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I like big ponies and I cannot lie.

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Glad you liked it.

Somewhat based off this.

These guys know what they doing :). They find me after I rob a random dude without any witnesses and then run on another side of Cyrodiil and start to kill zombies in some forgotten Ayleid hole... And then "Stop right here criminal scum!".


Indeed. They are scary. But they bring order and stop criminal scum.

Did you like this story?

This story is perfect in every way.



Was this Imperial Legion better than the Royal Guard ponies?

Of course. Even if their AI was questionable, at least they were able to arrest criminals in some capacity, unlike the totally useless RG. Celestia made a grave mistake in sending him back. He could've eventually eliminated all crime without her having to get off her ass at all.


Yeah, and her ass could get even bigger for a stallion or human in Equestria lover. She made a big mistake.

love this....and much better then arrow knee guard from skyrim. :twilightsmile:


I could be error... a small, error that your making a big deal of nothing. I may need to fix to stop your nitpicking. (Edit: Nah, not changing. I like it the way it is.)

And how could you dislike Oblivion? it's awesome!


Skyrim guards are lazy too. Oblivions guards do their job far better.

The Legionary then leaned forward to check his neck for signs of life by placing his hand there.

Lmao, well done!

Let me guess, somebody stole your sweet roll!


They actually do that. XD


Sounds like it.

Lmaoooo, this brings back fond memories of my days playing Oblivion, best game! :rainbowlaugh:


That cover art is nostalgic. I literally played Oblivion for hours upon hours when I was younger.


Me too, I play hours upon hours of it.

Game is still quite awesome.


Me as well.

Did you enjoy the story?


Nice song man. Glad you liked this story.


Definitely. Some of my favorite parts include hunting for daedric artifacts and dealing with Sheagorath's madness. :unsuresweetie:

Do I smell a feature coming?

I think I do.

Hell yeah man :rainbowkiss:

Ah yes I remember in one of my play throughs, I accidentally stole an apple. I am almost certain I had all the guards in the Imperial City after me by the time I managed to escape. However we all know that there is no true escape of the legion, they will find you and either kill you or arrest you.

The Imperial legion will catch you, kill you and then interrogate you.....in that order

I swear one time one of those fuckers came to the damn Shivering Isles after me for stealing a few potions on Akatosh only knows where. Not even the realms of the Daedric Princes can protect you from the ire of the law the Imperial Legion Soldiers dish out, geez.


The story didn't have much horse butt, so no.


None can stop the might of the Imperial Legion.


There's no escape.


I could just imagine a Daedric Prince cowering in fear before the Imperial Legion.

Hahaha, that was amazing. Why did I not read this when it first came out?


You must have missed it.

That was funny!

“But…. but… my butt will get smaller if I do work.”

Well then fuck that noise. Ponies are just gonna have to learn to keep their hooves off other people's shit.

Indeed. Princess Celestia losing buttfat is heresy.

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