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Through a letter left for the Main Six, Anon says goodbye to everyone.

. . .
Featured: 8/14/2018

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That was interesting. What inspired this if I may ask?

Great summary of the various aspects of what can make people important to you. Sad, but something to be thankful for in the moment. Sometimes, friends are all we have to keep us going.


Okay, this hit me hard. Not 100% sure why. But damn, quite powerful. Very well-written.

Dustchu #5 · Aug 14th, 2018 · · 2 ·

A mixture of my own depression and a need to vent, truthfully... plus I'm sick of not uploading anything new so I decided on this.

Exactly... every friend has something about them to cherish and be thankful for, cause they do keep us going down this lonely dark road we all travel.

Reread after Fluttershy's part, added it in cause it bugged me that I forgot it.

Thank you RK, and I'm glad it's well written.

Also edited in a a bit for Spike after Fluttershy's part, sorry... forgot him.

This is sad but the way he talked about his friends was kinda sweet. :fluttercry::applecry:

Depression is really a hard thing to cope with, but dont worry, your not the only one to become oppressed by it. As for the story, very emotional

This is a good read sad but good anyway

Hmm... Is it weird that I felt no emotion when reading this?

jemmos #11 · Aug 14th, 2018 · · 4 ·

well... As nicely written as that was, sorry, but its a big thumbs down. What was the point of it, why was today to much? All this is, is consequence with out the preceding action, or event a hint as to why. A story, even a short one, needs 3 parts. Situation, Conflict, and then resolution. You sorta got the first first part, completely skiped the second, and focused entirely on the third.

A nice read, but not knowing why the guy made his decision is a big blow to it. It’s arguably the most important part in a story like this. Without it all the readers can do is speculate as to what mystery event push a guy with a seemingly ok life full of good friends to end it.
I know depression rarely cares about stuff like that but, unless I’m remembering incorrectly, you didn’t mention depression in the story either.
Maybe the guy wouldn’t want to write it in the letter, but you could have added it in the short blurb after the letter, I imagine his friends would be curious why he would do that and try to find out.
Oh well, your decision as the author, thanks for the story

I just don't understand why he kill himself for dumb reason.

I agree but I still give it a thumbs up. Overall a good story just a little disappointing to not be given a reason why he feels this way:

Today... today was too much for me, and there's nothing I can really tell you except I'm in so much pain, that I can't bare it anymore...

The feels... They are too much for me!

So he killed himself?

Dustchu, should I know something?

I am torn between my religious dislke of all things anon and actually reading so I can watch him die.

I really don't feel sad for this guy. I find suicide one of the ultimate expressions of selfishness. To leave all those behind in emotional wrecks... all the debts to be paid both monetary and not. I have had my own trials in life but no matter how beat up or down i would be. I won't do something as vile as to leave those i love behind in such states

That's easy to say, when you haven't had to deal with the kind of emotions that push you to commit suicide. To some people, it feels like the only possible option, thinking that they aren't important to anyone.

Would you force yourself to keep living in suffering just to avoid hurting someone? I don't know if I could.

Syroc #22 · Aug 15th, 2018 · · 2 ·

... I'm sure that you meant this to be sad, but towards the end I was just annoyed. Because you're expecting me to give a damn about someone who was perfectly cogent of all the good things in his life, who took the time to try to soften the blow of their suicide, and you gave exactly no context as to why it was happening. Just "Had a bad day, the noose is my only answer now". Heck, I don't even think you gave any real personality to the writer save "gracious and thankful". You didn't even give them a real name! I'm having a real hard time feeling sorry for the faceless, voiceless, nameless space of a character.

If you're going to try to play on my heartstrings, then put some goddam effort into it.

EDIT: Also, you put a period in the title. You're a monster.

My take on this one wasn't trying to focus on why Anon was depressed (which is implied). In my experience, depression doesn't have to have a specific reason to hit you some days, and if there is one, then the reasons can vary.
I looked at this as a reminder to be thankful for the people and experiences in your life, which is something that some people take for granted. Putting a reason behind it paints the character into a specific corner, and probably wouldn't reach as many people emotionally.


Joking aside, I liked it, but at the same time 'lolwut?' Didn't get the reasoning behind his self-offing; Hell, pretty sure it wasn't even there besides the whole "I had a bad day, bye fam" thing. But, whatever, I'm not a stickler for detail, so, thumbs up or whatever.

Nah, I kinda felt the same. Side from a "Damn!" On my part.

I....don't know what to do. I guess I'll like and fav, and forget this exists. Very few stories make me feel this way. The only other I can think of that made me feel like this is (This Flesh Is) Week by Paper Thin. Well, done. And I hope you get through your depression. Mr./Ms./Mrs.Dustchu.

Upvouted. May I ask for the permission to translate this into Chinese, please?
You know, this kind of reminds me of SCP-styled writing. Without directly describe the death (suicide), this managed to make the readers' (or at least my) eyes go wet.
Is this refering to the END of G4? I've got a feeling of it.

