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"The emptiness is heavier than you think!" - Bring Me The Horizon


Rarity and Twilight celebrate their first year of marriage as many couples do. A quiet dinner and reflections of their first year together.

Marriage isn't always easy.

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Relationships give and also take away. The highs are amazing, and writing about the best moments in a couple's journey is incredibly enjoyable.

Writing about the worst, the ones we dread to even think about? That takes bravery and a deep understanding of just how terrible the best thing in your life can be when it ceases to be just that.

Thanks for this, Famous.

Guy, go away.

Dawg, I'm a DEVILMAN:



Girls, girls, you're both pretty.

I see how it is. You've been cheating on me this whole time!

Let's leave, girlfriend.

Good stuff.

I see how it is.

I'd like to see some more things like this!

Also, that picture was drawn specifically for another story, so finding another nice RariTwi drawing would be optimal. This one should work: https://derpibooru.org/1609348?q=raritwi

Good catch. I actually went through everything by Monochromatic before posting to make sure the art wasn't used for one of her stories.

That one's good, but doesn't quite capture the mood. Let me take the art down and find something different real quick.

8696432, 8696435

Thank you for removing the image. That art was drawn very specifically for The Tarnished Crown.

Of course. I'm on the prowl for a new image as we speak.

This was kinda depressing....

With my Money Matters class lessons in my head this Buyer’s Remores chapter name fit so accurately I have no words.

Great story though!! Love it!

Thanks for reading! I appreciate it.

I wish that it was marked as incomplete.

Lol, I bet Rarity and Twilight wish for the same thing.

That final line just gave me such a weird feeling, like my body was telling me, "Ouch, that hurts but not physically. But still, ouch." What a good line to end on, though hey, the rest of the lines in the story were good, too :)

The beginning was admittedly somewhat slow, but it also built up to the inevitable fight Since the introduction highlights the blandness that Rarity feels is their relationship, I guess that fits. The story talks about the darkest times of a relationship. Many can often get swept up into romanticizing the concept of marriage. Like Rarity gushing over the dance, it was romantic but it's more like something to come out of a fairy tale romance. That moment had very little substance but that's what she wants. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that, but that feeling is not something Twilight can give her.

And that fight was done great. They both were written very well, but I didn't feel like it was a black/white situation. I can see both of the characters acting like that (it makes too much sense that Twilight would treat an anniversary like any other day), but I don't see either of them being more in the wrong. There's just only so many times you try to find the beauty in the relationship until you're just too tired of squinting. It's terrible, but better to acknowledge it then pretend nothing's wrong.

While this is something you don't normally write, you still did really well. A sad topic to write, but still real and totally rough. Nice job, dude :)

Shouldn't this be tagged "Sad" or "Tragedy?"

I thought about it, but it's not so much "sad" as it is unfortunate. Everyone makes mistakes, some more serious than others.

I suppose the sad tag could be justified depending on what point of view you take.

And that's the kicker. Nobody is wrong, nobody is right. They're just two different characters trying to mask what's wrong. You can only hide from the truth for so long.

Ok, letI me start by saying this..
Ow, ow ow ow ow ow..,
This hurts in such a fantastic way, by the time I read,
Sometimes, I can’t help but feel like I’m the only one putting in any effort towards our future.”

I wanted to stop reading then and there.
Im usually a guy for happy endings so I was a little hesitant to read, but im glad I took a look anyway.

Great work man, now excuse me while I go cry in a corner somewhere..

For me, it's a warning about where the story is going. The description isn't clear whether this is a "relationships are hard work, but these problems can be solved" story or a "these two are trapped in a loveless marriage forever" story. I understand what you mean about unfortunate mistakes, but you definitely elicited a deeper emotional response than "Well, that sucks, I guess."

That’s why I’m here. To read. More specifically Raritwi!! I’ve all of them on this website so now I have to resort to other sites... :(

I know it's only a small bit, but you seem to really know how to design accessories, mind if I bother u for some advice?

Hehehe... It’s Novel Idea..... I love your work... wow....

"a balling Twilight" should be "a bawling Twilight"

Ouch. Sad how marriage can suck the life right out of any relationship.

God, this one hurt to read. You did a pretty good job with switching your style up, and I think it paid off well, man.

"Why would she expect anything less after she wasted the enitre last year?" believe you meant 'entire'

fuck dude. just fuck. that was heavy.

Seriously should make a sequel where they get marriage counseling from the master...... Princess Cadance

The story feels incomplete, it sort of just ends abruptly. It's as if this is the first chapter of a bigger story. Other than that, it was a pretty good read.

I liked it, but...it just feels too incomplete to me. There has to be a better ending to this problem than Rarity just practically wishing she hadn't married Twilight in the first place. I mean, we don't even see much of TWILIGHT'S side to this.

Okay, maybe I'm being an optimist. I get that marriage can take away as well as bring to a relationship, and that not every story has a happy ending, but at least every conflict has a resolution- one that isn't tears, at least.

I get that, totally. The idea here was that in the emotional throes of an argument, it's not easy to think practically. You just let out emotion and eventually resolution comes.

The reason I didn't write the resolution is that everyone has their own version of this story ends. How my bad relationship ended wouldn't be the same as another reader's, so by not giving a solid answer, it's open to interpretation based on how others see it.

Either way, thanks for reading it!

Is no divorce allowed in this Equestria?

Comment posted by Wahtiff deleted Jun 10th, 2018

I bet there is, and not trying to say this is it, but some married couples I've read about actually let it go this far out of fear of ruining what they have or what hope they could have.

Well, I thank YOU for writing it and showing this kind of perspective. It IS easy to forget it, especially in my case where I believe in the hope for a happier ending.

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