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I was just doing my imitation of Mystery! Weesnaw! "Well, keep working on it. That was terrible."

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7150787 Danke. Working on the next chapter as I type this. I be a writer. :pinkiecrazy:

I guessed as much on the weapons, because stick mags were very popular for automatic weapons back then, and certain models of the MP40 used folding wire stocks

When you say that this story has sex, what do you mean?

This is getting really amazing. Are you going to ship kenichi with normal pony or maybe the two sisters. Hit me up if you neen help

7151002 It will later. Also, the casual sexual harassment between Samael and Moira should be enough to justify it for the Prologue alone. :trollestia:

7150971 Bravo. I may not have a collection at all because I have no monies, but I am a huge gun enthusiast. I love me some gun porn and I will be researching what I don't know to coincide with what I do know.

Friend of mine constantly brags about having fired a Tommy and I get so jelly. :applecry:

But I REALLY want to fire an AS Val. Thing is whisper quiet. All you really hear is the impact of the round and the clickety clack of its inner workings.

7151012 Oh, I'ma ship him with a lot o' ponies cause I REALLY like herd dynamics. :pinkiecrazy:

Oh and he'd kill you for that at this point. He prefers Samael because he has a hard-on for the symbolism. :trollestia:

Fukin awesome. I love storys like that. Definitely adding to favourites. Like i said, you need any help proof reading or stuff hit me up.

This looks good. I'll keep an eye for future chapters :pinkiecrazy:

7151065 Working on it. Got 8k words in Chapter 1 so far. And a preview up on my blog. :rainbowwild:

So if the gryphonsame are the bad guys does that mean nobe would be adedcto his herd?

7153473 I never said that. Not ALL of them are bad. Just most of them that'll be featured. For the most part, Griffins as a whole are neutral, but there'll be an explanation for why some are being jerks.

7153627 An amazing beginning to an amazing story my friend.:pinkiehappy:

7155495 And it'll only get bigger and better as I go. Already at more than twice the size of the Prologue for Chapter 1. 12k words and almost done and ready for editting. :pinkiecrazy:

When all the mess is over can Lindsay go to Equestria? she will be perfect as Celestia assistant, or Luna assistant, or hell something else entirely

7161706 Ahh, no. I'm afraid not. She would never take the deal, even if it meant seeing her ex-boss happy for once in his life. She would want to stay with her family.

Too bad, but hey at least he can come to visit and say hi

This is awesome so far! I look forward to reading more.

I absolutely love this chapter my friend!:pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

7166432 Awesome. Going to start work on it once the second chapter of Sun Gives Light to the Moon is done and posted. :raritywink:

I have no problem with the length of the chapter. Rather I prefer them long so I can enjoy them. I do have one question/complaint. Why did you nerf Fluttershys breast size? It's kind of a running gag that she has the largest breasts the only ponies surpassing her being the princesses. With Pinkie coming very close to her size. It's also a running gag that her large breasts contribute to her shyness.

7166461 Glad you liked it. I'll try to stay around 8-10k per to make it easy on editors when they sign on, but no promises.

I was worried that someone would say something like that, but it's all about what I like, really. I like petite ladies and I like the idea of a petite Fluttershy. Besides, I wanted to do something not a whole lot of others do.

7166447 loved this chapter keep up more like it and i like lenghy chapters
7166461 incase u don't know or remember the shy ones always have de biggest breast, anime logic 101 right their

Bah, didn't even notice I had a continuity error in there. Originally, I had Discord teleport Samael out of the hospital after teasing the Doctor, but then her dialogue didn't flow and it didn't mesh at all with Discord's request that Samael not mention his involvement. So, Applejack's just making Evel Kneivel leaps of logic. She's smarter than she sounds, I'd say. :pinkiecrazy:

Poor Sam, part of me though this one will be a bit slow, with him being an assassin and be train to not gain to much attention but, well Discord happen.

Also, just curious, in this world there is a very low rate of stallions? in the show almost all the guards are males, and the only doctor was male too, but here, it looks like the entire world is female…well that can be the case there is the term herd. Just wondering, because the may six look to be ready to be fuck if Sam just say a pretty please.
OH! I it will be so great if Cadence appear and she is the one that explain the herd thing to Sam, nothing romantic just tell him what happen and how Shining Armor actually had the entire royal maid in the crystal empire as his personal herd, as well as her. Man Sam will be so happy for the news and her green light to plot any mare he wish

P.S: Is the clop coming soon? If so, can it be Fluttershy? I just though that it will be hilarious if she take first turn.

That guy looks badass. Is he badass? I gotta read this, I gotta read this!:pinkiehappy:

Hey, awesome coverart. It gives me chills whenever I come across it!:raritystarry:

7168324 Well, he's trying, and that's important. For all his snarl, he truly does want to be free of having to watch his back for the fuzz. :raritywink:

And all will be revealed shortly and I do have plans for Cadence telling him about herds, actually.

