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"Her thorns dragged holes deeper into her soul. She was irreparable. They would never know of her pain. They would never understand her depression. Her life was a void of solitude and imperfections. She was alone, except for her thorns."

Depression is an internal struggle Roseluck is forced to experience, but her misery is reflected in the one thing that makes her life meaningful. Now, all that is left of her is emptiness and despair, and she cannot force herself to live like that.

-"The story was phenomenal. I loved it." -Ectopulse
-"This story was like a rose: beautiful yet sharp... The story is simple, but the theme carries throughout everything said without getting overstated. Bravo." -Garbo802

Cover art by: InuHoshi-to-darkpen


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:fluttershysad: *sniff sniff* It's just... so beautiful *squeals at the beauty*

I try, I try... XD
Thank you for enjoying it :3

What is she sad about?

Well, I can't really relate to depression because I don't have it (I don't even know how I wrote this :rainbowderp:), but I assume it's a mixture of many things that just lead up to her feeling useless and lifeless. The thorn actually symbolizes all the things she's done wrong, so yeah...

3674269 Aw that makes sense. I remember when I tried writing my first sad fic. Im still writing it and so far it is my most popular story yet the youngest

The story was phenomenal. I loved it. One thing, though. In the ninth and tenth paragraphs down, you use "it's" several times when it should be "its". You know, possessive form and all that.

Thanks for catching that for me, just fixed it
And I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

Roseluck? did you ever think about it the other way around? Every thorn has its Rose. Do not dwell on the painful part but rather enjoy the beautiful side of it. Stay strong!

Compelling story, truly, but I have no idea why she is depressed. This holds little meaning without a reason. It was written well, but it had quite a few comma splices. But I'll like and fave it.

Given that we're getting Roseluck's point of view, I think giving a reason would go against her understanding of the situation. She is depressed to the extent that her depression is her state of being. She needs no reason to be depressed: it's just how she feels, and because she feels depression, it seems to her to be the way she is and how she should be. It's a very real, nasty, cycle that I understand to be the reason depression is a hard thing to get out of.

It may not be a help to the reader, but, given the circumstances, I think not giving a reason is the truer choice :fluttershyouch:

3743739 Wow, I didn't even have to justify myself this time... XD

I don't really think that being depressed for the sake of being depressed makes any sense. There has to be a reason behind why she is depressed. There is always a reason.


Roses have thorns

It's actually symbolic, the roses being Roseluck and the thorns being her flaws. If you analyse it, you can see I explained it implicitly. She is depressed because she is not perfect.

And what are her imperfections? This isn't about how much meaning there is behind an egregiously repeated phrase in a story; it is about why she is sad and why I should feel sorry for her. From what you said, she is sad because she is imperfect. I feel no sympathy for her. No one is perfect, and why should we be sad that we aren't? If it was an event that led to this, then why not say what that event is?

The main idea is that I don't care about Roseluck. It is sad that she is sad, but why is she sad? What has led her to be like she is? This is simple story telling, and I cannot truly say that this story is much without it.

3747572 It's hard to wrap a finger around depression because it usually is irrational. It says here that depression could be the cause of trauma, stress, etc., but sometimes it's as simple as a physical disruption in the brain or a genetic flaw. Even unbalanced chemicals in the brain can lead to depression, so sometimes depression doesn't need a rational reason to exist. I understand your viewpoint, but I also understand depression, as well.

I understand depression, too, but no matter what the reason for it, the cause is usually something physical or tangible. Well, in the sense that humans can understand it. The chemical imbalance is what makes the seemingly miniscule into something far larger.


Her life was a void of solitude and imperfections.

Another reason is solitude; she feels lonely, as if her friends don't understand her.

She looked up with dreaded heart and foggy eyes to a pair of ponies who were her 'friends'. She had no friends anymore.

She was sure she was alone. Why? Roses were dangerous and distressful, symbolizing love and bliss, only to be taken away by the ever-present existence of a thorn. Roseluck was truly alone. She was an imperfect third of a trio not meant to hold her.

This furthermore stresses her loneliness. There are more examples, but I think you get the point

There is always an underlying reason. My point is that once this stage of depression hits, the reason doesn't matter to the person who is depressed. They take their depression at face value and, as Rose shows here, let the effects of their depression (My mood is hurting my friends exc exc) get them more down. From an outside perspective, it's not rational at all, but the story is not told from an outside perspective, which is why not giving the reason is at least acceptable here, even if giving a reason would help the reader get more involved in the story.

I really love this.

I admit, it felt a bit too angsty to work well for me as a sadfic, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, added to Celestia's Library because it was still a good story.


This story was like a rose: beautiful yet sharp. This is a brilliant use of metaphor, something just as impressive as those "e" stories of yours, if not more so. The story is simple, but the theme carries throughout everything said without getting overstated. Bravo. That's all I can really say.

A rose is the symbol for love bevause of thorns. It's a beautiful thing but tread carefully.
Nice fic btw.

That was nice. The repeating of the same words, that was very effective in conveying the feelings present there. Those thoughts never go away.
I love Rose. She's one of my favorites.


I can empathize with this story. I’ve been feeling more and more like a thorn lately.:ajsleepy:

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