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Roseluck's garden is more than just a flowerbed. It's a reminder of times long since past.

Featured on Equestria Daily! 5/28/2019

It is so beautiful in fact that I would highly recommend to any and all to give it a read. For if literature is art, this is a masterpiece.My Little Reviews & Feedback

Preread by Carapace & FamousLastWords.

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Great story! It made me all sad and shit.

The feels are strong with this one.

Awesome story bro! You know exactly why I love it, so I’ll leave it at that :twilightsmile:

When you first showed me the early scenes, I said that the OCD and devotion demonstrated in Roseluck's care for her garden indicated that something had happened to her friend. I gave three guesses.

I'm actually sad the first one was correct.

You did a great job weaving all of this together, building up the wonder of just why this was so important to Roseluck as well as what was really wrong with Sundew through each changing scene as it flipped between the present day and their time together. I'm glad to have been given an early glimpse of this.

I'm glad you feel that way about it. I've always worried about writing something that revolves around flashbacks, so I set out to make sure every single scene felt connected.

Glad you enjoyed it, Carapace <3

This GIF kind of sums up how I felt before and after reading this


A nice, somber piece about friendship. Thanks for sharing!

Are you trying to make me cry? I went into this without looking at the tags (as per my usual thing I do) and starting off it seemed we were just seeing how she goes about gardening.
And then the feels hit me. So bravo to you on the nice split between flashback and current time.

Makes me wonder if because she gardens every day and the garden is filled with the plants from her childhood (fillyhood?) that Sundew planted for them, does she think about all of those times every single day? Now that makes me a bit sadder than it did before.
All in all, I really enjoyed having this trip through her memories. :fluttercry:

So sad. It's never easy to lose a good friend, I know this myself.

A beautiful friendship honored by a beautiful legacy. Well done, mate!

Simply poetic and enlightening. You could tell where the story may have been leading too bit it was enjoyable nonetheless

When did it get so dusty in here? It's all in my eyes and stuff.

Lovely little sadfic. Anyone who has lost a friend can relate. Plus featuring Roseluck, one of my favourite background ponies. You've earned an upvote and a spot on one of my bookshelves.

Thank you for writing this.

Still, as the phone clicked into place on the receiver, Roseluck was grateful that the mare would be able to see her in just a couple hours.

in just a couple hours.



(seriously, great. very sad yet sweet)

Your passion really shines through the writing. Absolutely wonderful; thank you for sharing this with us.

Well, it wasn't the 'Big C', but it was still a Littlest Woobie Syndrome.

After 20 years on the net, I've seen so many hundreds of this exact structure of sadfic that it just doesn't resonate at all.

Comment posted by kairipancakes deleted Jul 16th, 2019

Of course! I'm glad you enjoyed it <3

I'm really glad you liked it, Chris. I remembered our conversation a couple weeks ago while we were all playing Halo 2, about how you liked my first Roseluck story a lot, and it kind of inspired me to do this one and try to tug at your (and everyone else's) heartstrings a little more.

As do I. One of the biggest memories from my childhood, is the day my parents got into a horrific motorcycle accident. Details aside, I'm just glad I didn't lose either of them. But those memories still feel fresh, and they definitely helped me along as I wrote this one out.

Thanks, cap'n!

I'm glad you think so. I threw in a lot of little hints about what would happen, because I didn't wanna throw anyone off. The story is about how to cope with loss, and become better from it, not the loss itself. I hope I did a good job of showing that.

Sorry, I'll turn off my fan ;)

Thank you for the kind words! Roseluck is definitely the best background character in the show, both in voice and in design. Hell, I have her cutie mark tattooed on my shoulder. She's major bae.

And thank you for the comment, and kind words <3

Well, ya can't win 'em all. I'm glad you took the time to read the story, and give your thoughts. I appreciate all forms of criticism, and I do understand that this is sort of a common trope in sadder stories. Pouring out my feelings felt more natural that way, so that's why I chose it.

Good for you. I lost my pet cat, which was like a little brother for me back in 2012. I based a cat of my pet cat in my first story as a way of tribute to my cat

Awwww :applecry: I mean, this was great, but still awwwwww :raritycry:

The further the filly and colt journeyed, the less defined their path became. Vines, thickets of brush, and overgrown grass made it vanish from sight. Still, they pressed on. Roseluck’s gaze fell onto her friend. His trot and posture exhumed confidence, something she could take comfort in as they headed towards the unknown.

Exhumed means to dig up a grave. I think you wanted "exuded"

You did a good job of capturing the subtlety of emotions that surround old wounds. I kind of wish we'd had more story to build Roseluck's relationship with Sundew up, but this is just a short oneshot. You made good use of the words you wrote, and that's all we can ask for. Good work, bro!

