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The only human in Equestria named Lee (for sexy donut reasons) has made many friends, among them is his best friend and brofriend, Rainbow Dash, the element of loyalty. Lee decides to take her for a bro night out...

Maximum broness ensues.

Now with one hundred percent sequel! Warning, may cause overdose of awesome.

Sex Tag for innuendos, and some sexyness
Written by: Dustchu
All characters belong to their respective owners.
I only own my characters who will be listed at the end of the story.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 61 )

You have my vote good sir.

6040126 That's one for Flutters~
Also, your icon made me laugh, extremely hard X'D

Thanks! and thanks for faving! :D
Trotland is the Equestrian Equivalent of Dublin, Ireland. And yes, its made up.
A link in the story where the two stallions of wrestling, the song is The Rocky Road to Dublin from the Sherlock movie.

Thank you kindly ^^

Sweet! and thanks for faving!

mares I message over at the Parlor


Eeyup :pinkiehappy:

Balls... maybe he actually messaged them instead >.>'''''
no, I messed up thanks for spotting that

I really enjoyed this one. A really great story, though it could do with some editing. I noticed many grammatical and spelling errors throughout the story. Keep at it.:twilightsmile:

Why thank you kindly! :D Glad you enjoyed friend.
I'll try and edit it at some point. Thanks far saying so~

Lol nice Trevor Philips GTA5 reference squeezed in there. I loved this story too, made me wanna beat that bitch Firespin myself. I came for more of a sexy time sort of story, but what I got was just as good too. Bravo man, bravo.

Thanks man, glad you loved it!
I bet a lotta people want to beat his ass, he's such a dickhead... loved writing him out 8'D
but I hate doing that to Dashie ;w;

Thanks again man!
(Also, what reference was it? I forgot x3)

6042887 the Trevor Philips drinkin' emporium. Got a good hyuk out of that. And the Swiggity Swooty and the beginning. Lol.

Ooooh XD I forgot about that, :rainbowlaugh: hehehe.
Glady ou got a good hyuk outta that x3 hehe.

Reading it for the second time and saw the authors not cant believe I skipped it last time do pinkie next please.

6176584 Whoo! I'll add it to the list friend.
And its cool, a lotta people don't look at the author's note XD

6176584 Whoo! I'll add it to the list friend.
And its cool, a lotta people don't look at the author's note XD

You had me laughing at an hour when I shouldn't be laughing loudly. So thanks. I mean, stuff like

The cyan Pegasus next to me put a hoof to her chin in thought, pursing her lips and humming lightly. "Hmm..."

I waited.


And waited...


Annnd waited.


And wa-wait what the fuck? "What kind of thinking noise was that?!" I questioned, seriously what the fuck even?

I can't.
This description and scene has me laughing too badly.
Not sure why, but it has.

Thumb'd and fav'd.

I had so much fun writing this story, I'm willing to bet my writing skills its one of my best works ever.
Thanks again man, glad to have made ya smile! :D

We broke a thousand views!

Holy shit, if I was the beating up Firespin, I would have gone insane and acted like psychopath. He would have walked out with broken bones, a concussion, a BADLY beaten up face and I mean BAD, a broken wing, and some broken ribs. If I could kill him then, first I will bash his face against a wall, then I'll throw him out the window,(as in the story) then I would have thrown about 20 punch's to his face, and last but not least, I would then punch a hole through his chest and grabbed his heart and rip it out, then I would continuously beat him to death with his own heart, and then...THEN!! I would pop his heart in my hand. Hehehehehehehahaha HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Yup that's what would happen if I could kill him:twilightsmile:


6391608 Godaaaaaaaayuuuuum son xD hehehe, brutal.
I'm sure Lee would have done that if Spitfire hadn't held him back, he cares too much about her and seeing her hurt flipped a switch in his brain. Beatdown! :D

Hehehe, thanks man.

So good! Keep up the great work dude. I would love to see another chapter with Lee and rainbow on a much better date. And I'm also curious what happened to Firespin and if Rainbow did go back to the wonderbolts. But anyway, love your work keep it up.

6394724 Hehehe, thank you very much, I'm so happy you enjoy this :D
Huh, I never did show what happened did I? XD hehehe, I think Im ight have to fix that.
Thnaks for the favorite on this and the watch! I hope you enjoy the sequel to this story friend :yay:

AH I got epilogue all over my face

6395153 Indeed he did, indeed he did.
Thanks dude!

All up in yo face~ :rainbowkiss:
Tasty tasty epilogue vitimins

Oh thank god you didn't go down the "I don't want to be in the wonderbolts anymore because I found something more important...love and being in the wonderbolts would take me away from you" route

GAAAH! IT'S IN MY MOUTH! IT TASTES LIKE...........jalapeños? :rainbowderp:

That is exactly a pony like Firespin deserves to have as a punishment, well done! Continue on and make more of this you can even have them get married. But, otherwise this was a great story none the less. I will always read this if there is nothing new to read and because of the ending i will always cry. Keep it up

6395752 Hahahaha XD Trust me, I love cliches as much as the next guy, but I'm going to try avoiding them for the foreseeable future with my stories. Lee loves Rainbow Dash, and he's not going to let her give up on her dream, even if it means quitting so she can be with him more often.

6395772 I just sat here and laughed for a minute straight because of that XD
HAHAHA! Yummers :rainbowkiss:

6395924 Thank you kindly man, and thanks for the favorite!
Well, there is the sequel out, who knows what'll happen in that one :rainbowkiss:
It takes place just after this story, and it'll be one hell of a ride :D

>> Dustchu It is so far. Can't wait for the next Chapter!

6397497 Awesome!
Me either man, me either.
Loving all the attention this story and the sequel is getting :yay:
Makes me so happy~

You know... before all this, I always felt like something was missing from my life...
But now I know what it was... I was missing the nice taste of Skittles from it.
"Hey! I heard that!"
"You know you love it! Hahahaha!"

OH SWEET JESUS This had me laughing my ass off:rainbowlaugh:

6398568 Hehehehe, I'm glad :rainbowlaugh:
That's what I was going for.

Thank you kindly, and thank you for faving.

6398568 Hehehehe, I'm glad :rainbowlaugh:
That's what I was going for.

Thank you kindly, and thank you for faving.

6400040 not a problem friend. Fluttershy is best pony

6400384 Awesome! Yus, yus she is, but so is Dashie~

Ayy I like your comedies bruh, got some good shiggles after reading this. And a nice little "feels-good-man" feel train ride. *insert rarest of Pepes*

6406472 Hehehehe, glad you enjoyed man, legit! :yay: makes me one happy writer.
I can only hope you'll enjoy the sequel that's out :D

We're closing in on 2K views, that is awesome, thank you guys so much for reading this tripe.


ponies area riot

do you mean "are a?"

So Lee's friend created Napster? Well, he's obviously not a Metallica fan...

Hahahah, loving your avatar!
Thanks for reading, watching and favorites~

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