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Hey everyone! I used to have an account by other name and I used to have a story on the go called "Lulamoon Praise"! Ta-Daa! I'm back and I plan to repost that fic. Reuploads are happening monthly!

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Wow Trixie you mind whammied her and still ended up being a sub, congrats on getting Luna though.

Hurrah! I was so sad when I was looking for this and it was gone.
What happened?

Source of the cover pic?

You may also want an editor... The first chapter is pretty rough around the edges in terms of grammar.

Pretty much. Could really use someone up to the task...
(you wouldn't be up to it, would you lol?)
I'll be sure to add the cover image in the description.

Hey old buddy, I remember you!
Let's just say I had other ideas in mind at the time, but I wouldn't want my work left unfinished, so I'm back!

I actually would consider it. But I'll admit, while I consider myself easy to work with, I am very nit-picky and have pretty high standards when it comes to marking, or suggesting changes. I don't make the changes myself, but rather give pretty direct feedback on how to improve or alter specific pieces of a given project. I've worked on a few other stories, namely with individuals on Hypnohub, and they seemed pretty pleased with the work. If you want an example of something I've worked on (non MLP though), I'd be happy to link you to published chapters of a project I'm still editing for a buddy of mine.
But if you're interested and are willing to put up with my unfortunately busy day schedule, we may be able to work it out.

I see we took a divergence from the old version. It's cool that Trixie got some action with Luna and'll keep getting it in detention, but I miss the bit at the end where Trixie vowed to use her new powers for evil sexyness. It really set the mood for the story.
I'm also not sure about combining the first two chapters into one.

But anyways. I'll look forward to see Sunset's last stand, and if you need any help you can always PM me!

I wanted a bigger interaction for Trixie in the scene, that's why I changed it. Chapters will come in couples so I can repost them faster! Thank you for your support and I'll be sure to contact you whenever I need it!, Thank you a lot for your continuous support.

She didn't take any pictures of Luna and Cheerilee?

Hmmmm that's right, eh? A minor detail I forgot to put there...srry...

You could really use an editor. There's a lot of awkward phrasing in this chapter.

I would of loved to see Luna and Cheerilee's session.

And we're back where it left off!
Don't you go dissapearing again. I need to know how it ends!

Finally, right? A month away. I guess that's how frequent I'll be posting these now. Gonna make it to the end don't worry and THANK YOU for being a loyal reader!

"Listen here, you abusive bitch, today I'll teach you a lesson".


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