believe at one point, ages ago, the show staff said that the Apple family keeps pigs for truffle hunting, which they sometimes sell as luxuries.

It's all about that chest floof in the end. All a man needs.

Love spitfire to death

It’s official, Caramel is best Bro.

Spitfire truly is one of a kind :facehoof:

It would be a very different story if that was the case.

She flaps her wings once, her musk filling the air. She smells like dryer sheets and oranges, and a peculiar, almost spicy fragrance that you can't place.

LOL... I lost it here. Champagne comedy :rainbowlaugh:

.. when we go through the Stargate portal, I think it's vital that we know who's sentient and who isn't. There's no point in making life difficult :eeyup:

This was pretty cute. Aside from the story itself, what stood out the most to me was the base 4 time values. 8:17am and 11am are now stuck in my head simply because I haven't seen other stories do this, but it fits so perfectly for a species without fingers or toes. I hope you include this bit of world building in future works.

So Spitfire is a guy in this?

Please explain the 21am and 23am stuff i dont understand
The not knowing. its killing me.

In this story, I have the ponies use base four instead what we use, base ten. So 21->9, and 23->11

This is sooooooo sweet

"I knew you would have my back! The train leaves this Saturday at 21 AM. We'll only be staying the one night, so I doubt you'll need much more than a suitcase."


"Sure, but that's one stallion out of twelve wonderbolts, while one in four ponies is a stallion. They can do better, maybe if they lowered the standards for stallion applicants, or-"


"Be quiet! Argue on your own time, I want to watch the show!"


No it’s just reversed gender roles basically guys act like girls girls act like guys

Good story but could use a #sex tag. I’m trying to avoid that stuff and it caught me by surprise.

But... stallions have been shown to be bigger and stronger than mares in the show. O_o
I don't get it.

But... how does that work, please?

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