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Legendary Ace Mobius One, an Independent States' Allied Forces (ISAF) fighter pilot has finally managed to return home after destroying the Megalith weapon by himself effectively ending the war between Erusia and ISAF. But that peace would only last a few short years. The Free Erusian forces as they have dubbed themselves have planned a massive counter attack against one of the largest cities under control of the Osea Federation... November City, home to Mobius One and several million people.

Mobius One being the hero he is, takes to the skies once more alongside his fighter wing. However... strange things begin happening the in the skies above that not only transports him and his friends to an entirely different world, but the enemy as well.

Now Mobius One must fight against the enemy in the land called Equestria, aided by... talking pastel ponies who can wield magic and fly... seems legit. A new war is on the horizon... one that will change the fate of both Earth, and Equestria forever.

Proofread/Edited By: Dan_The_Jerk
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You're not gonna believe this, Jean-Luc! They all have ribbon insignias!

its the Grim Reaper!

(You made my day with this comment kind sir... thank you.)

I just don't know what to make of this. It's kind of bizarre and disjointed, and I'll admit I kind of lost interest after a short time. I have to say it's a little boring for me. Part of it's the characterization of Mobius One which to me is a little bland; and I get he's more of what everyone wants him to be and so forth, but I kind of pictured the guy who defeated someone like Yellow 13 to be a bit more... knightly, I guess? Skilled? Point is that he feels kind of like any other cliché; same kind of goes for Sky Eye and the others that I can't remember. That, and a few other things, not the least of which is that there's way too many tags for the story.

It's certainly different from most Ace Combat stories in a strange way I can't put my finger on, but I have to say that's more in the negative way than positive; though it may appeal to others at the same time. I mean it's not terrible, not at all, just doesn't feel like anything special or unique either. I'm not giving it a dislike yet, as I don't think it deserves it yet, but no like either; and I'm going to be keeping an eye on it for future development.

Take care.

No clue how to respond.

Hmm... what do you mean by Knightly? :rainbowhuh:
seriously tho.

Well, thanks for your review, and Im glad it warrants keeping an eye on ;w;
negitive... *shattered*

Stick around! Next chapter will hopefully be a better one.

Wow, very interesting. Been awhile since I've seen a good Ace Combat fic.

omg thank you so much! :D Glad you think so!
And thanks for faving!

Let's see where you end up flying this ship.

Fox 2! Fox 2!

Instantly liked just because this is my favorite airplane game in the world.

Huh... another AC crossover. I wish you luck out there.

Wow, I feel so-- honoured to have you comment on my own story and follow me; this is excellent!
I like the 'texture' of the writing. You're showing instead of telling and the paragraphing is very clean and proper. All in all, a very engaging piece of work. Very well done, I'll be tracking dis one =)

Oh do I?


Hopefully this ship don't end up crashing 8'D nyuck nyuck nyuck

Target destroyed.
Its my favorite game to! :D I love it!

Why thank you kind sir ^^

Ermergerd, I'm loving this comment, thank you so much!
I'm glad you like this so far ^^
Thanks for faving~

5654173 I must agree that Mobius One might be more interesting if you were to, let's say...give more character to him? Sarcasm of sorts, or perhaps humor? But that's just one character, and ultimately, you are here for the ACE COMBAT ACTION. I'd say, if the character's are done fine and the action is good- it captures the games to the teeth.

I mean ultimately how are you gonna go about making and Ace Combat fanfic extremely deep and exhilarating? or have great characters and such. I mean ultimately, just do what you know.

like...ace combat? lol...

None the less, you deserve a like, follow and *hug* for your feedback!

Characterization isn't my strong suit, as are decriptions :P

but yeah, I agree with both of youse.
Mobius 1 could do with some more character, legitness.

Let's hope chapter two will show some epicness to this matter!
//brofists you both

This is interesting, keep it going.

You shall get more, Spartan... you shall...

My gawd! :rainbowderp: Dis is good! :rainbowkiss:
One question, why did you name Möbius1 'Mobius?' :facehoof:
Good story, and could we get an ETA status on the next chapter?

Glad you think so! :D
*shushes you* Shhhhh, I'll explain that in the next chapter my precious~
Um, I would think hopefullly later today or tomorrow. But my hunger is making writing very hard.
I'll try and update soon! ;w;

You know as well as I do that you didn't need my help, hell, your rader was shot that day and the fog was so thick it was impossible to fly at such a low altitude!

your rader was shot



Oh herp derp, didn't see that.
Thanks for pointing it out bud ^^
Also thanks for faving! :D

I'm glad you think so! :D

Its not dead damn it!
I just haven't gotten the second chapter beta'd yet...
My worst nightmare has come true, are people thinking this is dead? D'=

beta Read, meaning I have something to look over it and fix up my mistakes and make it look better.

I say Beta'd even though that's not a word :rainbowlaugh:

6031277 so you want to look better hows that coming along?

No idea, I may have to post it without having someone look at it.
But it's not completely messed up, just some minor spelling errors maybe? IDK.
I'll try and post it when I can ;w;

6031335 me personaly unless its really bad i dont care about spelling errors

Well, that's good to hear.
But I would still like it to be fixed up. I need to talk with my beta reader first though.

Flying over it was a man donning a solid black mask and suit that was was outfitted with several small wires leading to a black box on his left shoulder.
Only thing I had seen, and it's killing me slowly.

Thank you for pointing that out, I just fixed it
I hope aside from the typos, the story was enjoyable so far ^v^

6186057 only problem I have is that there isn't more to read in this.

Yeah I'm real sorry about that, I have an editor looking over the chapter now, and she's taking her sweet time with it.
methinks I need to go bother her about it 8'D eheheh

6188712 Yea, when I do the editing, I do like 1-2, maybe 3 chapters a day. ADHD doesn't allow me more.

I wish I had editors that could work like that, jeebus.
All the ones I had have too much going on in their lives, or just skipped out on me.

6188712 Yea I just have 2 catches. If one asks me while I have multiple projects, it falls into a order of when they ask. And 2, I gotta play my games after I do all I can.

6189626 Understandable catches.
Games are fun 8D hehehe... I need some new ones to play.

Dammit! I haven't seen any Ace Combat crossovers since the Equestrian War was released! I want more chapters. RIP SkyEye (Oka Nieba) Isn't Osea one of the countries during the Unsung War? I forgot what game Mobius One originates from.

6202328 Hehehe, you should reread that last bit neat the end, you'll be surprised my friend.
Wow really? there should be more, like... legit.
I know I know, I'm hoping to put out more chapters for this soon.
Mobius One originates from 04: Shattered Skies, and yes Osea is in Unsung war, and in the 04 game, and I think Zero

YES i woud post that yes video but cant do that on a console

This is looking epic. Are you looking for any more editors? I've got a very good track record as far as sticking with the authors I've worked with in case that's a concern.

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