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Just a casual author with some very specific fetishes. I'm sorry you all have to witness this, unless you're into this kinda stuff. In which case...pervert.


Dazzling Story · 5:51pm Jul 5th, 2018

I have to apologize again. I thought I had submitted my first chapter of a story about the Dazzlings before my absence, but it turns out I forgot to click the button! But that fic is now submitted and I hope you all enjoy. As always, I would appreciate any notes from mistakes or poor practice that y'all would like to share.

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It's not a common usage flow, actually. You are the only person on here who used "They".

I've already stated I'm using "they" in the singular. If you refuse to recognize my own intentions, and an increasingly common usage of a word, then it really is impossible to have an intelligent conversation about it. There was a time when the community was debating entirely new nouns like "ze" and "sie", but those were passed up for a simpler solution.

I don't understand how this doesn't help. We just want to see a better noun such as she for Scootaloo. Using a plural for a noun is not a good reading flow.

Please respond to something I've already written on the subject. I would be forced to repeat myself here, and I don't find that useful for either of us. I even specifically addressed using a word like "tortured" to describe hearing/seeing the singular-they.

I completely agree with you here

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