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I am a self-insert master and lover of Rainbow Dash.



It's a horrible city filled with monsters, horrible and deadly monsters. And an unlikely duo by the name of Dustin and Rainbow Dash will have to come together if they want to get out alive and escape this hell, known as Raccoon City.

As these two try to escape... one question rings through our heroes' minds.

Why me?

Part of the Snowverse

Huge thanks to Alex_ for the coverart :heart: Thank you so much buddy!
Feature Lite: 1/23/2018
Feature Regular: 2/15/2018

Here it is, since early 2014, it's finally been set free. Honestly, this story is... something important to me, something cathartic if you will, something I needed to get done, something that I should have gotten done years ago but let my own problems with self loathing and just general disregard for shit get in the way. Regardless... here it is, I hope you all enjoy.

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Welp, I agreed to ride this crazy train so why not stay until the very end.

I love it when a new Resident Evil story comes out.
It's the best game series in my opinion.

Lots of emotion in this fic. Can't wait to see the author turn those powerful feelings he casts through his self-insert into the same feelings I'm sure he has for the main character.

It will be authentic and genuine. Which is rare, these days.

Huh. I like it so far. But as a gaming nerd I have to point out that this is more likely re2 or 3. You in a city boy not no manor in the woods. Can't wait for the next chapter.

It’s amazing where you’ve gotten it to, Dust. Where it feels so real and genuine. Something I can’t remember seeing before it well.

It really is so great. Glad that after all the rewrites, and everything you’ve gone through with it, you’ve managed to put it out. :heart:

Dang it, where am I? Detroit? A snicker escaped me, a timeless joke... a very pathetic timeless joke.

I'd object to that, but then again I was raised in Wayne County, so I know for sure it could definitely be a lot better. 😅

Well, this went out of Control. Classic Resident Evil, old but Gold

I'll be honest, I approached this story with cautious optimism, and I was not disappointed at all - just this chapter was enough to have me hooked.

I've noticed a few very minor typos though:

My heart wouldn't cease it's infernal pounding either

cease its infernal pounding

I was barely able to keep myself from yelling myself

redundant second myself

Then the Element of Loyalty, Rainbow Dash.

Than the Element of Loyalty

To be fair though, those were very minor things that are easily overlooked - there might be a few more, but I remembered these.

Either way, I am definitely looking for more. And you are quite emotionally invested into this, which will, I believe, make it even better.
It's already off to a great start, so can't wait for more!

This is very personal..... I love it!

Color me interested!

I normally hate crossovers, but this is certainly interesting, looking forward to more :twilightsmile:

And all those emtions in the beginning hit painfully close to home. Was very well written though.

Good on you, Dustchu! I look forward to see where this is going. Love it all so much already. Keep it up :twilightsmile::heart:

Sorry for taking so long... honestly, there aren't any words I can really describe the thanks I have for everyone enjoying this story so much. But I'll do my best :yay:

Yep, hehe, Crazy Train ain't got no breaks! :yay:

Yeah, I was hyped to eventually post one, there're so few on this site so I needed to remedy that :rainbowkiss:

Heh, yeah... like, four years of struggling to get this going has been painful. The ideas I've put down and the new ones that've come into being day after day, countless thousands of words just lost until this has been posted. But I'm happy to have gotten this out finally, :twilightsmile:

Hehe, yep. As much as I love the franchise, I haven't played the first game all too well to appropriately capture it in a fanfic, sadly. This takes place more over around RE2/3 and the Outbreak games.

Yeah, I can't really tell you how awesome it is to have finally gotten this out there at last. tl;dr I basically threw off what felt like a giant weight :heart: So thank you.

*snkrt* Hehehe, never been to Detroit, but I couldn't help but poke fun at it, :heart:

Fuck yeah! :yay: Hehehe.

I can see why, considering the content and that which I uh... vented about in the blog not too long ago. I can perfectly understand people's cautiousness when approaching a story like this.

But thank you so much for reading! :heart: And thanks for pointing those out, I looked over this doc I dunno how many times xD

You have no idea, friend. :twilightblush:

Lemme get my paint brushes :rainbowdetermined2:

Yeah, I'm not gonna lie when I say that I... may have vented a bit inside the fic itself in the form of internal thoughts, so it was a bit of a relief in a weird way. This hits me really close to home on a lotta points...

Thank you so much! :heart:

Thank you all again so much for reading, I'm happy you enjoyed it, and... well, this fic is gonna keep on running. Thanks again, and stick around for the next update :heart:

I appreciate it that you did! :pinkiehappy:

I'm glad to see you put this out after such a long time. I love it when I see people passion projects, and when they go into any length of detail as to why it means so much to them. Good luck in any future installments, Dustchu; this is really really good~

Thanks man, I really appreciate it, thanks for reading and I hope you and the others are prepped for chapter two...


