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Half the Battle

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A series of personal tragedies has left Roseluck despairing of life. Now in the hospital, she faces a difficult path to recovery from her depression. With caring but imperfect friends, an unconventional counselor, and a head full of questions, will she ever return to a happy, normal life?

Cover art by SubjectNumber2394, used with permission.
Special thanks to Caddy and Melody Pope for editing and story suggestions.

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Bam. Right in the feels. And day cover art...
You sir, are awesome

This is nice. Good work.

This is very well written. Let's see where this goes ^^

Can't wait to read the next chapter!

Seriously a well written and original fic, you have my full attention, poor Rose does not get enough fics, you done really well with this, I shall be reading more, she even briefly met the Goddess of the Moon, night sky and dreams...wonder if she met Death yet?:unsuresweetie::facehoof:

It's so good i can't stop reading

Hmmmm.....it's amazing how much owns physical form weakens one's mental and emotional mindset, poor Rose, all she tried to do was have a life for herself, this really looks into the mind of the mare who had such heartache....it's life and nothing can be done about such:fluttercry:

Damn, who knew Carrot Top was trained to help listen and guide ponies in the right direction, she's good. You done very well for this, even if it is difficult and Rosie is having a problem or two she knows her friends and family have her back, wish I had that:facehoof: Sometimes all you need is for some one to lend you an ear:pinkiesmile:

It's not easy to get over darker thoughts, but it's not impossible, she has a semi stable mind, she's doing what she can both for herself and her friends, it's never easy....but it's not impossible:twilightsmile:

Ok.......maybe it's because I'm stupid as shit but I'm going to pretend I understand what the letter said, I'm guessing Rose's ex stallionfriend and his girl are suing the three? Shit, that's BUCKED UP! Anyway, sure, I can honestly agree that life has it's beauties and spots of harmony but some people just don't like the joyful, sunny side of life, personally I'm a bastard, I thrive in looking at the realistic and darker view of life, though in this story, it's seriously realistic, you done an amazing job, I shall read on:twilightsmile:

Seriously really impressive, a story like this.....for some reason I want to write again, it gives me hope that as dark and realistic as I am with my writing that YOU can do so much better then me without having to do swear words, sex or...well, she did attempt suicide, but you understand what I mean.

I'm very much honored to read one of the best Roseluck fics I have ever read, it's very rare to see such deep thoughts into a story but you did a beautiful job, for once no real mention of the Mane Six, that was a nice breather, I have to read more of the background ponies and I sure hope you keep up with the amazing writing, you got a bright future again of you if you keep with this route and I'm honored to be apart of it:yay:

There were even a few outlandish possibilities, like waking up as a dragon

I'm very curious about this one, actually...

I was about to read this, but then I was like "typo in description" and stopped.

Thanks for the positive reception. And I'm all for constructive suggestions for improvement, so if there's anything you'd change, that's welcome too. Depending on my time this summer, this may be the first of a Roseluck series, and I'd like it to be as good as possible. (The next story will have more for Cherry Berry and Caramel to do.)

I'm surprised this story isn't getting more views. It's a well written story about depression, staring the best flower pony. I'd read this plenty of times.

I enjoyed reading the storie. Well done, Sir.
Will there be some romance in the sequel (if there is one in generall)?

Sequel is outlined and about half written. At this point, Rose is still very vulnerable, so I'm holding off on any romantic possibilities for now. If the stories continue, I have plans to address that whole issue eventually. Nothing cloppy, though.

3194785 I think clop would not help this story in any way. It would just destroy the consence (idk if that is actually a word in english), for how Rose handels and feels life, you have been building up ´til now.
Just do your thing and have fun writing the story. Take your time...

Sincerly Magnus

I'm in full agreement there. FWIW, the recently completed "Families" has a decent balance of serious issues and sentiment, without anything I found objectionable. That's the sort of tone I'm aiming at, only with a more slice-of-life story.

3194785 a sequel? I look forward to this!

Well, this certainly looks interesting.


I do so enjoy reading about little Rose, but you said the sequel was halfway done over three years ago.

I am so glad to have read this. This story offers such an interesting take on finding meaning in life that's been aligned with the main character in such a way it flows smoothly.

As someone that occasionaly deals with personal darkness, it was a very good read. Nothing overtly dramaticized, but still striking an important chord.

Thank you for writing this.

I'm enjoying this story a lot. It is really good at portraying how she is dealing with everything. Keep up the good work ~:derpyderp2:

As to the first part of your comment, yep, although I don't see how lily is involved in the law considering she had nothing to do with it. To the second part of your comment, I find it purely to be that people enjoy different things in life, as one may like the joy of making people smile, another may enjoy being made to smile{even if it is at the grief of others:(} anywho I'm rambling don't mid me ~:derpyderp2:

"It's no secret you're one of the most beautiful ponies around here," the pegasus said. "And I'm not just talking about the color of your mane. It's in your face when you smile. It's in your voice when you greet your friends on a sunny day. It's in the flowers you grow and the poems you write. You are a beauty factory for everypony in Ponyville."

Wow. Just wow.

This line is truly beautiful to me, my own suffering with depression makes it even more wonderful to me. Especially with her returning to help those who are lost find their way.

Honestly from the bottom of my heart thank you for writing this story. It truly gives me a new take on life.

Might I ask why you chose Roseluck though? (Usually there is just a [~:derpyderp2:]here but you get a special token of appreciation) ~Logan

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