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Love is one of the most potent emotions there is. It consumes and elevates even the most mundane activities. With love, a simple kiss becomes extraordinary, and even a bad kiss evokes something.

If love is so wonderful, then what could really be so bad about a love poison? After all, isn't a pretty lie better than an ugly truth?

Alternate scenario for S2E17 "Hearts and Hooves Day."

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Hmm... I don't know if this would necessarily qualify as dark or sad, at least not yet. This is marked as complete, however, so I'm guessing you meant more for this thing, and just never got around to or lost motivation for doing it? I'm just speculating here.

For what it's worth, what you do have I enjoyed, even if it just seems to end suddenly (again, that might not have been able to be helped).

3542867 All valid criticisms. I think this was me practicing writing mental manipulation (probably for Battery or its sequel), but it has been a while since I wrote it, so I'm not completely sure.

The ending is neither concrete nor optimistic, so I figured it would be better to add the Dark and Sad tags rather than misleading readers (especially since most of my followers are after wacky comedy).

Still, glad you liked it despite that (Statue Garden is one of my favorite Dark stories, so I suppose I did something right :twilightsmile:)


You're making me blush. :twilightblush:

Honestly, until I can get a second half-decent, or at the very least readable, fic in my library, I'm just considering myself a guy who happened to have a good idea at a good time. Even then, Statue Garden's idea originated with a creepy webcomic, and I just wanted to push the concept even further. Petrification is one of those things that never stopped being scary to me.

And it's only now I'm realising I need to get around to checking out The Elements of Excess sometime. I'm a very procrastinate reader. :facehoof:

Well, that seemed... inconclusive?
There was lots of good build-up but not a hint of climax or resolution. Any number of things could have happened, and the only thing that's certain is that this story is marked "complete".

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