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Sunset Shimmer decides that being goth would be way cooler than being a popular girl, but she finds something out from Aria.

It isn't.

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You know, that was a good read. I liked it.

Good thing Sunset didn't mention My Chemical Romance, right?
I really am cancer...

By ripping those clothes off do you mean......

Made me laugh. That's worth an upvote.

That was a fun read that gave me a few giggles.

6759527 Well that's just silly!

The Green Day conversation though. I've had that conversation with far too many people, the shame is real. :rainbowlaugh:

And Sunset Shimmer as a scene kid. Oh god.

How 'bout Rainbow being Emo?

This was brilliant. :rainbowlaugh: Especially Sunset's quick thinking with Rarity.

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