We were safe...

For now.

I know, wrong game but I couldn't resist due the end sentance. THis chapter also makes me think of the flash game road of the dead and it's sequel.

Welp. Best try to find more ammo. Cause they are gonna need it.

8704270 How long are you wanting this story to be? :D

Dash's reaction was so... well, Dash. There wasn't that much dialogue with her yet, but you managed to keep her in-character.
Then again, I'd trust you to know that, considering how much you love her character.

I wonder if the present party will ever come around a gun shop - might stock up on some ammo there... unless it's been already looted.

Anyway, good thing that the both of 'em managed to get so safety - now Dash can get some answers and your own lovable self-insert can provide some explanations.

That won't be awkward at all.

Hahaha, nice, nice.
And I can see why, in a way.

Oooh you better believe it :trollestia:

Truthfully, I have no idea. It probably won't be very long? Depends on some things, I'm hoping to make it a decent and enjoyable length, hehe.

Ohh yeah, hehe, she is a... as much as I love her character, she's always been difficult to write out, even for fun. The show depicts her in a way I don't like, and I've seen fanfics who portray her a lot better, keeping with her general attitude and personality but expanding on it and making her likable. Something I hope I can do, but will fail miserably at :yay:

That's a good question, hopefully they will. There're two-three gun shops in Raccoon City, Kendo's being the one that comes to mind of the top of my head, so who knows! :rainbowkiss:

Hehehe, not awkward at all, hopefully she'll get her answers.

Thanks all for reading :heart:

Raiders, Survivalists, or even the Army could be the Scooter. Overall Good Job. But i can tell Rainbow won't be down that easily. Good Thing scoots isn't with her, the young filly would be completely terrified

Gah! That cliffhanger! Welp here's hoping green herbs are a thing here.

I’m guessing Rainbow’s going to be grounded for the rest of the story. Don’t know if the shooter is Umbrella, Army, or just some rando with a high-powered rifle, but I can understand why they took the shot. After all, with all the other weird stuff in the city, something that might be a B.O.W. trying to fly out of the city is something any of them would want to put down as soon as possible. Here’s to hoping they find some first-aid spray or some herbs soon.

Also, I wonder how he’s going to break to Rainbow that they have a limited amount of time before the city is wiped off the map?

This is going to be a constant fight for our heroes' lives. At least there won't really be a dull moment.
That was a pretty close call in that shop, though; way too close for comfort.

Well, Rainbow got at least some answers. I'm surprised she didn't ask him "what do you mean, same boat?" when he said that.
Then again, I don't know how much help that would do. Actually, that might be counter-productive - if she found out about him not being from the same world, she might ask him how the hell he knows of it. And that would be a whole 'nother can of worms.
... or maybe it would lead to some amusement, who knows?

A red dot on Rainbow's chest... hoo boy.
What happened sounds pretty ominous, but you've kinda hinted how incredibly fast she is already when she both jumped on the counter and flew upwards, leaving an after-image of herself. That leaves me confident that she'd react fast enough to dodge the bullet.
We'll see, though. You know how to keep us on the edge of our seats!

Also, some little details I found!

He was stronger then I thought he’d be,

then -> than

That was something that shouldn’t have unsettled me, but I did.

but I did -> but it did (unless you meant something else by it)

Hehehe, good thing indeed Scoots isn't here, who knows what she'd end up getting into. As for the shooter? Who knows who it was, heh.

I'm the king of cliffhangers, hehe. And hopefully they are! And hopefully Dee knows how to use them properly, hehe.

That's a distinct possibility, who knows how badly that bullet messed her up. And that is a very good point to make, who knows who it was, and with all of the big bad nasties roaming around the city, nobody wants them getting out and infecting the rest of the country, or the world for that matter. And here's hoping they find one or both of those, Rainbow's gonna need them.

That's difficult news to break, especially to someone who's probably gonna be grounded for the rest of her time in the city, hehe.

That was a very close call indeed! I have a feeling our friends here are not going to have it easy in this city... then again, does anyone? They were just facing down regular old zombies! Who knows how they'll fare against something more nasty... like a Licker, or even the dreaded Tyrant :pinkiegasp:

Indeed she did! Perhaps not enough though, there's a lot of questions to be had in this city... and with this new chapter, there'll be even more methinks. And it could be a can of worms, or some hilarity, who knows? :pinkiecrazy:

Yes, that is very true, very true. I'll be sure to explain that bit later, hehe.

