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Apparently I wrote a story in 2014 i forgot about... · 12:36am January 30th

and at 3:09 it dinged on my phone. Didn't know what it was at first but apparently I wrote a small FoE (fallout Equestria) female on male rape thingy. Neat right? Nah not really. I ain't gonna publish it here, but feel free to read it if you feel like amusing yourself. It's titled Shotgun Orgasm, so it's easy to see what happens. Just add the https:// since its technically NFSW.



Heads up! Luna Switched has been moved · 10:51pm Nov 2nd, 2018

Reason: The story was originally a commission that I, sadly, never ended up finishing. The user who originally paid for it asked me if they could have it moved over to the new writer's account. I agreed to this and so you can now find the story over on Duskhoof's page. So after... 3 years? it may actually get finished now.

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What is this site? So full of memories... · 10:45am Aug 20th, 2018

It's funny what finding your old laptop can lead to. It's even funnier when you plug it in, boot it up, and notice that, for some reason, Fimfiction still in a open tab, remembers you and keeps you logged in. I don't even remember my password so it's a bit jarring to see this right now. But I think it's a good thing. It lets me see that My Little Pony is still a thing and still going strong. It almost makes me want to try to get back into watching the show... almost, but no cigar. Seeing all my

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My ride ends here · 5:56pm Nov 28th, 2015

What's it like when you retire from something you enjoyed doing? The answer leaves me with a heavy heart. For the past few years on this site, I enjoyed writing to my heart contents. Sometimes for the pleasure of ours and mostly for the enjoyment of entertaining myself. Sadly all good things have are bound to come to an end. Real life is claiming me. Work, social life, present family, and soon-to-be-born family are taking up all my time. I barely have any time to write nowadays and even when I

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The new episode is triggering so many people · 9:01am Oct 4th, 2015

It seriously is. For the first time since I joined this little fandom I've never encountered others outside the internet talk about pony. That changed today and sadly it wasn't on a good note. At work I actually heard people talking about the new episode today and how it's trans-shaming and cruel of Hasbro to let such a episode be aired. I was generally confused by this and tried to get into the conversation and prove otherwise. Lets just say that conversation ended badly and certain people

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3000 followers is a big number · 7:30pm Sep 14th, 2015

It really is.

Maybe I should finish up a story I'm doing to give my waiting followers something to read.

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New story coming out soon. · 6:10am Jul 30th, 2015

You read that right. I finally got a proper groove back with writing and actually managed to write something. Expect something within the next seven days at the most. I can still feel the rust when I write but thankfully I have lots of friends that are awesome enough to give me second opinions and help out majorly on it. I'm thankful for these people and you would be surprised at how much of an influence a few words of encouragement from them are.

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Play with me. · 10:22pm Jun 20th, 2015

So yeah, I am back to writing and slowly letting the rust get shaken off, but when i am not writing or working, i am on Xbox live. Not really my account; more my new boyfriend's account and he is cool with letting me using it when he isn't.

Feel like playing with me? Slap me a PM with your gamer tag and lets hit it!

Only good game he has is Borderlands: Pre-sequel so if you wanna blow stuff up with me, let's do it!

Edit: Oh, and he also has Borderlands 2 as well. My bad :twilightblush:

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I can write again. · 9:51am Jun 15th, 2015

I can!

I think?

I don't know...

So yeah, I FINALLY have my own computer again which means I can visit this lovely site daily at my own leisure! (And that means Skype for some of my closer friends as well!) That means I can start to write again if I wanted. But... it's been like 5 months since I had the ability to actually write anything story related. I'm rusty as hell and almost scared to try and write something.

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Can he be the new Braeburn? · 2:40am Apr 6th, 2015

Plz? Pretty plz? I want a new gay pony in my perverted mind to ponder story ideas about.

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