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And so it all boils down to this/We've got our aim but we might miss/We are too fragile just to guess


Twilight likes to sneak books into Rarity's saddlebags, and Rarity likes to read them.

Expanded from a first-place winner in the PANIC! FICTION!: Three's Company contest, with the prompt "I didn't put that in my bag!"

Now with a Chinese Translation!

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Comments ( 12 )

A pretty nice and cute story with interesting approach

.... I have the feels... How dare you.. As punishment a like is in order.. I hope you learned your place dear writer for anymore such stories shall recieve the same

TCC56 #3 · May 29th · · ·

A beautiful story, but I'm torn.

On one hand, using the various fics as the book titles was a great idea and a wonderful way to shout out to some excellent tales. On the other, it yanked me out of the flow of the story because I kept pausing to look them up and check to see if I'd read them/put them on my RiL list.

Gosh, kids these days don't even have an encyclopedic knowledge of all RariLight fics in the fandom. What is this world coming to?

But seriously, if I can get at least one person to read more of these amazing fics, I'll be happy.

Are you the one who made the picture?


Be happy then, that's what I've been doing for the last hour.

I swear I was meant to be asleep two hours ago and now I'm crying from the ending. It's too dang fitting.

Granted I was crying reading IE too.

That was a very sweet story, and those are cute uses of other RariTwi stories. That last scene was really hard hitting, especially with the choice of book. I've been considering making a RariTwi story where Twilight dies before Rarity, but I'm pretty sure that segment would have it beat.

GrandCat #10 · May 30th · · 1 ·

Thanks a lot. Tons of intresting things to read.

I’ve read all but two stories on here. Guess I better fix that. Best of luck in the contest too, since this uses the important moments of the relationship prompt from a more unique angle.

So, Twilight kept writing fanfiction about herself and Rarity and giving it to her? That seems a bit unbalanced.

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