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+12 / -10 hmm... Guess I will put this in my waiting list.

Ok... why does this have so many down votes? Honestly all the reasons I can think of why so many down votes are the case I can give an equal amount of reasons why this site is full of cherry picking hypocrites. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing wrong with this chapter.

Probably because he skipped over writing the sexy times Nobody likes a tease

That's understandable, but to be honest this chapter was honestly just to lay the foundations. I can promise that almost, if not every, chapter after this one has actual intimacy.

I might actually write an entire chapter dedicated to what went down, because I think the Mane 5 are worthy of their own.

Cursing, 4th wall breaking, and Comedically Perfect™ timeskips...

Can't wait for the next installation of this clopfiction!

Also, I remember seeing a grammar error somewhere in here, but i'm too lazy to go back and find it...

Thank you, I will try and look for it when I get the chance.

That's what you call public indecency charge

If those existed

Which they don't

Also eight inches circumference?! That's like the size of a small dinner plate! No wonder she came so much!

You let out a puff of air and stood up on your feet, walking out of your room. He peaked around the corner to make sure Twilight wasn't nearby and quickly stormed downstairs, walking towards the exit.

You went from second person to third person perspective in the breath of two sentences. That’s confusing.

Thanks for pointing that out, it's fixed. It's a habit of mine to write in third person. I usually try to catch myself, but sometimes it slips past.

Eight inch circumference is a ~2.5 inch diameter. Unreasonable, but a long way shy of a dinner plate.

It would be HILARIOUS if it turned out that Anon didn't have any 'magical attraction effect' but that mares simply dug his pheromones that much... and that Twilight could not be 'taken in' by them because she is asexual.

Comment posted by Shanenator deleted February 3rd

Twilight: "I'm uh, not horny right now-"

Anon: "I have B I G COCK"

I would link the actual video but I can't find it

That is a fucking hot! So Twilight giving a fuck willing here. But I still don't know why she is the only one who immune to Anon special sexy ability...

Let's just say she's... 'hard to sway'. Well, at least when Anon isn't trying. She had to give in at some point :twilightsheepish:


Then, I can't wait to see Anon save the world with D by fuck the sense out of villain. XP

Same but what villain will it be so many to choose from


It's the matter of timeline. We don't know which season this story is set upon. If it is after season 9. There aren't many villains left...

Ya but for some reason I think it is from before for starters it takes place in ponyvile in twilights castle and when twilight said she was getting her friends she did not get starlight so that could mean starlight is not yet reformed
I don’t have that much knowledge of the more specific events as I only watch the first two eps of the show three years ago


But Starlight isn't part of Mane6...So she might not consider call her too. Because if she really gonna call her friends like all of them. Than there will be too many to call.

True but I just meant that it increases the possibility all we can assume for certain is that it is between why twilight got the new castle and the end of season 9

To answer this, it takes place moreso in between the Season 8 finale and Season 9 Premiere.


Than, there doesn't have much Villain left since most already reformed. But hey! At least we have Student 6 to bang!....Well...I guess that what Foalcon tag for, right? :rainbowkiss:

If this was a one shot this would be entirely fine but as a ongoing continuous story if felt definitely rushed.

Is there going to be more or is this cancelled or on hiatus
Also why is this in the seven deadly sins group

Yes, there will be more, I've just been preoccupied with life. I've been adding to the next chapter here and there when I have the chance.

Also, I have no clue. I don't think I added it there myself.

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