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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (Patreon)


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*Sees title*
Oh, that sounds.... waaaiiiit....
*Reads description*
Damnit, not again :derpytongue2:

DAMN YOU!!!!!!

Why must you post this just as I'm getting ready for bed... and gotta work early so can't really stay up later.... DAMN YOUUUUUU!!!!!!!!:derpytongue2:

This is way over my head 9/10...

You filthy bastard!:heart:

I love it, it's incredibly hot!

I dont have time to read this tonight!!!
Fucking fuck...

And I dont have time tomorrow either, urgh
I will read this Thursday morning. And I will enjoy it.

Sounds like the perfect time to read an 11 kiloword clopshot! :twilightsmile:

Is it the foalcon within foalcon thing?

Thanks! ^.^
What's your favorite thing about it?

I'm sure you will...

Me irl

You set up the big curves along the outside, and I'll do the tricky bit with the raised bridges, okay?”

Why do I have a feeling you worded that very specifically?

You're a filthy pervert.

Let's be friends :heart:

Oh, there is definitely some innuendo going on with the train set. ^.^ Gets things started off nice and slow.

Yeah! We could make a whole website for it, where we swap filthy pervert stories.
(And there's Fimfic in a nutshell! :rainbowlaugh:)

dirty little secret, should we be expecting a "Precious Little Cadance" from you now?

Zodiac: You know, as the proposed guardian of Celestia and Luna... I'm okay with this even though I am an adult and this is, well yeah.... I mean think about it... that boy just experienced something new himself and he didn't even learn all this stuff... and yet they both came out satisfied from all of that... I kind of wish that I wasn't busy with all this diplomatic stuff so that I can watch hang out with these two silly fillies once again.

Luna: Uncle! We're not silly fillies anymore! We're adults now! And I can't believe you watched me go through that...

Zodiac: You and Celestia are still silly fillies in my eyes :derpytongue2: And don't worry, it's not like it's bad for me to learn about it right?

Luna: I... guess not... you do allow us to be ourselves even at our adult age...

Zodiac: My point exactly :ajsmug: Besides, you should have seen me when I had to go through intercourse...

Luna: Can't you just call it sex uncle? It's starting to annoy me with you saying that constantly...

Zodiac: No missy, you are going to deal with it :moustache: Now get going and have some fun or something...

Luna: Can I have fun with you then?

Zodiac: Notices the long fun Oh boy... and I thought we already went through it once because you and Celestia were in heat...

Luna: Maybe, but that was an emergency, no... I want to have some good fun with you uncle...

Zodiac: Kids these days... alright, I'll indulge and bite you silly goose :twilightsmile: Oh before I forget, did you get pregnant per chance?

Luna: Of course not! You should know better than that to se me not forget to cast the anti-pregnancy spell!

Zodiac: Three times?

Luna: Facehoof Yes!

Zodiac: Just want to be sure...

7931546 Playing Doctor haha. I also love how it started out so innocent then got really, really lewd.

7931826 Nah, I comment like this with every story :twilightsmile:

Princess Luna, cute shit, and sex, three of my favorite things rolled into one fic. I love it! :yay:

Also, did you name the main character "Pepper Zest" just so you could do a Doctor Pepper joke? :rainbowlaugh:

Another "Precious Little Princess" story?
Insta-fave and insta-like earned.

So why isn't "Little" written in a cutesy way? Because if whoever's speaking can't properly say "Luna" or "Celestia", then the same should go for any word with an L in it. It makes it seem like you're trying too hard.

I was half-expecting he get his cutie mark right then and there.

But awsome work as always.

I see this story has the tag of "SEX" and "MATURE", of course.

I quote,

Contains delicious, adorasexy foalcon.

A foal can be seen as a underage character in this situation, if I stand correct?

If it is so, then this is pedophilia.

7932508 I agree. but wait, fimfiction is filled with pedophile facfic, you will get attack from them! run away tactican before they torture you with pedophile fanfic.

