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No worse than branch-and-bound in a double blind trial


What if Twilight doesn't like Rarity back? Or worse... what if she does?

Literally fofs' fault

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This is the definition of adorable. If fofs is to blame then dammit we can never stop.

Nice, short, bittersweet. Thanks for sharing!

Nice, Short and Straight to the point. I liked it, but wouldn't this be classified as an AU, since show Rarity was after the affections of every male Canterlot noble? including one Prince Blueblood and Trenderhoof.

Gosh, their interactions are so cute! :raritystarry: To me, it seems plainly obviously just how much they...ahem, care for one another. :raritywink:

Oh wow! I wouldn't dare call that ending anti-climactic, but my. I was completely wrong in my previous comment. :facehoof: Oh well.
Bravo, dear Author. :twilightsmile:

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