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Twilight Sparkle stumbles across a hidden volume in a secret illicit library. It's a book that demands her attention... and then turns out to be an eldritch entity capable of debilitating a pony with just a cursory glance at its text. The source of its power?

It's [REDACTED] frustration. Seemingly nopony is immune.

And there's only one organization equipped to handle this sort of thing.

Agents Lyra and Bonbon are on the case.

Crossover with the SCP Universe, obvs.

Also our 100th published story. Neat.

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Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 16 )

This is hilarious :rainbowlaugh:

Is this the worst sentence ever written in the history of the world? You be the judge, dear reader.

Not at all. I found it quite enjoyable, and it harkens back to my all time favorite sentence I have ever read on this site, the second half of which is
“,doing that thing I just described in that sentence you just read.”

Poetry. That’s what you wrote.

I like this chapter’s use of [REDACTED] in its telling. And the dry humour, that was nice too.

“Red” how hard did this guy [REDACTED] before he passed out?

That information is classified.

4: You can pick which one. The intrigue of reader interaction builds suspense and drama~!

Would Lyra be gauche enough to cut open the lower pockets on a suit coat? To trade form for function? My money is on “yes” and she was probably angry that someone had sewn them closed in the first place. Rarity had fits when she saw the offended article in question.

[REDACTED]! I I think he pretty much [REDACTED].

The Riddler!

UUUUGHH!!!... i think i just [REDACTED]!

Huh. Usually Lyra is the oddball.

Some Indiana Jones vibes from the filing system.

A great story, I’m [REDACTED] that I [REDACTED] it.

The format isn’t one that I’m especially engaged by, but this is still a solid upvote. I enjoyed some of the touches of humor running throughout the story.

Oh OK I get it Cozy caught the flu from the book and sneezed really loud poor thing XD

They said orgasm.


we have no recollection of that


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