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It's Hearth's Warming Eve, the time for spending time with family, singing songs, loving one another, and maybe even giving gifts. For one pony who's returned to Ponyville after so long... she'll have to do more then sing a heartfelt song if she wants to spend one night with a sister she had long abandoned...

A short fic for the holidays.
Big thanks to Not Enough Coffee for editing this.

Also, to clarify, this has nothing in relation to Ponky's Story, this is just a funny coincidence, hehe.

Featured 12/24/2017

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Good story and a merry Christmas!

Cute and meery Christmas to you!

Jesus Chris, this was emotional & bittersweet. Excellent job my friend & merry Christmas!

P.S. I kinda wanna see a sequel. :derpytongue2:

Very touching and heart warming story, you got my like and favorite.

And Merry Christmas!!!

Is it ok to shed these tears on Christmas day? 😢

Merry Christmas everypony! ❄

This needs a sequel.

Merry Christmas to you folks :heart:

Yeah, it was pretty emotional to work on, I teared up a little at the end.
Sequel? Oh lawdy, I dunno about that :rainbowlaugh:

Very touching indeed, Merry Christmas and happy holidays :heart:

Yes it is perfectly fine, shed away, and happy holidays friend :heart:

Heh, you're the second to ask, I dunno about a pure sequel but... there might be something.

Thanks for reading everyone, happy holidays and happy new years :heart:

this is so sweet

God, this was good. Very emotional. As happy an ending as can be, under the circumstances. Daring as Derpy's sister? If I may ask, where did that come from?

Why thank you!

Mhm, very! Hehehe, as for the sister thing, I've always had it in my head Derpy's full name was Derpy Do and shortly after I heard about Daring Do, I found it all too fitting to have them as siblings.

I wish that Derpy had delved a bit more into why Daring feels so compelled to carry the burden alone. That felt like it kinda went nowhere, and even if she didn’t manage to convince Daring otherwise, it would’ve been nice to have her reassure Indiana Pones that, wherever she went, she’d always have a shelter from the storm she could return to. It was somewhat implied, but the ending came too quickly afterward for it to really sink in.

Now, my criticism out of the way, I loved this! I actually owe you a bit of an apology, as I saw this ages ago, fully intended to read it, and just never got around to it. Wish I’d done it sooner!

This story was a heaping helping of uber-wholesomeness, and I really like how you portrayed Daring here; someone who can face down the monsters from our oldest, darkest nightmares, but is deathly afraid of facing the heart she broke. It’s a trope I’ve always enjoyed, and you used it well here.

I’d just finished two of your anti-FoE fics, and this was just the pallet cleanser I needed. Keep up the good, feels-tugging work!

Yeah, I honestly would have loved to go into deeper length, but the contest this was submitted for was ending pretty soon and I had a word limit. I could have fit more into this, in a shorter length I'm sure, but I goofed, lol

But I'm so happy you enjoyed the fic, and that you liked how I portrayed Daring. I went with that because, as much of a hero as she is, she's still a pony at heart, and even she had things she's scared of facing.

Thanks again for the read my dude :heart:

But, where's the Doctor at?

idk who you mean lol

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