The characters may have given consent, but I didn't.

7932512 Shh, you'll warp their fragile little mind with that kind of talk...:pinkiecrazy:

do anything she asks you to!

Because that doesn't spell out where this story is going in neon lights.
A bunch of little moments to enjoy in this, like the nanny almost giving it away and our protagonist's fascination with the trains.
Doctor Pepper? I hope you're properly ashamed of yourself for that.

why does this exist
never mind i shouldnt question humanities fail as a species
Edit: this is sarcastic you guys are mean

that comment...:pinkiehappy:
It's sad that you can't fav comments...
I would have done it without thinking
also, yeah... foalcon is EVERYWHERE on this site...


7933235 one of these days, im gonna reply to you and get in on the eventual bandwagon of people declaring you terrible and turning the comments into a shitshow

Would you believe that I was completely unaware of the 'Doctor Pepper' thing until you pointed it out to me?
That was actually 100% coincidence! :rainbowlaugh: But it's definitely staying. :rainbowwild:

Nope. I have no plans to do Cadance this way.

But this one is much better than the first! ^.^

I felt like that would be overdoing it.
Could have also gone 'Pwecious'.

Nope, a blank-flank he remains. ^.^
This story was long enough already without going into that!

Am I correct in assuming that none of you read the story ... that you're all here just to complain about the fact that it exists?

Really, though, you did. Nobody made you click that.

In a nutshell...

Heh, best response.

Yeah, I really liked doing the slow buildup and hinting at things in this one. ^.^
And would you believe, I was completely unaware of the 'Doctor Pepper' thing until it was pointed out in the comments?
Totally a coincidence.

Didn't you just do that now?

7932508 Oh fuck, not this pointless, annoying drivel again. "Blah blah blah you're all pedophiles blah blah blah."
We've heard it a million times, and no, we still don't care what you think.

7932508 7932512 Let's be honest here guys... this is just a fanfic... it's not going to affect the world and as I have said before to myself many times, does it really matter? Sure, what we're dealing with is something that should never be done in real life.

The idea is wrong to go through in reality but as an imagination? Not really because, again, this is just in someone's imagination. It being real is unlikely as hell and I doubt it's going to affect anything except maybe your psyche. So if you're worried about people reading this, don't... because it has no affect on the humongous outside world...

Wait, I read that story
loved it in fact

7932508 93 years old. I think that, when they're far older than you, it's not pedophilia. I haven't even read it, and I don't think I want to, given that it's a clop story. Besides, to claim that it's pedophilia is similar to claiming that the existence of, say, violent stories means that every reader is a violent person that wants to inflict pain on others, or stories in which the character is high as shit endorses drugs, except what's you're doing is more inane, because in the two examples I provided, the character actually engages in the behavior which could be seen as negative.

Also, Pedophilia is a disgusting fetish if acted upon, especially from child trafficking rings, but this story is not a bunch of people passing around a broken, beaten kid to forcefully pump liquids into them. This is a written story. This is not real. I don't know about you, but if there are any pedophiles reading this story, I would rather they read it and jack off to it than finding a child and raping them.

7933620 The word pedophilia looses a lot of meaning in fiction. Especially with non-humans and based on the story-time.

The 2 main points that make pedofilia hard to apply here is:
1. does Luna, at over 90 years old count as a foal? Body wise, maybe, but clearly not mentally.
2. norms during the time, the story takes place. He is clearly in puberty, based on how he reacted to the signals, Luna was giving. Not to mention him mounting her on his own. Based on when and where it happened, he could be considered an adult.

hey I see u make sex stoires, could u do one with my oc star flare

If not a Cadance, a possible Flurry Heart?
Or was the running theme to be be filly bodies but mature minds? :twilightsmile:
Both Celestia's and Luna's stories were still amazing and I'm not surprised it was featured.

Yeah ... I have no idea how it would work with alicorns who aren't so ancient.

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