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Exceedingly idealistic; unrealistic and impractical.

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yeeessss, yeeeeeeesssssssssssss :rainbowwild:

Oh, kinky...


the fuck
that was EXACTLY what i was going to type

They should check to see the coast is clear BEFORE getting it on.

I accidentally thumbed up without reading it.

Then I read it..

And the thumb stays.:eeyup:

Two drunk ponies? Worth a shot....

comon lets fuck!!!!!!!!! thats what the title said. KEEP IT UP IDK what other people say.

Hot! Rarity? Meow...:heart:

2098107 I kept expecting Sweetie Belle to walk in the room :rainbowderp::twilightoops::unsuresweetie:

2098107 They were drunk! They don't care about that shit!

kinky. was rather adorable for the most of it before the nitty gritty. Ending was quite funny. 4/5 :raritystarry::twilightblush: thumbs up

OK, guys, let's get some things straight. Yes, it's a clopfic, you know this, and I know this. But that doesn't mean you get to skip the buildup explaining why there is clop, and one sentence in which Rarity magically gets to 11 (and Twilight follows right after) on horniness scale doesn't count.

Second, getting them too drunk to stand up doesn't count at all. Slightly more tipsy and uninhibited than planned? Sure, why not. Drunk blind? Nope, even if they're mares and will have less of an issue with the inability to get it up. The only thing you can accomplish by trying fun times in such a state is projectile vomiting, and if that's actually your goal, then I'll question your idea of fun.

And lastly, unless there is the aforementioned buildup which explains how painfully horny they are and convinces me they're so damn aroused that anything whatsoever is sexy, "alcohol and orange laden breath" is not "simply intoxicating" besides the most literal of senses. Drunkness is not a free pass for writing sex, partially digested alcohol is not sexy WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Tis a shame, because they were actually very cutely drunk.

Ahh intoxication I have fell prey to the sweet blissful ignorance that it brings many times before trying to forget the past to no avail. The differance being I drink gallons of cyanide (sometimes mixed with vodka and other mixers) and they drink a gallon of tequlia or tomato-vodka, for recreation too. My past consists of war loss and phisical pain(that can sometimes reamerge because magic isn't perfect). I like this story and you may have a thumb.

King Lazaro Sol of Ziolia

I will certainly agree with you on your first and second points, because the transition from normal story to eroticism is rather quick. Managing just how drunk each of them were was also another aspect I failed to gauge properly, as you've pointed out. Your third point, however, falls within the realm of subjectiveness. I'm quite certain there are many who might find the smell of alcohol to be arousing.

Nonetheless, I thank you for reading my story.

It took a while to get to the actual clop part, but it was a pretty good story.

buck it, I'll fav it even if it was short and predictable, it still had an adorable ending xD

How much do you have to drink to get THAT drunk?

I've tried, It's really difficult for me.


Sorry, I'm going to have to go with Quixotic on this one. Whiskey and beer, sure, those smell like gackmouth, but fruity drinks on someone's breath? Mmmmm. :twilightsmile:





Twi is gonna be one soar bich in the moarning. Damit ratity, you alwas start with removing the bondage at the lages incase THAT happens. Thin, k?

yes yes more more give me more:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

It's funny because Rarity completely betrayed Twi's trust at the end!
Wait, that's not funny at all.

I'm certain Twilight will find it in her heart to forgive Rarity's carelessness. :twilightsmile: Maybe next time they can end up on a more fortunate note.

Great read! I'm sure Twilight will be fine! :twilightsheepish:

It was a long night for Twilight Sparkle.

Wait, what? Weren't the straps for the spreader bar Velcro? She could just... use her hooves. I get that she's pretty drunk and worn out, but it wouldn't be that hard. C'mon, Twilight. Ya need a better excuse. :unsuresweetie:

Also, aftercare is important guys. Being tired doesn't really excuse being a bad dom. Take care of your sub. They trust you.
I think Rarity needs a good telling off, and a crash course on good bdsm practices.

All in all, a pretty decent story with an odd ending. :twilightblush:

Twilight sighed, then gave a warm smile. “You’re right, you’re right. I won’t worry about it, I promise.” Besides, Twilight thought, it’s not like we’re drinking that much. What’s the worst another drink or two will do?


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