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Truly, I am a wretched thing.

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It's been a long time since I've read any stories, and ones that would interest me at least. Nice to see one based on Aria, my favorite siren.

Dammit. Now I gotta wait for more :fluttercry:

You have my attention sir.

This story has great potential. I can't wait to see how it turns out

You don’t REHEAT steaks, damnit! This-” You point at two blackened slabs sitting on a cutting board, “-is exactly why! I’ve made steaks for you before, you should know this!” You grumble.

Oh, no. Sorry but that bitch got to go.

I can't wait to see where this is going, and what happened before.

Great chapter!

Is this story going to switch from present time to the past for every chapter? Like the next chapter, present time, the chapter after that, the past, and so on?


For the most part, this will be the case.

Sonata's cute and all, but messing with a guy's head like that? I'd stomp out of there.


Old habits die hard for sirens.

Me after reading the two chapters.


I kinda see where this is going

“I’ll be fine. I guess. You gonna stay for dinner?” You point towards the “Got a mighty bountiful feast tonight.”

Point towards the what? Is it so unimaginable that mere mortal words cannot describe the abomination that exists on the fraying edges of our sane minds, does it mangel the fabric of our imagination and tear apart our understanding of the universe, what ungodly monsters exist at the end of that sentence left open like a festering wound for our imagination to delve in to?

“I’ve kept dinner waiting too long. ” Sunset responds, glancing at her phone.

“You mean you’ve kept Twilight waiting too long?”

"Yes and no. She's my desert."

Yes! So glad this story's back. Hope you got that promotion too :twilightsmile:

Seize this momentum, push on to the tasks end.

man... that was harsh

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