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I just watched marvels avengers infinity War · 2:04am Jul 9th, 2018

First off, no spoiler the basic review: guest was fantastic and all you, my pony fans out there. I want an animation of all the best sequences when the DVD comes out, and Rarity has to be Tony! And the one to become Dr. Strange has to be the great and powerful Trixie because she is the great and powerful Trixie and Dr. Strange is the sorcerer supreme. Those are my only two caveats! That and then Jerry better make the ice creams in the movie because so help me. I want my Hulking chocolate!

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2492076 The creator used to go by the name by s j art-d5aknya
I cannot remember but when the name was changed since I haven't changed my icon at the beginning.

Where did you get your avatar?

2249443 Runs the next chapter. It's up!

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