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little big pony

Remember kids, eat your veggies, go to school, and murder all your enemies.... I murder all my enemies....

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Obvious trollfic is obvious. 2/8 b8.

How long do you think this will be word wise.

This, this is meeting all my expectations.

7757917 Come on. An OC human impregnating a "waifu" popular amongst the more unstable members of the fandom? This is either b8 or well executed parody.

What's up with your description? You have ton of extra white space at the bottom, and you mention the artist twice. You're also missing a period at the end of your last sentence in the description.

Nothing major, but in your description...

As far as I know, the phrase "sire an heir" is contextually exclusively male. For example, Twilight's "sire" would be her father and her "dam" her mother. So Celestia can't actually "sire" an heir. "Bear an heir" would be better.


What do we say when people do nice things for us?

7758127 Sweet. Someone mentioned that this read like an obvious trollfic. Is it a trollfic?


Nope, only sweet sun horse lovin'

7758165 Glad to hear it! I'll give this a read when I get done with some errands.

7758036 Trust, that's not WAY enough to be considered a trollfic.

7758211 Cringe, yes. But this wounded summary smells like b8.

Surprisingly well done!:twilightsmile:

Keep up the great work!

The only thing I don't like is the fact that Twilight stayed and took notes. Like, yo! Let them sleep! In my opinion Jon should call her out and have her get super embarrassed then Celestia back him up.

Good story so far i shall watch
Like and fav


I'm really impressed at how realistically slow you are taking this. Bravo!

“Well, what am I supposed to think? You grabbed me out of bed, said that we were meeting the princess, and dragged me onto that train like some furry Gestapo!”


It hadn’t been a short run, and by the end of it Jon was drenched in sweat and Twilight looked around ready to fall over, but they made it on time.

We use less energy when we use two limbs to move around. Scientifically Proven...

Good! Please, keep going!

This should be fun. You got any more of it pre-written or are we waiting on updates now? I find myself with a lot of free time these days so just wondering if I'll be able to enjoy myself with regular updates. Anyway keep it up man, this seems like it could be really funny but with that nice blend of sugar and spice...

During these few hours, the two continued to inch closer and closer toward each other as Twilight frantically observed, recorded, and hypothesize in the background.

Jon sighed, picking his head up to give a certain purple princess in the corner of the room the stink eye, which said princess purposefully ignored.


I see it as (un)intentional pandering. People write what they want, and if the masses love it, they write more. Kinda irks me, but there's nothing I can do about it.

My boner has been caught in your verbal web of seduction and eroticism


Edit: I'm sorry to the 4 people I've offended with this tongue-in-cheek comment.

So am I the only one who likes Jon and Twilights banter more than everything else?
That next morning scene was priceless.

7758921 sometimes even a well executed idea just doesnt catch on either while weird stuff just does, for example the whole twilight half swap which is currently on the front page in yet another incarnation

w8 so is Twilight there taking notes?! WTF, other than that, good work i like it :pinkiehappy:

Firstly, awesome username.

I don't really question what gets featured anymore, but it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth at times. I'm not a great writer (which is why I stopped writing), but I tried to convey some sense of normalcy and realism in what I wrote. Unfortunately, a majority of the people who follow HiE stories/writers essentially want wish-fulfillment with their favorite pony, which is one thing that I swore I would never do.

I like the cover artwork

Why is twilight so involved? I mean, it has nothing to do with her. Isnt this a very personal thing between jon and celestia?

That coverart is great! Can't wait to read this, but had to say that.

Great stuff! I love the humor you've put into the story!

A few corrections:

“It taste fine,” > tastes

“I’m not that[ old, Jonathan,”

Twilight frantically observed, recorded, and hypothesize in the background. > hypothesized

Finally caught up. I love the comedy and the interactions between Jon and Celestia

This makes me think of Skittles Sunny D and Caprisun, just from the title alone lol. Just thought I would share my silly thought.

I’ll be sure to tell the chef’s that you enjoyed them.

How do I stay calm when I see my pet peeve as portrayed in this sentence?
That's easy.


It's Twilight so it'll be for science. No no, don't worry about why her hoof is wet that's not important. Yep, entirely irrelevant.
Why just look at all the notes she's taking! Never mind that half of them are doodles of dicks. It's for science!

“—lord’s first.”

And this is the part where I punch the space whale.

7759609 it's an m rated, did someone have sex with the chefs? Is that how they enjoyed the chefs?

Whoa, sum gud news at mornin' here!
Are you planning make this fic big?

I, as a writer myself, find myself wishing I could write banter as entertaining as yours. I also find myself wishing that I actually get hangovers for the sole purpose of being able to write a hangover as entertaining as you have.

Ok I had a :facehoof: moment in this chapter. Which was both :rainbowlaugh: and :raritycry: at the same time. I also want to point out that noone else saw this :rainbowhuh: YOU MADE TWILIGHT EAT BACON!!!!! :rainbowlaugh: That nearly killed me man LMFAO, you made my day with that.:heart:

“It is very nice to see you, Don Celestia. I come to you, a humble acquaintance of the famil—Ow!”

:rainbowlaugh: Hahaha, this whole chapter made me laugh hard as hell, this line in particular.

“…But then I came,” Jon muttered.

In more ways then one :trollestia:


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