I guess you mean '(The Flesh Is) Weak' by Paper Thin, right? That was definitely a good one

@dustchu In case this relates to any suicidal thoughts you may be having, I will be praying for you. Please remember that you are important and your life matters, no matter how you may feel. Depression shuts down our brains' ability to reason, to see ahead to a brighter future, but it doesn't mean the brighter future isn't there. Please keep pushing forward! It may not feel like it now, but things can and will get better!

What happened to him? Did he leave? Did he kill himself? What the hell happened to him?

Point A: for the people wondering why someone might just kill themselves seemingly out of the blue: Depression is a thing. Depression is a very serious thing. I suffer from it, myself. A lot of people do. And basically what it does is, it makes everything feel worse. Take your normal emotional scale and notch everything about 2 points lower. Everyone experiences it differently; for me, it feels like a crushing agony. Others report feeling like they're drowning, or suffocating, or being slowly flayed. It's really easy to feel overwhelmed by it, and once you start to feel that way... I've nearly killed myself 3 times. So yeah.

Point B:
I'm glad you have people that keep you going. But seek help, too, if it gets to be too bad. Get a therapist, if you can. Make a note with the Suicide Prevention Hotline's number on your phone. Talk to your friends, or just talk to anyone at all. There are more options than just to suffer.

do you need a hug? i think you need a hug. please go out and find someone, or something to hug.

Right, because it's definitely more important to think about "oh, what about the feelings of the people who are left alive?" vs "oh, what about the feelings of the suicidal person?"

Is it weird that I agree but disagree?... Probably

This is the most 50/50 I've seen in response to a story. I'm gonna be completely honest, I liked it but there are flaws.

I feel like the south park kids in that episode they wrote the dirty book.

Are you implying that killing yourself isn't a shitty thing to do? Let me tell you, I’ve been through some shit and do you know what keept me from killing myself? The impact It would have on those left behind. If I kill myself I’m a fucking selfish dickhead that didn’t bother to work through my shit, talk to a professional, or talk to my friends and family like a sensible person and took the easy way out. Honesly fuck my feelings if I go out like that.

That was... Oddly powerful. I suffer from severe clinical depression myself, and have had thoughts on suicide, mind you, I haven't quite made it to the stage of seriously considering suicide myself, but understand the pain, even if I can't totally sympathize. The form my case, in particular, takes is more emotional... instability, if you will.
My highs are very high, my lows are exceptionally low, and my 'default' state is lower than most. I personally have a nasty... psychotic streak, is probably the best way to describe it. I can only speak for myself, so I won't bother trying to do otherwise, but depression, in my experience, doesn't care how good your life is.
I have a relatively normal life, good parents, good sibling, awesome grandparents, a few good acquaintances, passed school, good job; I don't know any of my cousins, and I fall in the mid-low class of america. I still suffer. For those who don't understand, don't get angry about suicide, it can really only make things worse.
Thank you, sir/mam/other, for hanging on to whatever thread of hope you still have. There will always be those who care. However little.

No i understand he has gone through or is going through something hard. It's just i can't respect nor agree with his choice of self termination. To me self termination is something i will never agree with no matter what.

I have suffered in my years in life in many ways i am no where near comfortable in telling you. All i can say really is this is my own personal belief. That no matter how bad i had it i can not agree with it. I don't know maybe it's all the wrong done to me or maybe i am just stubborn but for me it's giving up. And to go on is just one of the ways i can spit in the eyes of those who have beat me down. Called me worthless or that my life has no meaning. No i won't agree with it. I would crawl through life if it came down to it than just to let it end. I have met and have those i love very much and i will be Damned if i would leave them grieving over my grave like that

9113438 Agreed. At school, I was bullied, badly, enough to be suicidal. But that would have been the ultimate victory for my abusers. The school was no use, they acted like it didn't exist, and my parents couldn't get anything done about it. I've also had bouts of depression. But I've survived.

This just feels like an utter abegnation of all responsibility. Without context, this disgusts me. I can see no reason why this person would suicide. He lives in a land where friendship and emotions are a physical force, and has the Elements as close friends. Are you seriously telling me that there was no cure or remedy to help him?

I'm sorry if the author has depression, and I do know what they're going through. But this is not the way to express it. Get help. Please.

Comment posted by Holydude deleted Aug 16th, 2018

Emotional blackmail.

Aw crap I should have watched the tags...

I've had depressive thoughts too, at least according to the therapist I've seen (not depression, just depressive thoughts).

Telling me that my parents would've been sad probably would've just made me wanna kill myself even more, seeing as how they're behind almost 100% of my shit. Sure, I've never attempted and definitely wouldn't've because of my friends, but it's different for everyone.

I feel you. It's a very difficult topic because everyone is different when it comes to this stuff.

Well its just that I won't go through with it if there are people that care for me.

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