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Rip forever in my heart

No, I plan to upload my caretaker story here eventually, though before I upload it here I plan on finishing it.
After that I plan to revise it because especially the first part no longer holds up to the standards I have set for my own writing nowadays.
Unfortunately I pursue my interests very sporadically.
When I do have free time I often don't feel inspired or motivated to write.
I've made it my goal to get back into writing after this friday when I'm done with my exams in linear algebra, though it will probably be a few months before I upload anything here.

You ever think about uploading your other stories here? Caretaker is pretty good. Are you nervous about portraying a sexual relationship with a mentally disabled pony? Don't, you handle it pretty well.

Could you PLEASE contact Wuten, the MLP fanfic reader on YouTube, to do a reading for "Embers in the Dark"! Wuten specializes in clopfics, and "Embers in the Dark" would be perfect for one of his full cast readings.

  • Viewing 1 - 4 of 4
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