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It's Fluttershy's birthday, but all of her friends are busy! ... Well, all but one of them, and he's going to make sure it's the best birthday she's ever had.


New cover art created by melissathehedgehog. Also with a reading by Dr. Wolf!

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I'm smiling like an idiot, thank you, you piece of shit.

Also, Butterslice. Just great.

Absolutely Flarping, dear fellow

so kawaii!!! *coos*

Twas very cute.

This is the most adorable thing I've read in forever!!! You've earned a favourite! :twilightsmile:


Lol: "For Butterslice" love that name

Aw~ This was adorable. ^_^

Dat DiscoSlice :heart:

This was really cute! :heart: :yay: :raritystarry:

Only one phrase can ever fully summarize the events foretold here...
D'AWWWWWWWWWWWW :yay: :heart:

:pinkiehappy:Fanaticly cute

Guess who read you're story and on audio book

Daaaw, this is really nice.

There was a two at the beginning of her age. A two!

That is a momentous occasion considering that horses live about thirty years.

she asked, to which he simply replied by shaking his head and hopping off towards the kitchen.After a few seconds, she heard something smash into the ground and shatter, the sound making her wince.

Missing space.

he interrupted her,” Au revoir!”

This quotation mark is in the wrong spot.

Turning her attention back to the box at her feet, she smiled.


This was cute. And the reading by Doctor Wolf cinched it. Though my only problem is the suggestion that Discord was only a teenager when he enslaved Equestria. Even though that does make a sick kind of sense.


Author Interviewer

If this had had a Romance tag, it would've ruined the story. <.< I liked it, though!

5865307 Thanks! Glad to see some appreciation towards the lack of a Romance tag, and I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

This story is wonderful.

“Oh? What did you get?” she inquired, curious to see if he could remember something from over a thousand years ago.
“I got imprisoned in stone…” he replied, somewhat grimly.

... Awkward...


sutch a sweet fluttercord like fic


Heartwarming, and touching. Your emotion wrote its way onto the page, and it showed with the tremendous quality of this fic. Short and sweet. I'm starting to get the feeling you're more of a softie than you lead on. :ajsmug: Great job babe. Loved it!

This fic was great. That's all there is to it. I found this story on Youtube and I freakin loved it. Well done.:twilightsmile:

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