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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.


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HAHA! cadance is so desperate i love it :rainbowlaugh:


I think Luna is even more desperate.

Any other highlights you enjoyed?


how each pony likes to describe a vagina, oh and the bathroom XD


Any other parts you liked?

So, if swallowing semen gave mares mare bits, would stallions need to eat out a woman to get stallion bits? o///o

Another masterpiece by Bendy! And I find myself wanting yet moar.

Liked and Faved, :pinkiehappy:

7914448 I greatly enjoyed the whole thing. The magic cock thing was just very amusing for some reason.
Cadance was super horny it seemed, and Luna was awesome. The girls reaction to having genitals was hilarious.
So with the way things have progressed. Are you going to write how he destroys there virgin cunts?

And thus having naughty bits became A DCT (Disease Cuddly Transmitted). That ought to change some heavy stuff in equestria.

Hey, they still cum from cuddling, right? So best pony sex is now passionate, intimate love making, where you not only screw each other, but also hug and cuddle the heck out. I can dig that :raritystarry:

Oh looky there, there's the genitals I was expecting from before. Just a bit of a delayed reaction time, eh?

The sexification of Equestria hath begun.

Celestia made a happy sound like a dog’s chew toy

This is probably the best way I've ever heard the squee described. Great story:rainbowlaugh:

“That penis of yours sure is doing some weird ass shit to us Anon,” said Rainbow.

Legit though :rainbowlaugh: Hahahaha Xd Oooooh lawdy



That, or they suck his dick. That's going to a bit a of problem since he's heterosexual. I think I might do a sequel where a stallion wants to suck him off so he can get a penis.


I'll try, but no promises. See the group for these stories if you want to make your own spin off.


Could I use that if I need for a future sequel?

Hey, they still cum from cuddling, right? So best pony sex is now passionate, intimate love making, where you not only screw each other, but also hug and cuddle the heck out. I can dig that :raritystarry:

The sex is going to be strange. Not only do you hug the pony and squeeze her against you, but you thrust into as well.


Not only that, but there will be alicorns everywhere. XD


I described it like that in many a story of mine.


What else could his penis do their bodies? Ideas?

Anything else you liked? Like the appearance of Nightmare Moon?


You wish to see more of he? Disappointed by Anon's choice?

7916125 There will NEVER be enough Luna.

7916125 go ahead, I'd find that rather interesting :twilightsmile:

Hahaha, I liked how they flipped out when they got their junk, :rainbowkiss:
As for what else it could do to them... honestly, no idea :rainbowlaugh:

There needs to be a chapter where cadence sucks him, shinning finds them, shinning then get jealous, and then cadence gets holes, and then cadence does shinny like celestia did anon (except shinny wouldn't have the equipment, yet) then after cadence is done, shinning get his own dick, and then threesome, that'd certainly be interesting lol

Last line was perfect lmao


Sounds like a possible sequel. Why not write it in the group for this story?


Thanks! Any other parts you liked?

7918631 As the great twilight once said, I have no idea what I'm doing


Not only that, but there will be alicorns everywhere. XD

The horror.


Were you drinking hard?


Zapp Brannigan: Now that's a wave of destruction that's easy on the eyes!

7922525 Eh, depends on the pone.

Personally I'd say Octavia would look worse as an alicorn than as an earth pone, for example. Granted she'd still be best pone, but she's tots more snuggle as she is.

7922525 The hardest. Your stories bring out the best in me, Bendy.

Da fuq is going on. :rainbowlaugh:

I have never felt happier to have something kill my *cough*, or my sides.

7922525 Lunar here ANDWHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST READ hold up my brain is now a broken car motor it's Grinding get it?

Maybe I should shut up

Had a full WAT the whole read but that last line... :rainbowlaugh:

Don't even know what made me read this but, I'm so glad I did.
This shit is random, sexy and funny as fuck!:pinkiehappy:

Just like in reality, human dicks turn somewhat innocent things to sexual treasures.:trollestia:
Great job, Bendy!:moustache:


May I ask why it's so beautiful.

8158571 because i love random things! and this story managed to make me laugh at the random-ness!

Why cant I stop laughing so hard, its making my lungs burn :rainbowlaugh:

In an instant Luna transformed into a pitch black alicorn, who had a fearsome steel helmet, along with sharp, carnivorous teeth and roared in a deafeningly loud voice that was so powerful the building began to shake. You and everyone else put their appendages over their ears to block out the sound.

So did she turn into the MLP version of the horses used by the OG version of the KGB?

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