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<---- Drawn by mix-up. All I have to say is disappearing is easier when its a crowd of people that are exactly like you.


So, I get an invitation to a convention right? Well the name was a little weird I'll admit, but I thought 'hey free stuff!' sadly my ticket didn't get me a plane or a train; instead it got me a crazy cab driver who was insane! Now I'm in a place called Equestria where I'm the main character in one of their little kid shows, but the fans are all full grown adults. Why do the weird things always happen to me instead of Jason? Anyway this is going to be an interesting vacation to say the least.

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\(*-*)/ my fears are put to rest! I was actually worried that I messed this up already. :twilightsheepish:

Bizarre story. I find your line of logic interesting though.

6418334 I like unique stories. I also like bizarre stories so I figured I'd write one.

Interesting concept, I'll read it soon.

6418409 I've only seen it once before , and It was from one of the ponies perspectives. I figured I'd try my hand at it.

6418424 Yeah I've seen it before too, but like you said not often.

6418444 Was it the one where Luna summoned the human, and Lyra got him instead? or did you actually find a different one?

6418453 I don't remember it's been a long time, could you send me a link?

6418465 Give me a sec. Radio gave me a link awhile back so I'm wading through those comments to find it since I don't recall the title.

Edit: Finally found it

6418465 I found it. Check the other reply.

6418490 Thanks I'll compare the two and see what I think.

Holy shit I'm loving it haha

It's interesting. I'll keep an eye on this story.

Normally, I find humans that have arrived in Equestria a bit predictable but I see some potential. The protagonist unwittingly discovered himself that he is the unwitting tv star for ponies audience. the guy sensately doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool of the shed, I hope that he realizes that he is not a shining example of humanity, and that his general attitude toward his fellow man is actually deplorable and he will try to act like a descent human in front of these ponies being the unofficial ambassador of his species. I could imagine that will be stuck to do product endorsement to make a living and that he is going to be forced to be in a show that caters to young foals and have to act like a sort of Barny the dinosaur, and act like a rigid automaton.

6418637 Welcome to the other story mix-up. :twilightsmile:

I always see these humans ending up in equestria, but how many of them get Discord as a cab driver? Not many (I think anyway). Also his character is going to have to follow a certain path in the future. As for an example of humanity there is already a T.V. show so they have an idea on what we are like. Also they can try to make him endorse products, but do you rightly think any character I create would agree to doing such a thing. maybe if they got payed a lot, but not for any other reason. Again it's nice to see you here as well mix-up.

Discord :facehoof: you really should've given this guy a few days to get used to the news. I mean seriously how do you think a normal guy would react to suddenly finding out he's from a famous tv show when he knows he's just a regular guy?! :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof: You should've brought him like two days before the panel started and helped him adjust to the news, heck that also would've given Fluttershy a chance to see him behind the scenes. So in short Discord is an idiot.

"How is milk going to fix-" The engine flew out of the car before I could finish my question. I don't mean it went straight up either; I mean the engine grew wings and started flying out of the car!

...no comment:facehoof:

6419236 It's Discord! He makes amazing plans, but forgets certain details about said plans. In this insane it's the fact he took a dude that had no idea he was in a T.V show and brought him to another universe. Now the dude is going to act very hostile towards some people. Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile:

Um. I'm afraid to like the story XD

Very nice. Liked and tracked. Hope it won't die and keeps getting better.

6420332 I don't let stories die...often. I try to keep me interested by not focusing solely one one story. Keeps my creativity going and makes these stories good. thank you for the like and I hope to make this worth your time.

So have Discord just run off?
If so then i'm sure a lot of them would take him in.

6420602 For now. Remember that he has seen the equivalent of clop so he might be wary of staying with one of them.

Brilliant Concept and Story!

6428200 Thank you. I only saw the concept of a reverse fandom once so I figured that I'd give it a shot. Again thank you.

6428225 I only saw it once. It was also a one shot so it was technically complete. If you do know other fics let me know so I can give them a read.

hate racists with a passion. Hell, once I knocked a guys teeth out because he called one of my friends a wet-back. That dude didn't day another word to him for a month

i think u mean say instead of day

It is always awkward to write about yourself.

6428264 :facehoof: Not writing myself here dude. I'm a borderline pacifist while I'm writing a dude that tries to fight literally everyone in sight. In other words I'm writing my opposite which makes it awkward.

How the fuck did i miss this!?!
hang on, I have to read.

Okay. this is fun.

oh, Idea, you should call this Fandom the "Hand-dom"

How long will this be?

6428509 I have no idea actually. I tend to set up certain events before writing, but ideas are constant and I add them. The minimum is probably about 50,000 words or so.

6428481 The handom side of the fandom! I have to add that at some point!

To be honest I hope it's longer, are quite good at what you do.

maybe this is because I am not a native English speaker, but what does «wet-back» mean any way?

Well the story is progressing well, James seem to be aware that his fans like the idealize version they make in in their head and how he really is, that will avoid a lot of trouble for him in the future, but I don't think that he is aware of how far that can go and how others mite take advantage of his statues a a star to get what they want from him. He will probably going to make a lot of fake friends while he is in Equestria. Still I would like to know why would Discord want to bring him there in the first place, aside for the shear entertainment value for him, of course. Sill what I would find most creepy for me, in his place, would be to see Foal trying to act like me and see for myself how much of a horrible person I am in actuality; like seeing yourself doing a bad thing on a video footage.

The hell is wrong with Rainbow-bitch?

6428533 It's a racist term for someone from mexico. I've heard it used a few times and to say the least I lose my temper when I hear it. I myself am not from there, but a few friends are so when I hear it my blood starts to boil. Anyway you make good points again, and continue to add amazing ideas to the idea pool Mix-up. Thanks for reading.

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