P.S. Clop will be happening relatively soon, but it will be somewhat muted/R-rated and won't technically involve Samael. But once he gets involved? Fun times.

7168676 Yes, he is meant to be very badass and evoke images of various assassins in media. My favorite is John Wick from the titular movie starring Keanu Reeves. But I also like Martin Blank from Grosse Pointe Blank starring John Cusack.

And I'm going to be totally honest here. The cover are is just a cropped picture of Hitman's Agent 47 promotional art. It was the best I could find to represent the cold-blooded efficiency that Samael was about before Equestria.


Good, good that all I need to know. So this is like a kind of 'last mission' then clean page for him? no more contracts, no more assassin, just track down the psyco that is causing all this pain and then hello relax life?

That is the end game right?

7168826 More or less, yes. And if he gets a few friends and lovers along the way, that's all for the better. After all, it'll give him incentive to not go dark again. :trollestia:

And you just know that Celestia is a sucker for redemption. After all, look at Discord. :pinkiehappy:

Celestia and Discord are an item here! wow, that is just impressive and…oh wait, right…Discord doesn't have a sex, I didn't say anything.
Also great, oh I can't wait for him to go job hunting, I bet he either decided to teach others to defend themselves, open a center of Krag Maga, freelancer as a body guard, or…well anything actually he could be a chef, it will be nice to be a chef.

But the job hunting will be histerical, all the female bosses a just seconds of drooling and only be able to say 'when can you start' (and I'm not taking about their mouths if you get my point wink, wink)

Hey! I have a question but I better send it to you in PM in case its a good idea

7169110 Nah, Discord is sexless and I likes me some Amazoness Celestia, so that's gonna be a thing.

And I'm still planning the job hunting, really. I have a joke lined up for it too. Just wait and see. :pinkiehappy:

7169180 To be fair, either my dumb joke will be a minichapter or it'll be a oneshot later based on the same rules of the universe. But he will jobhunt, be it inside a larger chapter or a minichapter.

ah like this one?

je…jeje hey Myyyyystery……………………… 'Praise the sun'

Or one of my favourites, Celestia and Luna walking inside a building and someone say 'well, well, well, here comes the sun' then look behind them and check their flanks before looking at the sisters again and say 'and the moon is gorgeous too'

“Uuuh. Thank you, I grew it myself.” ‘DAMMIT!’ Samael tried not to cringe at himself.

And he is now and forevermore voiced by KaiserNeko in my head.

If the consensus is that this chapter's on the long side, I'll attempt to bring it down in the future, but if everyone likes it, I'll try to keep it up.

Long chapters are best chapters.

Enjoying it so far. Though I'm wondering if it's just gonna be gryphon's that'll rack up his kill count...

7189246 There might be turncoats on all sides. I'm not 100% sure yet. And Diamond Dogs always make easy villains. :raritywink:

Okay, I loved this chapter. Really liked Lily's interaction with Samael, especially with the smell comments. Likewise, learning more about the diets of the characters was interesting. Thanks for the chapter. Hope the next one comes soon.

7204466 Thank you very much. I really love how Lily's character is coming along. :twilightsmile:


Alright, so, why have the only other guys I’ve seen been Mr. Cake and...Does Discord even count? That’s...That’s actually kinda scary.

This is gonna be a fun conversation. Now the question is, who's gonna proposition him first? Lily has more opportunities, but I think Rarity's a bit more bold. Hmm...

7204708 I plan on it being a fun one. Especially since deep down, Samael's a huge pervert as I've made very clear.

As for another chapter? I'm actually outlining an unplanned mini-chapter right this very moment.

And shh, is a secret. Even I don't know who'll proposition him first! :pinkiegasp:

He's a professional assassin, and had some deeply unpleasant experiences in Japan while living there with his mother.

I'm guessing something Yakuza-related happened.

Oh prediction time!

I predict, I predict that Samuel will see Lilly stepping out of the shower, he trying to make her blush and she only is confused into why he isn't doing anything, if their world is so open about things.

Also, nice interaction with Celestia, I though she will throw herself too, but you really nail the real Celestia, I just hope things calm down a bit after all that the information we just receive maybe a job hunting or something CALM, sorry Pinkie that means no you.

Is nothing against that, we the readers only need a breather, that all

7205961 Working on a minichapter currently with...Well, half of it being a bit more calm. That bit's a slice of life sort of thing. The rest of the chapter is...a secret. :raritywink:

And thank you, I like writing Celestia because it gives me a chance to pretend to be the wise mentor type.

And predictions? Pfft, I scoff at them. No one can predict me, muwahaha. :pinkiecrazy:

Good to know in more than, one account, je I imagine Lilly will tell about the risk of heat when its like a mount away or so I mean she has 2, the entire town chasing after him will only result into the entire town, ending in a hospital bed…and Samuel with a giant grin on his face and a smoke walking to Celestia slowly while they are in their chambers and like droopy say 'Celly, that was both not funny, and awesome, time to thanks/ discipline a princess'

and then just put this

Samuel leaving Celestia room

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