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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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Sold. So fucking sold. Like, they didn't have enough time to stock me on a shelf before I was purchased. That's how sold your description's got me.

Your Antagonist

I'm so done. So done.

Take your thumbs up and leave.

Short, fun, simple. A chuckle here, a giggle there. Didn't realize what the D-Dog in D-Dog Deluxe DIldo meant until ten seconds after I read it, but damn that was fun. 8/10, would shove Sweetie on a dildo again.

Your Antagonist

Two epic winfics in one day?
That's, like, an accademy record.

I came, I saw, I came and laughed at the same time. God that felt wonderful. Good job.

(Sorry for that. My mind is far gone...)

Brilliant :rainbowlaugh: I wonder what applebloom and scootaloo would say? :raritywink:

god damn this was fun to read.
glad my sis never caught me using her stuff.
course im a guy so that woulda been way akward.

Rarity has a D-Dog toy? You are my new hero.

I laughed far far too much than I should have. I'm still grinning like an idiot min later.

Lol That was highly amusing.

I love it when you write stories like this. I feel like your trying to make us relate :twistnerd:

Slowing pulling herself up, Sweetie Belle let out a painful moan as she began shuffling for her door.


After another few long minutes, Sweetie Belle found herself at the tip of the staircase and sighed with relief as she could see her older sibling working diligently at a work table below.

"Top," maybe?

Unfortunately for Rarity, Sweetie Belle didn’t have another minute and wanted to toy out of her now.

"The," perhaps?

Fine I’m coming!” She replied as she got up from her sit.

Missing: one comma.

That was just what I needed. A quick laugh at the expense of others. A good, quick schadenfreude.

Another excellent story, Titty. Take a like and a favorite.


That fic was funny as hell. Good work!

Rarity went digging for diamonds in Sweetie's butt and found some. Best game of Minecraft RL evarz. They are now both super rich and have diamond dildo armour.

Let's convince Titties to write about Rarity taking Sweetie with her on her next Diamond Dog romp in the warrens below!

Titty's got you super moist, didn't she?

You again...
You must capitalize. It will make your posts more readable and therefore funnier!

I hate when this happens.

It could be worse for Sweetie Belle.

I saw it in the feed and I KNEW I had to read it. So much win!

You changed your profile pic again!

Dat cover pic!

What in the bloody fucking hell did i just read :trixieshiftright:

Sparkles, you are why we can sometimes have nice things.
Because you make the nice things.
With your hands.

Shouldn't the last word be 'fillies or foals?

Considering the description, this was more funny/sweet than sexual. :unsuresweetie:
Or maybe I've just become desensitized. :twilightoops: Either way, well done.

“Fine, I’m coming!” She replied as she got up from her sit.
“You and me both,” Sweetie Belle muttered quietly.

Best line in the fic... about pissed myself laughing!

4360161 nope Rarity's mind went off on a tangent and she suddenly was thinking of young goats.:pinkiecrazy:

4360446 Off hand, I'd say you're kid-ding me.

Nice to see something on the lighter side of your body of work. Good job. :raritywink::rainbowlaugh:

And why in the world do I actually think this is the sort of thing that Sweetiebelle would actually do somehow. :unsuresweetie:

It has already been started.

This is strangely... adorable? huh. That's rare.

And just for the road. Wat?

The strange thing is I can picture Sweetie Belle doing this...


true kids these days sure get in alot of trouble.

funny story tho and i wonder what would happen if Sweetie Belle used glue since its also a *sticky white stuff* iinstead of lube.

one it might make the story longer due to the awkwardness and trials to get the dildo out and two it would make the story even more funny for us at Sweetie's expence (poor filly):unsuresweetie:

4361960 That sounds awfully painful and a nice trip to the hospital.

"You won't believe what just came into the emergency room. I mean, I see a lot of stupid and weird shit man, but this, this dude is top of the month stuff!"

(reads description)
Oh nooooooooooo.

Oh, the idea of glue instead of lube did cross my mind. :twilightsmile:

SFC #42 · May 9th, 2014 · · 76 · Chapter 1 ·

Holy shit, why? Just, why? Keep your fat, greasy fingers off Sweetie Belle, you sick perverts! She's an underage horse. This story is wrong in so many ways. Most of you on this site are probably pedophiles hell bent on fucking underage animals. All of you disgust me; stop masturbating to horses.


I agree. All clop authors should be required to check horse I.D.'s before writing to ensure that no fictional minor is wrongfully molested.

4363965 She's a pony


This is genius. :twilightsmile:

So basically Sweetie Belle was like


And Rarity was all " Sure, okay, but only because it was funny."

.....I have no words but uncontrolled laughter for this.

I almost want to protest not being in the long description... but a part of my mind is just going "Don't do it, man, don't do it! :fluttershbad:"

Not sure if... Hmmmmm...

*reads the start of the chapter*

NEEEEVER MIIIIIIND!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I don't even know how one goes about getting the idea to stick your doorknob up your butt. Also, at the end did Rarity tell Sweetie that she should be using a partner rather than a toy?

4364456 Rarity's hoping Sweetie Belle uses common sense at this point.

Rarity honestly, desperately, sincerely... foolishly, deplorably hopes Sweetie has common sense. :raritydespair:

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