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and you're about to meet the rulwr of this domain.

Fix it, hurry, before anyone other than me sees! :raritywink:

7311180 ok it's fixed...what do you think of the story as a whole blessed one?

Awww yes dragons <3

7311191 I am a writer myself, so it is difficult to find the time to read other's works, despite the joy I take in doing so. I haven't read it yet, but seeing as how you now have two stories on my list, I think they are next for when I find the time.

Not bad. Any chance of a bonus chapter of Spike getting a threesome with Cinders and Sparks?

7312097. Actually was thinking that scene could be more a spinoff story on its own. Also how about the ending huh? Talk about speedy wedlock!:rainbowlaugh:

So is this series gonna focus on Secondary/Background Characters only or are there gonna be also Main Cast members too?

7312450 well the first two do use secondary background characters idk if ill make any about the mane six...not helped considering the next one in line is the equestria girls Octavia thought I'd mix things up a bit by going in a different direction with the third entry

Haven't finished reading yet,but I have to be that guy and say this. Spike is not a wyvern. Wyvern are the type of dragons that have wings in place of their front legs, and can still fly. A dragon without wings is called a drake.

7312755 ohhhh i thought drake was just a a colloquial term for dragon. Like hpw even adults in mlp are called ponies even when the term irl only referes to small young ones

It's okay. Admittedly not many know such.
Though ponies don't refer to young horses. Ponies are an actual sepcies, or sub species forgot which, of miniature horses. Colt, and filly refer to young horses.

7312189 I want to see a story with this not just a one shot

7313016 a story with more than 1 chap like a full story with multiple chapters

7313076 is...is it really that good? :raritystarry:

7313086 hell ya and I want to know what happened to him and all:twilightsmile:

7312755 So what is a Dragon with wings but have hands and legs like Ember or Garbel called.

As far as my knowledge about the current popular terms those types are just called dragons. One of those all lions are cats, but not all cats are lions thing.
So basically arms, legs and wings are dragons, arms legs but no wings are drakes, legs and wings in place of arms are wyverns, and wyrms are usually snake like dragons useually with wings, and/or maybe sometimes front arms.
Of course that is only as far as European style dragon so go.

7315733 That's a little disappointing but thank you.

Button Mash:I don't get it.
Me: Are you sure?

Well... That escalated quickly... I mean that really got out of claw fast...

That Cardinal was just plain evil... :rainbowlaugh:

That poor schmuck. kek

7313086 I too would love to see this get a sequel you could call it "The Life of a Reluctant Dragon Lord" or if you want to go romantic comedy just replace reluctant with henpecked and you're good to go. XD

I would like to see a part 2 to this expecially wear Amber gets pregnant:twilightsmile:


I see what you did there.

7418387 Really? What are you taking about? :rainbowkiss:

7370973 poor shmuck? he just went from shittly low leveled little pleeblin to fuckin god-king in less than 24 hrs on top of a hefty power boost to all stats and instant improvement to health and access to shit tons of money not to mention getting to brag that he's LITERALLY a dragonborn now to all the jealous bitches. yea more like he's a lucky son of a bitch lol

7811442 Heavy is the crown which rests upon the weary head.

Your preferred drawing is one of many, it's a drawing of a dragon.

"She says you're the only one that doesn't leave a bad taste in her mouth." He replies.


Emperor of the dragons in less than 24 hours?
Thats an academy record!

Favourite story, favourite topic.
Ok i admit it u da best

This was a nice read. Flowed well and the relationship is adorable.

Why did it take me this long to realize the Batman R.I.P reference?

what batman rip refference?

It's what Bruce called himself after a bad case of amnesia/mental breakdown

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