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I'll just sit here and...

Fucking Rav!

Stop presenting me with good texts.

7070025 Yup. You and Pencil. You have corrupted me and I'm comfortable writing Anon now. :fluttercry:

This is pretty good, can't wait for more chapters

Nice story you got there

“Berry?” Anon waved a hand over her face. She didn’t respond. So, Anon did the only thing he knew would work, he took a finger and pressed it to her nose, “Boop,” he whispered.

Berry tilted sideways before catching herself and wiggling her nose. She rubbed the spot he’d touched in an attempt to undo his little poke, “Would you quit with that? It’s weird. You’re weird!”

“What do you think I am? Loose-lipped? You should know, I had them around your–“


TMI, Berry Punch! TMI! :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowlaugh:

Dammit, you linked it before I could! :rainbowlaugh:

Why? she could had say '…around your shoe' its still open to interpretation

You sir got my attention, please continue

Seems like Anon has an interesting relationship with many different characters, I would love to see that elaborated on further.

7215750 I plan to. If it's in the cards, I'll extrapolate on these other relationships. :raritywink:

Nicely done with the feature :twilightsmile:

You gotta love Milf month.

Looks intresting il going to give this story a good tumbs up and hope to see more ^_^

Is herding a thing in this story or is that a secret?

My, my. You've piqued my interest.

Just one question; Why "Anon?" I don't have an issue, I've read plenty of good stories with "Anon" as the main. I just think that if the lead character has an actual name it makes more of an impact on the reader. It's a curiosity thing, I'm not criticizing.:pinkiehappy:

Meh. These fantasy indulgence fics are pretty much the same. Read one, you've read 'em all.

7216023 Actually, Anonymous Pencil and Flutterpriest are to blame for me using Anon. That, and a few very good fics that use Anon as the main. I used to hate him but he kinda grew on me. :rainbowlaugh:

I thought 'Love Traps ' original name was one of these: Caring Heart or Nursery Rhyme.:rainbowderp:

7216314 The most common ones I was told about were "Milano" and "Love Tap." I like "Love Tap a lot more. :raritywink:

7216173 Oh, yes, I agree. He's starting to grow on me as well.

Still don't care for 2nd person Anon though. Throws the flow, IMO. Prefer when the writer uses "She whispers your name."

S-such a powerful combination of milfs...

7216332 okay, I noticed I said 'Trap' instead of 'Tap', sorry for that, it was an error on my side.

Well, it's about time I waited for one of these.

7216987 I'm not sure if this is meant to be an insult or not. :rainbowlaugh:

Ayyy, congrats on the top feature. Now you've earned your seat amongst us cool kidz. :rainbowdetermined2:

Awww, the part on the train got me right in the feels.

This one's caught my eye. Gonna see where this goes.

Hm...not the first time I've seen Button's Mom referred to as "Love Tap"
I prefer Elaine, even if it's not exactly "Pony"

Let's see where this train ride goes, eh?

Spying online >:3

Well now, this is going to be a...fun ride.

7217057 The club including jussonic, kudzuhaikou, chatoyance, and LightningSword? Kind of a rude thing to say.

Amazing star w8 for more

But SHE offered to hang out. She like you!


only mistake i think

MILF FIC!!!!!:flutterrage:
i approve this 1000%:twilightsmile:

Guess I'll toss my comment into the pile and congratulate you as well on the front page! Featured get!

Ow this is going to be very interesting to read keep up a good work update more soon :twilightsmile:

I was looking for an Anon fic to lighten my mood...

Look what I got. :trollestia:

7220025 I'm glad! I look for fics to lighten my mood all the time, so I'm happy I could help! :twilightsmile:

7219907 I'm nearly done with the next chapter and it should be up within a day or two. :raritywink:

Nice job on front page!

7217153 well, it fits better, since, like every other family, the names follow a theme. Love Tap (or Cherry Tapping) is the fine art of Oneshotting. Hence, fits. Elaine just sounds weird.

7221164 Ah, Love Tap, author of Cherry Tapping and You: The Subtle Art of Lovemaking

In stores now

Twilight Velvet and Love Tap, the hotest milfs in Ponyville, are both vying for Anon's attentions.

the hotest milfs in Ponyville

hotest milfs


U wot m8?!?!?!

No but really you might want to fix that :rainbowlaugh:

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