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Sweetie Belle is cramping up, but in a new place. She's having a severe craving for chocolate. She's angry on minute, and happy the next. She has no idea what's happening to her, and she's scared for her life. She tells all of this to Rarity... who promptly faints, but has to help her younger sister. It's her duty as a mare.

Credit for cover art goes to Softfang on deviantart. Image found through google.


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Comments ( 21 )

That was...certainly interesting.
Brace yourselves, the magic spurts are coming!

...This is surprisingly well done and perfectly in character. This is probably the first fic I have seen involving such a thing that was done in such a way. Most other times anything having to do with the talk is done as a almost trainwreck of a comedy or just for laughs. This was serious and well done. If I could upvote and favorite more than once, I would.

Uhh... How did you know this?

3880019 ERRRRMAGERSH thank you thank you thank you! *i wrote them in character [squee]*
3880488 Know about what? If by "This," you mean the whole thing, then please. I am almost fourteen. :pinkiehappy: Question answered?

Although... I may need to mark it as having certain products... will do now!

Hahaha poor Scootaloo... :rainbowlaugh:

An interesting idea and a nice read

Have a moustache :moustache:

3883417 Why, thank you. I'm glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

3883258 OK then.
Not gonna question anything :pinkiehappy:

3887726 ^-^ Best leave the awkward discussions to parents.

So i didnt know how "it" worked before and even though this is totally immature ewwwww

i remember my talk
Mum: here read this

Me: what is it?

Mum: you'll find out

3889947 I'm sorry. I must say, however, that there was a very clear warning in the description, and it is your own fault for reading it.
Besides, that's not technically how "it" works, it's just... puberty.
I must also say that if you're young enough not to know how these things work, you shouldn't be reading stories marked 'Teen.'
Have a nice day.

Im sorry my comment angered you so. my bad

3899419 I'm not angry, just a tad bit confused as to why this would occur. You have nothing to apologize for, just be more careful. The internet (and the fandoms) are dangerous and immature places if your mind is unprepared.

This was pretty well done. Props to you for handling such a concept with grace and tact.

Now this is a great one shot.

Spike was at the Never Eleven doing his errand boy thing for his marsh mellow mare.

":twistnerd:"Hi ya Spike the usual?"
" Yeah, Make the usual monthly 'special' a double":moustache:
"Thought you only had one marefriend?":twistnerd:
"Yea I do , Her little sis has this problem too":moustache: "Yuck, The mood swings and all that blood"
"Can't be that bad can it?":twistnerd:
"With their moods ?":moustache: If I don't get this to them on time it's my blood!"

"And I Told Spike it was a cats toy":facehoof:

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