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Waking up in a mysterious room is never ideal. When said rooms are rigged with lethal traps? It's probably in your best interest to find a way out.

Whether or not these ponies have the resolve to do just that is up to them.

Inspired and preread by the amazing JackRipper.

Crossover with the Cube film franchise, in honor of them being made free on YouTube Movies.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 16 )

Oh yeah I remember this movie.

Shame about the sequel.

Personally I’m not one for horror but this was definitely worth the read, keep up the good work man.

The prequel ended up being alright, thankfully, but yeah. Cube 2: Hypercube was some Hypercrap lol.

this room is green

I like the blue room

I want to go back to the blue room.

Now I have to look up Cube. :rainbowlaugh:

I am curious as to how this is going to go. I mean, they don't have any shoes to toss. Perhaps cut a large wad of their hair or make to toss? Might guarantee Rarity freaks out though.

This is pretty spooky. I like it.

I can't believe you just left off on that line.

Heck yes! Loved the first movie, and I never expected Cube of all things to get a crossover with MLP. Looking forward immensely to updates!

Oogway whohey, you so gay

Homophobia like this is unwelcome on Fimfiction, but I can't expect much from someone who simps for Cynder

And I can't expect anyone who likes Elora to act normal. Looks like we're too big for this town.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be back. I'm going to urinate.

EDIT: co-lab

Looks like they’re stuck in the prequel cube good thing this is already turning out better than the prequel

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