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This was very... hearth warming, hah! Haha!

You may now shoot me.

But in all honesty, this was such a heartwarming read. Shows the softer side to Spoiled Rich, unlike how many stories go straight for the uptight rich snob who never looks back. A very, very nice and welcome and change of pace. I especially love Diamond Tiara in this one, not just because we can clearly see her thoughts and feelings as the story is centered around her, but because you see just how much Diamond was wanting to impress her parents with something she made all by herself, and not by another pony she was purchasing an item from.

Fantastic work, Kairi, and the cover art is just as cute. :heart::rainbowkiss:

edit: And, uh... I think we were supposed to post our stories from Jinglemas ON and AFTER the 29th... or I am I wrong?

Honestly i didnt see any harm in posting it after it had been posted to the colab...if i didnt post it now, i would have never done it down the line

Author Interviewer

Not bad. :) Glad that letter to the princess was there as framing, otherwise I'd have headcanoned that she died on the steps of castle and the rest was afterlife. :trollestia:

Poor Diamond, though I'm glad this ended happily for her. Twilight isn't a character I thought would have a lot of interaction with her, but her mentor-like strengths towards foals and being a community figure. The lesson was a good one to have, and Diamond's family makes a lot of sense to convey it.

Listen Spoiled, I don’t care if your guests think that you’re a peasant or a fool or whatever, you should appreciate a gift from your daughter no matter what it is.

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