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Lucky Seven

Abuse my love a thousand times, However hard I try, Heartbreaker; your time has come, Can't take your evil way ♫♫♫

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Where's the porn?

This fic reminded me of a song you might like:

not much of a human on pony romance, or human on romance clop, but Seven, my friend, you have caught my intrest

definitely adding this to following

So far its good love rose

I'm glad the flower ponys are getting more love, they're adorable.

Hmmmmm... :trixieshiftright: *Add's to tracking* :pinkiehappy:

7207085 And then they fucked.

... there it is :derpytongue2:

7207491 :pinkiegasp: Your stories are the reason I wrote this one! Thank you! :heart:

7207491 Oh look, a perverted horsefucker appears :rainbowlaugh:

Alright, I'm down with this!

I love the flower ponies! They're so cute and fun.

The second story of yours with no downvotes so far. Teach us your ways! :raritydespair:

This guy's a morning person, too. My god what a nerd. Then again I said the same for Exotic soooo keep writing! Your conversations for the trio are adorbs, FYI.

Hehe, I kind of figured. :derpytongue2: Now get it writing! :flutterrage: I want to see the end of this! :heart::heart::heart:



The second story of yours with no downvotes so far. Teach us your ways!


“Are ya sure? Cause you know

When you use "cause" as a contraction of "because", it's wise to put an apostrophe before the "c" so people don't get confused with the definition of the same word being the outcome of something.

Like this:

“Are ya sure? 'Cause you know

Well so far this is turning out just fine, you're not rushing anything and actually getting them to be friends first which I think is the best route to go. Maybe skip ahead now and then like a few weeks or months as they get to know each other more without having to write out a lot of chapters. Plus give him time to get used to living in a different world as it would take time for someone to come to terms fully with something like that. Plus to start feeling like giving dating outside your species a shot as well.

“It’s our twenty-sixth anniversary, and we’re in town for the week” Twilight Velvet smiled warmly

Missing a comma at the end of the dialogue.

That is why humans wear clothes.

To be fair, the only thing ponies have to cover their privates is their tail. That said, if they swish it enough, the mares are bound to reveal their pussies, and likewise the stallions with their balls and sheaths.

Given my current state of corruption and perversion from this fandom, if I ever landed in Equestria I'd make up any excuse in the book to run around in my birthday suit and act like it's normal :rainbowlaugh:

I'll hold off reading this until it has more chapters... then I'll probably binge read it. :moustache:

7207944 Truly the best way to do anything, the Netflix way :raritywink:

7207868 I've always thought that there is a sort of magic thing going on - like their private parts just "fold" into their bodies somehow. It would certainly be convenient, and also hygienic.

Eh, head canon.

7208060 Eh, it was inevitable.

7207720 I would say you jinxed me, but you said that when it was like 47-0 :P

7208078 no i just disliked it since you said no.

7208086 I said "no" to her asking for my secret, but okay.

7208095 I hope you're joking and actually have a legitimate reason for disliking it.

7208101 not at all. why would i. this is well-written.

Oh gods, finally another Roseluck/Romance story! So few of these. Hopefully this one get's finished; it looks to have potential at a glance.

7208102 Well it's pretty darn upsetting that you downvoted it for no reason, then. I put a lot of work into this, and I don't really appreciate or care for that kind of joking around.

7208108 one dislike as a joke? you have a ton of likes and i just said it was well-written. ha. oh man...

7208102 Mhh, I'm just saying, a downvote can be a real bitch, especially when someone's got a good streak going, so why downvote it just for lulz? Sure, it might be funny to you, but to everyone else? Not so much, that's all. Especially the one who worked real hard for this story. Imagine having a crowd of fans around you and suddenly someone appears, throws garbage at you and says "I'm just kidding, love you, I just want to throw garbage at you just because it's funny." Only no one else is laughing and is kind of staring at you awkwardly. It sounds stupider in that perspective.

One downvote may seem small to you, as a reader, especially when there's a lot more likes for them. But it's likely someone will come around to ruin it without your help. Why break the streak if you don't think it deserves the downvote? If you like it and believe it deserves a like, then you should like it. Downvotes should be specifically for when you think something needs heavy improvement or just downright sucks.

I'm his editor and friend, so I simply want to support his work. If you like it, you should, too. Trolling like you are isn't part of that.

7208134 i was actually going to upvote it back just before he said it wasnt funny. but its funnier now that youre both saying this when it literally does nothing. im quite sure one downvote isnt going to say its a horrible story. or that i hated it. i actually dont like it, which is why i didnt vote up in the first place. but the dislike was a joke. because i know this story is featured and is never going to be pubically ostracized or anything like that.

ive actually dealt with joke dislikes before. and ive dealt with trolls. the difference is that i never actually told twelve of my friends to come over and trash the story, or actually did so myself. i just hit the dislike once and left it there. no dumb rant about how much i resent the granmar or anything. i even said it was well-written and withheld the fact that i didnt want to read more. but... i dunno, friends. maybe this was a good thing to do. i learned a lot about other writers today. and the image they want to convey. thanks a bunch, honestly.

7208150 I said politely that it wasn't funny, so I don't really see any issue with what I did. I could have responded rudely, but I didn't.

But hey, keep your downvote. As I said on my other story to a guy who accused me of writing CP, "you do you".


i learned a lot about other writers today. and the image they want to convey. thanks a bunch, honest

Okay, wait, what? You offended an author and made sure that he knew it. And then you get on your high horse and complain/try to make the other look bad because they brought up a valid point while defending their work. Which, by the way, is what authors do whenever someone make a tasteless joke.

This fic is off to a great start I think! I don't see many fics about Roseluck let alone one with her and a human I can't wait to see how this plays out!

A bit choppy, but good overall. Some of it seems slightly forced but I think that's more of learning how to write well than anything else. I'm liking where you're going with this and glad you didn't jump to "sexy times" right away. I'll be following this and I look forward to more. :twilightsmile:

7208134 It is pretty immature to down vote just because no one else has yet. As a reader I consider a good rating to be better than a 10:1 ratio in up:down and up: unique views. It doesn't guarantee anything but it is a good sign. What gets more leeway is fics that are new with the human tag. There are peeps that go looking for them just to down vote. It is annoying. On the opposite side is the HiE fics that the human is a pushover and pansy that somehow always convinces the ponies to do it their way and breezes through any difficulty. That unfortunately gets way too many up votes when it is just bad writing.

PS: Although lately I have noticed that the human tagged fics are not getting the hate early on and I doubt that all those peeps have left the fandom. I am guessing something behind the scenes that looks at down votes without reading the fic.

Anyways 100 up votes so quick, congratulations.

7208368 Thank you. I honestly didn't expect this kind of reception thus far, so it's been pretty awesome to see!

7208384 I really hope that this won't be a story that ends up being unfinished because it has really great potential. It totally deserves more upvotes.:twilightblush:

Damn pusspuss is here that means this a great fic for sure!

Man, who ever made roseluck's character tile tag picked the best picture. This is kinda like showing how people become friends.

I like it.

7207726 "bows before one of masters of clop"

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