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This is a multi-chaptered story I'll be releasing over the next few weeks. There's more for sure!

I am loving this so far!

That thought entered my mind more than once while writing it. >.> That show soiled the name of Hank forever! :raritycry:

I'm not really a fan of human/pony stuff. But at least it's well-written and have that drace flair I've come to expect from your stories! I don't think I'll follow this one but good job nonetheless!

It was definitely a tricky thing to slink into, my first time writing anything with pony involvement. :) I have a bunch of new Equestria Girls stories coming up next week though.

Thanks for reading!

I will pray for you and hope that you see the light of God. I will have to downvote this on moral grounds.

Dis is some good shit, bruh
gud shit
There were, however, a few errors spread throughout. For instance, pretty much every time you should have put "needed to be fucked" you just put "needed fucked."
Such a consistent error makes me think english might not be your first language, but the quality of... pretty much everything else makes me think it was a more mechanical error, but I can't for the life of me figure out what might have caused it.

would cum in the sun/10

English is my first language, but I think the reason that error pops up is more because of cultural slang/upbringing. I was raised in a pretty rural Pennsylvania town, and I speak with a lot of verbal ticks like that which sometimes work their way into my writing. >.> I'll make those changes when I finish dinner.

Thanks for reading!

And Luna didn't feel all that power that was being used? No matter. Luna will find out about Celestia's master in the morning.

I really don't buy Celestia completely giving in and more or less loosing her mind to Hank of all people after one night, but she's in a subby mood and horny, so it's probably more an act than anything else. I imagine that once she's sated or he tries something bad, she'd get serious and fling him through a wall or teleport him into a cell. Other than that, clop seems written well enough, but I really can't take this seriously.

Not for the above detail, but I keep imagining this is Hank from King of the Hill. I know that likely wasn't intentional, but completely ruins any clop for me and makes this a comedy. Just try imagining him saying all this in Hank's voice from the show and not cracking up.


In all honesty, my nature is to be the top, but I'm capable of switching, so if Cel wanted to be the top, hell if I'm gonna argue.

Oh, I can just picture that now.



Dude... please go away. I'm asking nicely.

I am trying to guide your soul back to the light of God.
And let people fall from the Grace of God? I think not.

on the one hand, you actually commented with why you downvoted, which is more than a lot of downvoters do.

On the other, you haven't even specified what aspect of the story you find so immoral that you had to downvote on those grounds, which means your criticism is thus COMPLETELY useless. :facehoof:

8235526 You mean the all powerful kid with an ant farm?

Hmmm, a little bit of both, Top when I ram her 'human' or doggy style and bottom when I wish to put her on top of me and used her body as a make shift blanket, with the regions still connected to feel the warm lullaby us to sleep.

Please be more chapters after this

Hold up, where's my magnifying glass? I seem to have misplaced it.

Really didn't see Hank Hill at all. Hank Venture, on the other hand...

Anyway, kind of exciting to see you finally embracing hooves master race. Seeing your tone and content in the context in a high school is honestly a little uncomfortable for me most of the time, but I can get behind this. Bits of the narration still feel bit too far, but I can see how it adds to the hotness and it's shameless porn, so go for it.

I didn't read it. Even one word might turn me away from my righteous path. Also, I think you're threatening me, so I'm going to give you a mean old thumbs down for that.

I have to say it's very well detailed and I love every moment and makes me wonder if all that they did you experienced it personally I know it's not my place to ask and you don't have to answer but, you sounded as if you yourself have done this cant wait to see what you have in store for the "Sun-Slut"

P.s. you can use that name in your story if you wish

Her lower legs 

Hm this should be "back"... lower doesn't make much sense...

If there is anything resembling a God, deity or higher power out there, I'm pretty sure he/she/it would not be as judgmental and hypocritical as you. Or was there not a quote in that all perfect book of yours that didn't say "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

You're not going to change anyone's mind, and quite honestly, you're not the kind of person who'd even be effective at it. Now I will say this nicely once more before I straight up find a way to block you:

Please go away.

You're responding seriously to a guy called don kefsitor
don ke fistor
donkey fister

8236202 .... Did not notice that.

Then again, the idea of him being a troll was always a possibility in my head.


Fret not, I hath come to thy aid. I know thou art sad on the inside. Thy name betrayeth thee, donkey fister. To find thy way back to the light, thou must remove thy unworthy hands from equines. Thou must indulge thyself into more sexual content associated with equines, otherwise thou shalt be damned to life without light. And life without Celestia's Light is impossible, thou shouldst know. Give into the soft and caring light of Her, bask in her warmth, and let thy desires manifest themselves in thy actions.

To the author — this story is well-detailed and fun to read. Thou needest continue this masterpiece that shone upon us.


My name is Donald. The same name as our Honorable President. And how DARE you assume my name is anyway related to such an abhorant act!

I know this topic was already mentioned so I'll just add onto it.

You forgot to add the "Crossover" tag to the story.

I don't see it. As far as I can tell, the author just picked a name they thought would work. Just because it's the same as a character somewhere else doesn't mean it was the same character. I mean, no matter what name you use it's likely already been used somewhere.

The story was funny and interesting. I enjoyed it.

This story is magnificent if you imagine hank hill

This dude is trolling lol!!!

An interesting start that quickly sums things up and jumps straight to the good parts. That said, the real test of the story will be the following chapters. I'm looking forward to seeing how other characters react to and interact with Hank. I note the lack of mention of any other characters in the description, so that worries me that there won't be much interaction. As a fair warning, sex is good and all, but character interaction really helps ground the story and make the characters more enjoyable.

Comment posted by Derpytakesovertheworld deleted Jun 19th, 2017

Keeping tabs on this...
For science.

It's just a joke man. Read the chat down below.

Also, its not good to argue with religious types, troll or not.

Yeah, I sort of go back and forth on that one.

I hope there'll be bondage soon :rainbowwild:

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