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awwww that was cute

That was the funny, cute kind of crackfic instead of a mean crackfic. Have an upvote. :pinkiehappy:

Man, at least rainbow dash can keep her act together, not like the OTHERS!!

Nice one-shot.

There is other, unfortunally dead crackfic with same main plot, but protagonist in this one have already solution for this. Search "Bag head", if you are interested.
Sarcastic, you get insipiration from this one or simply coincidence?

I like it! and kind of want more of the half cute half turn on Rainbro :twilightblush:

This gives of a very strong "The Life And Times Of Deepthroat Cockslut" vibe and that is AWESOME!!' :rainbowkiss:

D'aww. Best Rainbow Dash.

This.... This is chuckle worthy. I applaud you good sir.

I don't think this is absurd enough to be a crackfic, and it doesn't provide enough insight into anything to be considered satirical, so... I'm confused as to what kind of comedy this is supposed to be. :ajsleepy:

Whats your favorite kind of cheese?

Truely, Rainbow Dash is a bro for the ages.

Good question.

Personally I like cheddar, but parmesan is good too.

Thank you sir, I needed this info for my census

Personally, I feel like this could have been longer. Regardless, it was a fun read and I wouldn't be opposed to reading more if you decided to make a small series out of it. Like a weird, comedic, twisted romance between Anon and his so-called bro.

A bro never leaves a bro hanging.

Obligatory I want to cum inside rainBRO dash.


Seconded. I read the comments first (don't judge me!) and didn't expect this to be anything more than a crackfic. Rainbro's message of friendship was surprisingly wholesome and endearing.

This whole ‘bro’ thing is something he’d expect from a poorly written story of some kind, perhaps by a fan.

That a jab at me, good sir?

Good story nonetheless, very nice.

Hm. Haven't seen the Rainbro trope in a few years now.

ouch my feels

Blue cheese best cheese.

Bro's before hoes, and Rainbro is best bro.


get gouda

A jab at everyone who did it, including myself.

Thank you sir for your information.
My census grows.

Hahahah :rainbowlaugh: I see.

So this was cute, but I think that the level of arousal is a little exaggerated. Being brought to orgasm just from being pet is a little much. If you decide to continue this, or write different stories, it might be better to have more touching and have it build up to dangerous levels. It might be fun to have Anon tease RD like that.

Anon like, "What next, bro?"
Rainbow hits him with a Netflix and chill.

50 words in and like no. No down vote but no.

I thought this was just the first chapter of something bigger, but then I saw the 'complete' tag, and was confused. Is this all there is to it, or is the 'complete' tag a mistake?

Such a vast, well-explained paragraph of criticism.

that's the same dude who wrote a rather messed up rapefic and has been going around hating on random Mature fics just cause.

Ah, a pathetic waste of server space type of user.

I don't believe I criticized anything. Its just your short cookie cutter clop what more can be said.

You say you can't handle this and yet you write a rape-fic? Just stop.

Oh did I offend you? Well good my day is complete.

Always fun to read the “wet dream reality” stories. As fun as it sounds, I don’t think anyone wants to experience this, be it humans or ponies. Or monsters.

Its a short cookie cutter clop what's to handle?

Ah, yet another immature "le troller" who's just trying to rock the boat with his sad hi-jinks.

D48 #46 · Feb 12th, 2018 · · 1 ·

That was fantastic. It's been ages since I've seen Rainbow written well, so this was a wonderful and adorable surprise.

No it's not. The lack of the new porn tag should have clued you in on that, and barring that plenty of other comments which you should have seen with all the comments you have written make it clear that isn't the case.

What the fuck

A very sweet story. Thanks!

The size of Anon in the cover art, he looks like he'd climb inside of a mare's vagina let alone tap it.

Was there always a 'Porn' tag or was that added in recently? Because I haven't written fanfics in ages and hence I don't remember what tags there used to be.

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