And thanks for pointing those out, you're a life saver my friend.

Update later today, stick around folks!

Phew, even my heartbeat has gotten fast while reading this chapter.

Well, so much for relying on Rainbow's ultra-fast reflexes.
Then again... she didn't expect the shot, and a sniper rifle bullet (hell, even a standard pistol bullet) is so fast that even she at her best would have a lot of trouble evading the projectile.

So, a hospital... I shudder to imagine what horrors the duo will have to go through.

Dis gun b gud.

Grammar correction time! (don't hate me senpai):

more of a temporary fix then anything else

than anything else

a nearly two-hundred adult

a nearly two-hundred... what? I presume you meant pounds, but a cheeky person might think 200 quesadillas

smashing off of plastic and glass with each impact.

Unless I'm mistaken, the of is pointless in this case,

The van under my guidance, sped

Add a comma after "The van"

She is lucky to be still alive. UIuess the hospital is overrun, like the mercy hospital from Left 4 dead

First off this title for that chapter gave me a chuckle. Second there are very few resident evil game that gave me a migraine more than the outbreak series. Especially the hospital. Ugh that freaky leach monster still sends shudders up my spine. Can't wait for the next chapter.

The authors note made me think of Christmas.

Second. Gauze and cloth! Get morphine! Get some frigging painkiller gogogo! No one kills Dashie! :raritydespair:

Great chapter, keeping the stories great like always. can't wait for the next chapter cause I also really like Resident Evil.

I bet your heartbeat got fast, was intense to write this out! Hahaha

And yeah, her speed didn't help here nor did she expect the shot, so I'm not surprised she was clueless. Fast reflexes, yeah, but not fast enough for a bullet!

And a hospital, whew... gonna be rough for them!

Thanks again for your help!

Could be!

Glad you enjoyed it, hehe, gave me a chuckle myself. The hospital was a pretty intense level, and super scary! Might be the same for our heroes, hehe

Orly now? Interesting, and yes! Save Dashie!

Thanks dude! And here's your next chapter! :D

Thanks guys!

Nice to see this from Rainbow’s POW. Great work!

Maybe things wouldn't be so bad after all.

Yeah, about that... there's still a zombie apocalypse happening. But hey, at least Dashie is awake right now! Thought that wound won't heal overnight... unless some magic leaked over and will help her with that. Wouldn't that be fun?

And projectile talk. Fun! Heh, a little object hurting her that much... tell her how fast she flies and she'll be scared (and scarred) for life.

That dream she had with a zombified Fluttershy, though... creepy. At least the zombies are not ponies.
... yay?

Well if we're following game logic then all they need to do is find herbs or a first-aid spray.

An interesting first five chapters.

Thanks dude!

Hehe, yep, she's awake at last! And one could hope that magic would help her heal up... I suppose we'll have to wait and see, or maybe what 8826161 brought up could happen, those First Aid Sprays and mixed herbs did wonders for one's health. IIRC right, the T-Virus is actually used in the development process of the First Aid Sprays sold to the public... I think, because the Virus repairs cells and stuff. I might be mistaking this for the movie universe however, I'm not 100% sure on this one.

And yep, projectile talk. It is kind of funny to see something so small take her out, very funny, something so small and yet it can cause so much damage and even kill in most cases.

That was a scary dream I'm sure, seeing her best friend turn into that... foreshadowing? Or... nah.

I hope interesting but good! :yay:

Thanks everyone for reading up this far :heart:

All my love to you P-berry. Great chapter author can't wait for more.

I Care for the Update. Great Work! Better be careful, Dash.

Woo boy. This can't end well.

J-just one of them got the jump on me, but he was slow enough that I could take him, so no worries,"

He shrugged and shifted on the floor. He didn’t look or sound like cared that much that he could die… why was that?

Curious to see how this plays out... well done sir.

No tragedy or sad tag so and there are a few cures available though most are accounted for in lore... the Daylight cure is the only option I can think of. Can't wait to see.

Edit: Also interesting to see Hersh. Never really played the Outbreak games myself but I love them conceptually.

Uh oh. For those who played the Outbreak series. You know what happens next... Heheheh.

Unfortunately the outbreak games are the only ones I don't currently own so I'll probs watch a let's play of both games before I continue reading but tell me if I don't have to but probs gonna anyway

Thanks for waiting people, because right now you get an update~

Poor guy can't catch a break lol. At least he has apparent knowledge of the games and therefore should have a decent idea of how to deal with it/buy them time... though Dash is already pretty injured so the leeches gotta have a hardon for her...

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