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Yep hell a lot better. Sorry man but zam did it right.

it ok man you bib good

Don't feel to bad. Zam is pretty much a master when it comes to human/princess romances and love scenes. If anything I would consider it an honor that he found your story good enough to do this.

Inb4 continuation with horrible dark secret.

Whoa, Zamairiac wrote this chap? That guy is a baws!

don't mean to toot his horn but hell he did a good job

Well...I did like the original...but when it comes to Smut as a class act, this is indeed some nice editing!! Sorry, I love the story overall, no worries there. All in all, well done, both of you, and thanks for sharing! I would love to see more follow this!:yay:

That was really cute and well done, but uhm...

If you’ve got something big, make it bigger!you got something big make it bigger.

You uh..might want to fix that..

Zam, if you're reading this, I will consider this a Celestia chapter in The Royal Break up Chronicles.


Don't be so hasty my man.:moustache:

I'm 3000 words into Celestia's chronicle (I've finally been able to get some downtime :D) and for me that registers as the half-way point.

Now once I finish watching Future Diary (Dubbed!!! YAY!!!) I will get right back on it :)

Expect it soon :twilightsmile:

Just finished watching the perfect you tube video to go with this story-( princess celestia is expecting some male) complete with cheezy 1970,s porno music.

I liked both equally. I can see how he was going for the emotional value at the end of this, but the other other went for the comedic on the original. overall, both were quite excellent.

“So Tia” Marcus said. “what brings you to my humble abode?”

Well... you sent me a letter, so....... uh

dont really care on who did better i just liked reading it

Write more! More MORE xD


I refer you to darf and/or TAW.


Unfortunately it does come across that way. The original story ended with Celestia simply happy that she was loved. It was sweet. This ending in particular seems to have Celestia more pleased with acquiring her interest than that she's found love - she's coming across as possibly dangerously over-possessive. Again.


I really prefer the original ending. (I just wanted to link one of your posts to my comment so you'd know I was addressing you specifically.)

Noticed that I said human/royal pairings.
Anyway, they are also masters at writing lemons. Though from what I've see of darf he writes more about just raunchy sex with no romance in it.

Comment posted by little big pony deleted Aug 28th, 2013


I can't argue that both authors largely write clop-heavy one-shots. However, their regular stories are much like the one we're responding to here - some buildup and then clop. And both authors do have several HumanXPrincess stories.

On the romance end of things I don't have anyone who's specifically gone in-depth in to HumanXPrincess, but Demon-Eyes Laharl might be dipping in to one soon(ish).

I haven't seen any real romance story with a human from darf, and the only human/royal from taw that I remember was Nightmare getting raped. So I can't really argue unbiasedly either.

He is? He never gave a hint to that. Not that I have seen anyway. His up coming chqngling story is with an oc that seems to be a normal one.

awwwww yeah! celestia goes sex crazy and goes rut a guy in his own house!

very good! love it so much :pinkiehappy:

3093206 don't you prefer the subbed version i dont have anything agents the dubbed one but they changed some of yunos lines and she sounds like some women from 1990. witch do you like better.:pinkiehappy: this is yuno:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

beautiful story.:pinkiesmile::twilightsmile::yay:

Im begging you so much to making another sequel of this..pleasepleaseplease :'(

Im begging you so much to making another sequel of this..pleasepleaseplease :'(

3619585 You think that was me trying to be funny?

No, I think your reactions funny

3621241 heh... it was a good story for a oneshot romance

All that build-up for such an abrupt end. :raritydespair:

“When did I become Gary motherfucking Oak?”
This line made the story for me, even before the clop.

Wait...there were 2 versions, what happened? :rainbowhuh:

It was ok.

Not the best clop I've ever read but it was alright!

I read this just like a regular story cause it was bucking hilarious.

On a scale from "Meh" to "ZOMSqueee teh epicness!" I give it a- "yeah, alright, not bad at all."

I pressed my muzzle into his neck to supress the scream, only to be rapidly caught in the moment and lick his skin lovingly, affectionately…possessively.

Yep, this has got Zamairiac written aaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllll over it.

Why do clop scenes have to be so fuckin' short?! I can never finish!

Why does this sound so much like me. Hell, my name is Marcus.
Good story BTW.

That was amusing and enjoyable

If tonight goes as planned then yes, you will be coming.

Shame on you.
Also, if Celestia wants to be treated more like an equal, then can't she take steps? For example: declare her support for philosophers arguing for just that, encouraging the free exchange of idea yet using her influence to show favoritism to bring about the desired outcome.

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