So Sad...:fluttercry: nice story! liked!

This story came across to me as coming from a very genuine place. Very well done.

8961083 I'd say try to vary the structure a bit. "Beaches" did that and got away with using the 'Big C' death because by the time the character contracted it, the audience was deeply invested in the her. Thus, it came across and genuinely heart-rending rather than just attempted tear-jerking.

And, it you broadcast too strongly from the get-go that the character simply has to be dead, it weakens the impact when the confirmation comes.

If this was a shipping, I mean that he was in love with Roseluck, then you managed to show it quite alright with this few scenes.
I'm not naming the story, but a shipping between Sunset and Cadance I had scene in a story is a bit rushed and feels more or less not that natural and forced.
I like this kind of romance. I disliked that type of romance where one of them feels more or less annoyed by the other and is still getting used to the friendship and after some drinks they have drunk----- and well..... I guess there is no reason for them not to act normal after that, but I don't feel the connection there.
It just annoyes me that they are together after barely liking each other, I didn't got the feeling they were that far and the romance got quickly potted into the story.

Roseluck peered up, trying in vain to wipe away the snot caking her fur. “T-that’s where you’re wrong. It doesn’t matter how sick Sundew gets. He’ll always be my best friend.”

I got the feeling this was about someone dying and/or her getting obsessed over the flowers because of that.

It is slightly sad, but sometimes that is what makes it a beautifull story.

This story holds a personal significance for me, so I hope I've written it in a way that allows you guys to enjoy it as well.

This sounds a bit as if there would be no chance for a sequel, but that is what I'm asking for.

I thought you could maybe let her make new friends or just a few of the main six as best friends and all of them helping her without forcing themself on her. I just want someone to notice her probably mental state. It could be, but it doesn't have to be as bad as I image it right now, but it sounds as if she would not get to have much fun beside caring for her flowers that her friends/lover? liked so much.

If you should use Lunas powers I would like it if she respects personal space and isn't sucking every information out of Roselucks dreams without her wanting it, because she owns the dreams/dreamworld or stuff like that. The same kind of goes for Cadance even if I don't know why she should appear in a sequel.

Later after she just got friends with someone, she could get another sequel for a slowly procceding romance and to heal her wounds or something. I would also like Sandews? parents to visit her and maybe at some point tell her that she needs to let go or something.

edit: I wasn't sure if it was enough for me, but I think even if it is more sad I put it in my favourites for now.

So long ago I don't remember when
that's when they said I lost my only friend
they said she died easy of a broke heart disease
as I listened through the cemetery trees

Nice job. Well constructed, straight forward and heartfelt. Bravo!

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Aww, how sweet. Every blade of grass has their time in the sun, and Sundew chose to spend that time making a garden for Roseluck. :')

This was really quite lovely and touching, and I especially liked the way Roseluck (and the story) kept to the positive even with the sadness of the tale looming over things. It’s all appropriately simple, delicate and beautifully tended... well done!

Thank you very much for the lovely comment, and I'm glad you were able to find enjoyment in my work! <3

Comment posted by kairipancakes deleted Jan 4th, 2022

I enjoyed this quite a bit, bud. It's sad, but the message of everyone having their time in the sun, making the most of a bad situation, and learning to cope with it is poignant.

I'll be adding this to me recommended folder.

P.S: May Sundew stand unshaken. :twilightsmile:

I read this last year and forgot about it. Saw a review my friend did and just had to read it again. It is still a nice story a year later.

Anything similar? I am not into clop and heavy shipping though.

Just a heads up, your story has been reviewed in the My little Reviews & Feedback group.

This is really the only story of its kind on my account, as I typically work with romance and clop 😅

I have been thinking of a potential prequel, though.

Your dead best friend is walking up the stairs,
He's walking up the stairs with you...

Absolutely lovely story! It's a beautiful blend of past reflection and present connection in a true masterpiece! Much love for giving this insight to the background pony Roseluck, and Sundew shall forever remain in our hearts.

One question, if I may ask; what ever happened to Roseluck's orchid? Unless she is a truly phenomenal gardener, it probably didn't live much longer than Sundew did...so is it pressed in a book? Cultivated in a new hybrid with the original pollen? Just remembered well?


Climbing into bed and slipping under her covers, Roseluck peered towards the top of her mirror. Hanging there, wilted but not forgotten, was the same blue tie-dye orchid her best friend had gifted her all those years ago.

She has left it hanging above her bed-side mirror. I didn't elaborate on how exactly she's preserved it, but one could assume she's placed it into plastic casing.

Thank you very much for the kind comment, by the way! I appreciate you for reading and enjoying the story <3

Reread this one again. It's some good shit, homie. Something about Roseluck in somber situations goes together so effortlessly.

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