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I tend to be more romantic than I am poetic.


In the process of living a full life, the joy of having friends doesn't come from their large numbers. Instead, it is found in the depth of the emotional bond between two individuals. A bond that persists through trials and hardships that serves only to nurture and grow the person that is the other. It is a bond that can only be established between true friends.

Yet, it is also a bond Wallflower Blush believes she will never experience


Vel had always been interested in Wallflower Blush. She, among other people, stood out the most in his eyes. And it wasn't just her straightforward attitude nor her simple yet charming appearance which motivated him to approach her but something else entirely. Somewhere deep inside he felt a connection with her, a connection which he couldn't explain no matter how much time he spent thinking over it. Even before he had introduced himself he felt like he knew her.

And it felt like she knew him

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Sequel to Heaven's Gift

A bit of heads up, the prologue does not contain August and Twilight yet (it is reserved for the next chapter) but it does introduce the antagonists for the second arc.

There are many possibilities that could occur when a human is scientifically transported into the world of Equestria. He could discover and harvest the essence of magic and use it to perform miracles back on Earth. He could make a fortune selling exotic literally "out of this world" items to common folk. Even befriending royalty and becoming one wouldn't be an understatement for someone like him.

However, for August Winters, of all the possibilities that could have happened the moment he set foot in Equestria, it just had to be the one where he fell madly in love with an adorable purple unicorn-turned-alicorn. He had no regrets with his decisions, falling in love with Twilight Sparkle was the best thing that has ever happened in his life. And after finally reuniting with her after being separated for many years, he wished he the moments he spent with her would never end.

But life, as harsh as it seems, is never fair. There are always creatures lurking in the darkness, secrets waiting to be revealed, and most of all, ancient entities that are only a hair's breadth from reaching omnipotence.

For August, life seemed to have only begun after his night with Twilight. However, in reality, it had simply begun to end.

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Rainbow Dash has always dreamed of being a wonderbolt— that's all she ever wanted. Ever since she was a little filly she could have never imagined a future without the wonderbolts.

So what happens when she gets fired from the only future she sees with absolutely no way of returning? What happens when she still can't see her future any less than being a wonderbolt the rest of her life?

Simple, it crumbles down.

And Applejack is determined to fix it.

P. S. The "Dream" here is not the "Dream" you have when you sleep.

Also, I felt compelled to write this because as a frequent visitor of the Appledash group, I noticed that the number of stories (631 by the time I'm writing this) have not gone up in awhile. So I wanted to contribute my fair share because to at the very least bump the number up. :twilightsmile:

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After meeting Twilight in Equestria and making her his marefriend, Max faces one last problem, how will his parents react to the idea of their possible future daughter-in-law being an... animal.

inspired by this dead thread at this group
Sex tag and Teen for... well you'll figure it out.

Also, please excuse some grammatical errors you encounter, I don't think I had the pleasure of going over this story more than one time. Time seems to be slipping away from me every passing moment ( but then again, who can escape the boundaries of time anyways?)

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Note: The story isn't really complete, I'm just going to make the following chapters on a separate story because it contains elements which the first story does not.

Link will be posted here once the new story is out
(HiE Fic)

When children were at the age where they worried whether their mother's home-cooked lunch will impress their friends, August was back home writing his thesis on plant cloning and recombinant DNA. By the age of eight, he was patenting his own invention- a machine which could detect spatial rifts from across the galaxy. And by the age of nine, he was nominated as a possible candidate for the Nobel Prize of Medicine. His talent in science was recognized world-wide and acknowledged by multiple science agencies. They funded his projects and companies competed for the papers he produced. Expectations were laid out and people started to believe that he was a glimmer of hope who could reach the limits of science.

August on the other hand, couldn't care less. Whether or not people showered him with praises, or if his work was accepted as a basis for a fundamental aspect of a scientific field, it didn't matter. He did what he did, and there was nothing more to it. For him, scientific discoveries were about as valuable as apple pie, nothing more, nothing less.

That is, until that fateful day when the "rift detector" goes off and a rip in the fabric of the universe was located a few blocks away from his house.

On that fateful day, August found something he was willing to die for.

He found Twilight Sparkle.
Chapters are long, but that's because I find it hard to place worthy content in a span of 1000-2500 words.

Proofread by this Idiot

Lastly, here's a quote from some guy

Hey look! it's that story again with humans and portals!

Announcement: I will be releasing the chapters by Arcs and not...well... chapters. Ill release a fulls storyline everytime I update. That does not mean that I will release for example Arc 2 in one day. I will release the chapters per day once I have completed the whole arc.
This is so that there are nor cliffhangers because everyone knows how much crap a cliffhanger does to your—

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Twilight has had feelings for Rainbow Dash for as long as she can remember, and she believes that the best time to tell Rainbow about her feelings is during Heart's and Hooves day.

The only problem is, how will she do it? Can she even do it? and after all that, what if Rainbow said no? or yes?

Pinkie notices Twilight's problem and asks help from someone who can help twilight confess- Just not by conventional means.
One-shot fluffy Twidash fic.
Marked "complete" because originally it is a oneshot, but depending on the ratings, I might add a few more chapters.
before you start reading this, I suggest you turn on the "color inversion". If you have an idea of what it is, that's good. But otherwise, you access it by.

Searching "Magnifier" -> after opening it, set zoom to 100% (if it already isn't) then click the gear thingy(settings) ->click "Turn on color inversion"
and voila, you have inverted colors. If you want to close it, just close the magnifier.
Keep in mind that this does not affect your computer in anyway other than seeing all the colors inverted-in short-It's totally safe

Visual steps here

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