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HAhahahahahahahaha The picture! That made me laugh so hard!

This is not bad. It gave me a giggle and it was nice.

This is a gift.

mapu #4 · Nov 21st, 2017 · · ·

Pretty good, I wish there was more. 9/10, sequel needed.

This was wonderful.

As a Changeling Queen, I am indeed a friend of the Succ.

Get you some dick, Thorax :heart:

ok, that was great, upvote

I severely hate this anon niche which is so prone to draw in the salivating masses.

Which is why I like this story as the meta joke that it is.

“You good at sucking dick?” The changeling looks up at Anon in surprise and nods his head. “I’ve got some free time. Wanna fuck?”

And that was the start of a beautiful friendship.

*Squints at paper*

*Moves away from paper*

What is this?

Texus #12 · Nov 22nd, 2017 · · 1 ·

after today I start to treat anon like a race instead of a person.

Changeling? Anon has no idea what the hell that is. Sound like a bad excuse for an OC in the Sonic fandom. Shapeshifty the changeling hedgehog. Yeah, that’s a badass name actually. Original character, please don’t steal. Anon then realises the pony is still here.

I like sonic, but that was probably the reason why I thought this was funny.

“I-I can’t... No pony wants a one night stand with a changeling.”

don't really like the idea of one night stands and I'm always happy if they don't include the need for Changelings to fuck, but well at least he hasn't mentioned it as the only option.
I just don't like the quick fuck thing in stories.

“You good at sucking dick?” The changeling looks up at Anon in surprise and nods his head. “I’ve got some free time. Wanna fuck?”

Thorax can’t believe his luck! He springs up to his hooves in excitement to finally get some love.


“Well, at least someone will get a piece of meat today.”

Anon sadly reflects on that thought as Thorax and him head on over to a hotel for the night.

However I still find this story pretty funny.

Now I kind of want a gay Thorax X Anon story. I just would like to avoid the harem stuff, but well.....I guess if Anon is in control with Thorax being more or less equal and his main partner I don't mind them to take in some Changelings.
I like the idea of some weird and maybe Changeling retards (female or not), treating him like the new king of their own little hive.

edit: I need one of them to talk exactly like in the cover art.

Awww, that was cute:twilightsmile:

WTF did I just read :rainbowderp:... It was beautiful.

Did not see that ending coming, but still loved it!:rainbowlaugh:

I apologise for nothing.

That's okay. I wouldn't have forgiven you, anyway.

I actually really like this story and not just for the fact it made receiving a blowjob altruistic.

Friendship with meat benefits!

Now if only the author would follow through with this and write a chapter where these two actually fuck.

hahahaha great idea :'D

A new meaning to "friends with benefits".

“You good at sucking dick?” The changeling looks up at Anon in surprise and nods his head. “I’ve got some free time. Wanna fuck?”

Greatest setup to shameless clop I've ever seen

I mean there wasn't any, but damn this was funny as fuck

Anon briefly remembers that weird anti-drug commercial where the lady goes batshit crazy and destroys her home with a frying pan. It took him years to realise she was referencing the effects of drug abuse and not the normal monthly mood swings a woman has.

This is a thing? Link please :)
This. This was my reaction to the end.

Heavy Weapons guy: "Many thanks!"
Well, that IS odd. I guess Anon had only seen a muted version beforehand, given that she says straight up it's about drugs.

I need more gay Anon. <3

I'm OK with this. I have no idea why.

this is a big GAY

I demand bug horse head.


HAH! :rainbowlaugh:

Holy file compression, Batman!

Read this a while ago, apparently never commented.

Yeah, I'd actually kind of like to see a Human/Anon x Thorax in this vein, changing this from a one-shot to a short story (maybe around 30K words?).

It's not really my thing, normally, but the whole situation makes the idea oddly appealing to read. Maybe even with some sap at some point where Anon admits that Thorax is more to him than a friend-with-benefits.

Y'know. I've never gone looking for it, but I can't say I've run across many (if any) longer stories (like, 30K+) featuring a human x male (pony/Griffon/changeling/etc). I've seen one or two human woman x female pony stories though. Possibly a bit too niche, even for this site.

A slut is a slut, no matter the gender. So I can only agree with Anon on offering his cock to this slut to suck. Gonna ride that naughty cum-guzzling muzzle! :pinkiesmile:

This needs a sequel :rainbowlaugh:

I... I beg thy pardon?

Yo, that’s crazy! Getting fed from sex? Sounds pretty awesome. Hell, if Anon could do that... He’d starve. Shit, well, so much for that thought.

Born a virgin, always a virgin.


U P T O P! :')

Edit: Nevermind.


In my defense, I am a Smut Writer, so I have a dirty mind. :twilightsheepish: :rainbowwild:

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