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Zelku The Thicc-Hunter

Hi My name is Zelku and I am a black Chao Incubus you came to this world for one reasons, To Hunt for Thiccnees and devour it I also do Vore RP's so look for on Discord

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Your premise is interesting. However, if you’ll accept a little constructive criticism, this does need some touch ups here and there. Grammar checks and spelling checks, at the minimum. I’m interested to see where you take this though.

Thank you for your feedback I'll make sure to try to make those improvements

Dude, your story is so interesting. Though I suggest you should improve with your writing, but also add more commas and points, and always write a capital letter at the beginning of a paragraph and after the point. Nevertheless I like where this is going, maybe you should do a new series!

Bit of a tease to publish the fluff and no action ^^;
I'll give this a track though, I'd like to meet Thiccagio ;)

I like where this is goung. But as some of the others have said it needs some touch ups.

Phurie. Be advised: dude likes his mares thicc and well hung.

The whole summary is just a giant run-on sentence. D:
Did you even edit this at all before posting it?

A girl "will" meet with you.
Leave some money in 'one' of the Janitor's 'Closets'
Be 'it' far beyond

Are you planning to make more thicc characters?


You should probably add the fetish tag if the cover art is anything to go by.

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